Sif Guild Recruitment

Asphy: I hate this trash Soralin: Yeah these packs always kill me Boz Soralin: I just make sure I hang back Prosco: Starfall Multiple: RIP Diplomacy: You know what would be nice? The ring. Right now. Victim: Sigh Soralin: Should probably heroism as well. Brewchicken: Oh for fucks sack Victim: Uhhh now we’re just going to have to run out Soralin: Uhhh Brewchicken: Fucking fucking fucking stop fucking pulling shit. FUCK! Victim: Uhhh think we’ll have to get out of here. Can’t handle this shit Soralin: Yeah run away Asphy: Okay then… What? Fuck Soralin: *laughing* Boomjuice: Where did this fucker come from? Asphy: gwdtrghwerg Soralin: This is going to really hurt. Someone: Oh no Asphy: Ouch Diplomacy: Oh nice Soralin: Finish off the brute if you can Diplomacy: Where did that guy even come from? Asphy: Please someone kill it Excelsiá: What animal are we going for? Boomjuice: Of course Boz dies what the fuck Boznianhero: I decided to tank the adds Boomjuice: Poor Boz Kíriana: Do you want him ressed? Boznianhero: No res? Boomjuice: I don’t think he deserves a res to be honest Boznianhero: Plz? Boomjuice: *laughing* Victim: We’re dodging trains now. Boomjuice: I’ve got my money on Boz getting hit by the first train. Victim: Watch the doors! Watch the doors! All the way over to the side on moon. Victim: Alright melee will be on…. Everyone: *laughing* Brewchicken: And only the baddies died. Kíriana: That’s not true Doomy, Victim is still alive. Brewchicken: Oh that’s true Victim: Mmm Brewchicken: Fuuuuuuck Victim: When do I die on this boss? Its my boss Kíriana: When we decide. Diplomacy: Not sure… Soralin: Yeah okay we’re good now. Excelsiá: Blah blah dash blah Boomjuice: How are you already dead Boz? I didn’t even know you could get one shot so quickly. Grumpycat: Getting Boomjuice: For a healer Kíriana: Got her got her Grumpycat: Kill the boss Boomjuice: Come on guys! Please fucking kill it. Asphy: Come on Boomjuice: There’s one little safe spot on the edge, come on. Just use every healing cooldown that exists, thank you. *enthusiastic cheering from everyone for our first Mythic Blackhand kill*

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