Should man arrested in Deep Ellum assault face additional charges?

100 thoughts on “Should man arrested in Deep Ellum assault face additional charges?

  1. You stupid motherfuckers. Why must color be injected into the crime?

    Dallas used to be a safe zone for African Americans? —why not a safe zone for all?

    Anyway, the guy went overboard, but I saw her throw the first punch.

    With the video shown, who knows what led up to this stuff.

    Was it because he was a white male and she was a black female, or was it just two people?

    Bad enough it’s a guy against a girl, but leave it to liberal media to point out color

  2. Thats pathetic that a man beats a woman like that. She might have been talking shit of course but no man should ever put hands on a woman. That was a straight pussy.

  3. Who's also wrong is the ppl there and didn't do anything like the one recording instead of calling the police.

  4. Dear God, do something please!!! I'm so tired of white vs black, I wish it was human vs aliens instead

  5. She attack he defend, when those blacks rape that white girl they were let go. I'm so tired this racist shit from all colors needs to stop, and if they don't like it here go somewhere else.

  6. All you commenters below are fucking idiots and racist against white people! The bitch punched him in the face first. No doubt, She had it coming. When you hit someone first, that's called starting a fight.

  7. Why is it that the media and blacks only react in disbelief when its a white on black incident? Reverse the races or make them both black and no one gives a fuck. #blackprivilage

    Watch "Mob attacks Trump voter in Chicago" on YouTube

    Where were you people when this^^ happened?

  8. All ways blacks always want a hate crime blacks rape murder and robb people every day always a black watch the news always a black worthless piece of shit

  9. isn't there a black panther party chapter in that area. Where the fuck they at, da fuq yalls doing, sitting on your asses reading 1970's books? All talk but no real balls to do any walk.

  10. Fucking black people everytime it involves white people they always play the race card and black lives matter STF u are only causing more racism u stupid fucks and did u miss she hit him in the face 1st yes he shouldn't have gone that far but let's stop acting like thugs and goons then maybe people will listen to your pathetic attempt by trying to be heard by spreading hatred and violence dumb motha fuckers

  11. This black cheif does not care she has white bosses that she will not justice in the Country unless u are white.

  12. This man was clearly a racist attack he's felt comfortable with this it's not about just celebrities coming forth it's about the communities stand up .. aggravated assault he's pull out his weapon a gun her phone was her only out to get help she was terrified really sad in 2019 this still exist to charge him only with misdemeanor crime is deplorable.. This is clearly a felony charges to the fullest.

  13. So the woman hits the man first…..then he defend s himself and now it's his fault for defending himself!!!! WTF……

  14. No way .its unfortunate that it's a woman but NO! The woman want to hit a man he is entitled to hit her back. Woman rant an rave how men arnt nothing and they want equality across the board. This comes with that equality. No extra charges. If this man had just went to this woman and attacked her then absolutely he should face whatever they throw at him. But make no mistake from what I see she struck him first.

  15. Okay take the CCW away from this and she hit him first… I'm not condoning his actions because he did unholster a firearm but if your man enough to swing on a man be man enough to get swung back on…. Eye for a eye tooth for a tooth…

  16. People need to start helping and not just videotaping shit…should of beat the shit out of this fool and left him for dead…im sure he wont touch a woman after that

  17. Black man out to get the white man. We all know this maaaan! Black guys can’t even deal with black women. They are always chasing that white pussy. Must be way better, huh.

  18. No. He should not face more charges. The woman sucker punched him. So he has a right to defend himself. Doesn't matter if it's male or female or if they cry or curl up or fight back. It's principal.

  19. First of all she punched him 1st… No race involved.. Own your shit.. You step up and punch someone be prepared for repercussion… Man or women…

  20. Shut the fuck up. It's not about black people it about the laddie who got beat…. That's all guys, but yes he needs more time for beating her and having a gun while he did it, especially for the fact her skin color angered him.

    Even likes to jump to raise card, cause she's black cause he's white. Just focus on the crime and not your whole raise

  21. I would beat that fat white racist mother fucker !!! Let’s go bitch ! Hit a man !!! Did you loser !! God will judge you and you will rot

  22. This is sad to watch but yall keep on fucking them white men. He would never fight a black man like that but ill tell you what he will do. Shoot his black ass.

  23. Somebody need to kick his ass for beating a black queen like that SMDH ! This man is a PUNK he wouldn't of beat a black man like that.

  24. If that was a white female the black man charges would have been felony charges or he would be dead. Doesn't matter what she said it was his actions that were criminal not her words.

  25. Seriously! Need to fix this BOND problem! BLACKS AND BROWNS are given bonds higher than Whites! Leaving them unable to make bail!

  26. Both of them should be charged with a hate crime, but he should have been charged with agg assault! He struck the phone out her hand and she reacted, but aslong as his gun rights are revoked ppl will be a tad bit safer

  27. White Male privilege can get you outta jail??? Ummmm I could be wrong, but didnt OJ's lawyers get him out? What about the countless others who have money and escape judgment? Every race is quilty of this.

  28. Yes, additional charges and the maximum sentencing. She is trying to call 911 for help and he slaps then kicks the phone so she can't call…that is first physical contact; an action that would have one fearing for their life. On top of that he has a deadly weapon. Him being white hurling blow after blow after blow upon a black woman makes it a hate crime. Then he calls 911 to cover…this wicked man should receive a heavy prison term for his enraged assault on this woman.


  30. He should be released and she should be charged. She destroyed his pickup then attacked him …. Funny how black female privilege means break all the laws you want.

  31. She attacked the white guy nw they crying for her. If it was a black man beated her wat would happen. Look at kennicka's murderers all nw nothing.

  32. Wheres the white activists when white woman are beat up all the time by black men I see it first hand all the time. I'm so sick of hearing white privilege I'm white and I have no privilege I was shot by police a few years ago for nothing for a cellphone mistaken for a gun. So sick of being judged as a whole by a few piece of shit actions dont judge all white people by low lifes like him. This world is so sad.our children are the ones who suffer. And why is it only a black woman beat by a white man makes news??? I literally see black men beating up white girls more than i could even imagine but no news? It's to keep RACSIM alive people open your eyes. I have bi racial children that are bullied by blacks cause there part white or by whites because there part black more by blacks. It's sad we need to change with the times. NONE OF US WERE ALIVE WHEN BLACKS WHERE SLAVES IRISH WERE SLAVES JEWS WERE SLAVES AND KILLED. SO IT'S TIME TO CHANGE WITH THE TIMES AND TRY SOMETHING NEW… UNITE AS 1🤜🏾🤛🏻 MOVEMENT IS MY PROJECT IM TRYING TO UNITE RACES TO STAND AS 1 AGAINST INJUSTICES AND CORRUPTION… ID LIKE TO CHALLENGE THAT PIECE OF SHIT THAT BEAT UP A BLACK WOMAN TO A FIGHT. IF I WIN ILL DONATE 50% TO THE VICTIM AND 50% TO UNITE AS 1 🤜🏾🤛🏻 MOVEMENT ID LOVE TO FIGHT BOX WHATEVER WITH THAT WONAN BEATER. BUT PLEASE PEOPLE OPEN YOUR EYES THE GOVERNMENT WANTS RACIAL TENSION IT KEEPS EYES OFF THE CORRUPTION THEY ARE DOING. LETS GIVE OUR KIDS OUR CHILDREN SOMETHING WE NEVER HAD A WORLD WITHOUT RACIST HATE HATING ANOTHEE OF RACE OR DIFFERENCES. ALL OUR KIDS SEE IS OUR RACIST PRESIDENT… RACIST RAPPERS CALLING WHITE PEOPLE CRACKERS AND HONKEYS SPORTS STARS ITS EVERYWHERE AND WHY? OPEN YOUR EYES UNITE AS 1 🤜🏾🤛🏻

  33. My response to the chief that’s claimed to have not seen the video at that point, “well here let me pull it up and show you right now.” It’s not like the video had to be ordered and she was waiting for it to be shipped. I call BS. Seems like she is more of an administrator and spokes person and not really passionate about policing shyt.

    “Yes I saw the video and what I saw was disturbing. In that regard, and as the police chief of the dpd (hbic), I will look into all the details and facts to ensure the maximum charges allowed based on the evidence are brought forward” is a response by somebody that’s policing shyt!!

  34. Arrowhead Mall use to be a safe zone for Caucasian Americans….we as white women don't feel safe in our neighborhoods.

  35. It obvious we live in a world that gives different treatment to different types of people and its always those heinous acts that goes unpunished and then those minor offense constantly being ravishly railroaded by the Courts. Congress Its time you do your Job and check these Court's conduct..

  36. Uhmmm … am I the only one who sees in the video where the woman throws the first punch? Seriously, I know I am not the only one watching the woman throw the first punch right after the man throws her cell phone or pack of cigarettes to the ground. The woman assaulted the man first. Therefore, his response is in self-defense. Excessive force used; yes. But only after the woman assaulted the man first. Watch the video folks. Why is the whole video not being shown? That's the real question. Are we being race-baited by the mainstream media once again?


  38. If Sheffield did that to a white woman, I bet there would be additional charges Istol whipp charge and a felony charge would being his future. I was arrested one time after you girlfriend paid a 30 punch assault on me. What am I supposed to do. I don't hitwoman. I just wanted to get out of her house. So then I took my shirt off so she had nothing to hold. As I break away she clamps down on my nuts and dick. My natural reaction was hitting her arm so she lets go of them. I run to my place around the corner she chases me and then she jumps on the hood of my car and sing damage to it. Cops come to my place and I get arrested for a domestic. And as for the girl that did damage to his car. He just beat the shit out of her. What do you expect her to choke him out instead? I had a big bunch of women key my car, and slash my tires . Get over it coward.

  39. Black men hit white women in many viral videos no hate crime this is just more proof that the majority of black people hate white people they are racist

  40. Come on folk. She not blameless, she guilty to. Shes just playing the victim card. She mashed his car windows. And hit him first. Both are guilty. Always stand by truth. Not color

  41. She shouldn't have been running around and breaking people's shit and he should have just called the cops. They are both fools.

  42. He should be prosecuted to the fullest. It was a violent attack meant to do severe harm

    As for an area that used to be a safe zone for blacks or it being a hate crime, I don’t buy it. Safe zones should be for all. Could be a hate(racist) crime, but we don’t know that.

    Always putting color in things. It was a man beating up a woman. That’s all that needed to be said. He should be in jail

  43. He deserves to go to jail but clearly she hit him in the face first that's what aggravated him not her race in my opinion.. Don't think it's a hate crime I think he's just a angry woman abuser and prob. Got small meat…

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