Simplicity SRT vs Travato 59G | Affordable Assault Final | Best Affordable Class B Camper Van

It’s the third and final match up and in this
episode YOU will crown the winner of the Affordable Assault. 4 great coaches have gone head to head in
2 semi final battles. In our first match up two affordable Roadtrek
models battled it out: The Zion SRT with its sensible rear sofa/lounge layout and the Simplicity
SRT with its permanent rear bed and its mantra of “less is more”. The Simplicity SRT just barely eeked out a
win over the Zion SRT to earn itself a place in today’s finals. In our second match up one of North America’s
best selling class Bs, the Winnebago Travato 59G went head to head against one of the shortest
camper vans here in North America the Axion by Carado. The Travato’s laundry list of standard features
and compelling price allowed it to triumph over the very capable Axion. Who will win today’s Affordable Assault final? We’re going to find out as the battle between
the Travato 59G and the Simplicity SRT starts right now! Hi everyone and thanks for joining me on Ultramobility
Head2Head where RVs battle it out until there’s just one winner left standing. I’m your host Neil Balthaser and today we’re
going to find out which coach earns its place as the winner of the Affordable Assault: the
Travato 59G by Winnebago or the Simplicity SRT by Roadtrek. Two great coaches by two great coach builders. Across 3 rounds these two vans will battle
it out with you the viewers deciding which one earns the crown. Since this isn’t a review we won’t be covering
each and every feature only their differences. So it’s highly recommended that you watch
the full review of each of these coaches before watching this comparison series. I’ll put the links in the video description
below. Let’s get round 1 started. These coaches are going to go head to head
comparing chassis specs, exterior detailing, hookups, dimensions and capacities. First off engine specs are evenly matched
here because both coaches are built on the Ram Promaster chassis. All Promasters get the exact same engine:
a 3.6L V6 gas engine with an automatic 6 speed transmission that’s capable of delivering
up to 280HP and 260 lbs-ft of torque. But, that SRT moniker in Simplicity SRT stands
for short and that’s because it is built on the Promaster 2500 chassis which is the medium
length Promaster chassis measuring 19′ 6″ in length while the Travato is built on the
longest Promaster 3500 chassis measuring 20’11” in length. That’s a 1.5 foot difference in length which
does make the Simplicity SRT slightly more maneuverable and slightly easier to park. How about exterior detailing and amenities? Both are pretty clean looking with no swoopy
graphics and subtle branding. The Travato has a standard, stainless steel
valance trim and an optional lighted running board neither of which are available on the
Simplicity SRT. And the Travato has both its electrical and
city water fill hookups located up high while on the Simplicity SRT both are located down
low on the back. The Travato also has a standard electric awning
as well as a standard exterior shower, exterior service center lighting and exterior speakers. On the Simplicity SRT the awning is manual,
the exterior shower is optional and there are no available exterior service center lights
or speakers. Moving on to occupant and cargo carrying capacity:
The Simplicity SRT’s rating is a healthy 1,595lbs while the Travato’s is 1,921lbs so about 300lbs
more. The Simplicity SRT’s big strength this round
is its shorter length but we’re already seeing that the Travato has more standard features
– something that’s likely to continue as we advance to the second round. In this round we’re comparing layouts and
checking off the features for the galleys, lounges, bed rooms and bath rooms. Will the Travato put its 1.5 feet of extra
length to good use or will the Simplicity SRT’s “keepin’ it simple” mantra win the day? Let’s find out! Both the Travato and the Simplicity SRT come
with two different floorplans. The Travato 59G has a permanent lounge up
front and a garage/bedroom in the back but you can opt for the 59K’s layout which has
two twin beds and a large, rear permanent bathroom. On the Simplicity SRT there’s a standard permanent
rear bed and a front lounge or you can opt for a rear sofa bed layout that gives you
the flexibility of having both a lounge in the front and the back. Let’s start off by comparing the bedrooms. The 59G’s bed measures 77″x46″ so it’s 5 inches
longer but a whopping 14 inches less wide than the Simplicity SRT’s 72″x60″ bed. But that extra length on the Travato’s bed
is misleading because the end of the bed is tapered and only the person sleeping on the
driver’s side benefits from the full length. Both the beds on these coaches can be permanent
meaning you don’t have to set them up but the Travato 59G’s bed can be flipped up to
give you pass-thru storage. On the Simplicity SRT you have storage under
the bed and that storage can be accessed from both inside and outside the coach but there’s
no pass-thru storage since the bed is fixed. The Travato’s bed uses memory foam and is
supported by the Froli sleep system – neither of which are used on the Simplicity but honestly
I didn’t feel much difference between the two beds. One benefit the Simplicity has over the Travato
is an optional 24″ LCD TV in the bedroom. The Travato’s TV is located in the front lounge. Speaking of which, the Travato has a second
bed that can be setup in the front lounge. That bed measures 72″x42″ so nearly the same
size as its rear bed – not quite wide enough for 2 adults but large enough for one. But surprise, the Simplicity SRT also has
an optional front bed system that goes across the front seats and measures 70″x33″. So fairly evenly matched it seems in the bedroom
department with the Simplicity SRT having the larger bed but no pass-thru storage like
you have on the Travato. Let’s see how their lounges compare. Both these lounges are located at the front
of the van and both smartly utilize the swiveling cab seats to transform the cab into a living
area. Both coaches feature a table for the lounge
as well. Setup is easy on the Simplicity SRT – just
insert a pedestal table leg and pop the top on. BUT on the Travato there is no setup required
since the table is permanent and the swivel out extension is integrated. Also the Travato 59G can seat 5 while the
Simplicity SRT can only seat 2. Keep in mind however that you can opt for
the rear sofa/bed configuration on the Simplicity SRT if having a larger lounge is important
to you. In that configuration the rear lounge can
seat 4. The TVs in both these coaches are placed in
an unfortunate position. In the Travato 59G it’s mounted to the side
and on the standard configuration of the Simplicity SRT you have to swivel out the TV in the bedroom
to watch it up front. But the Travato’s TV is a standard feature
while it’s optional on the Simplicity SRT. As far as number of three-point seatbelts:
Both the Travato 59G and the standard configuration of the Simplicity SRT have only 2 3-pt seatbelts
and those are for the cab seats. But, if carrying 4 passengers in 3-pt seatbelts
is important to you then you can opt for the $1k rear sofa/bed configuration in the Simplicity
SRT and gain two more 3-point seabelts – something that’s not possible in any Travato layout. Okay time to move onto the galleys. Even though the Simplicity SRT is 1.5 feet
shorter than the Travato its galley is about the same size. It has a similar flip up counter extension,
the same 2 burner propane stove and about the same sized stainless sink. The sink on the Travato however is a marine
style sink which means that the faucet folds down into it. Sometimes marine style sinks have the problem
that the faucet turns on when you close the lid. Something you won’t have to worry about on
the Simplicity SRT since it has a residential style faucet. The Travato however has a nice thick piece
of Corian for the counter top while on the Simplicity SRT the counter top is a laminate. I like the window Winnebago put in their galley
but the stainless steel backsplash on the Simplicity SRT is both functional and looks
great. As far as storage, surprisingly the Simplicity
keeps up with the Travato with just as much under counter storage and while it doesn’t
have a cupboard above like the Travato it does have a nice pull out pantry and a deep
pots and pans drawer that the Travato doesn’t have. The Travato does have a wardrobe closet next
to the refrigerator but I wouldn’t consider that kitchen storage. Both galleys feature a properly placed rooftop
fan for ventilation and both coaches have large compressor refrigerators that are placed
at a sensible height but the Travato’s refrigerator is 1 cu. ft. larger at 6 cu. ft. and has a
separate freezer AND its microwave is also larger and doubles as a convection oven. Finally the Travato features whole coach water
filtration – standard – which the Simplicity SRT doesn’t offer. Let’s compare these coach’s electrical systems. They both have similar capacity AGM lead acid
batteries but the Simplicity has a standard inverter that’s twice the Travato’s size at
2000w. BUT, the Travato comes standard with 200w
of solar and a standard 2.8kw gas generator as compared to the standard engine alternator
that the Simplicity SRT uses. And keep in mind that there is NO solar option
on the Simplicity SRT. Neither of these coaches feature multiplex
wiring and while both can be upgraded to an underhood generator only the Travato can be
upgraded to the GL model that sports Winnebago’s Pure3 lithium system by Volta that gives you
8700wh or around 700ah of lithium, a beefy underhood generator and a 3000w inverter. That upgrade however will cost you somewhere
in the neighborhood of $20k and that would move the Travato out of the affordability
zone BUT it’s important to note that for folks that absolutely want or need lithium, only
the Travato offers a lithium upgrade path. Its the standard AGM lead acid batteries or
nothing on the Simplicity SRT. Let’s finish up this round by comparing bathrooms
and tank sizes. The Travato 59G has one of the largest bathrooms
in the class b segment measuring 28″x51″ It’s much larger and feels more open and spacious
than the Simplicity SRT’s. Both these bathrooms are 3 piece wetbaths. That means they both have sinks, toilets and
showers and all three pieces share the same area. The Travato has a bit more storage with a
medicine cabinet behind the toilet and a waterproof bin under the sink. The toilet paper holder on the Travato is
also enclosed behind a waterproof door. On the Simplicity SRT there are shelves in
the wall with nice brushed metal stays to keep items in place. One thing missing on the Simplicity SRT is
rooftop ventilation. On the Travato there’s a powered rooftop vent
dedicated in the bathroom. But the Travato also requires a pump to be
turned on when using the sink or shower in order to move the water from a temporary holding
tank in the bathroom to the gray water tank. That’s an unnecessary nuisance not present
on the Simplicity SRT. As far as tank sizes: The Simplicity SRT just
blows the Travato out of the water. Its fresh water tank is 2/3 larger at 35 gallons
to the Travato’s 21. Grey water capacity on the Simplicity SRT
is twice the Travato’s at nearly 23 gallons compared to the 11g capacity on the Travato
but the Travato has a meaningfully larger black water capacity at 15g compared to the
Simplicity SRT’s 9.6g. Both coaches have the same capacity of liquid
propane at 5.9g. The Simplicity SRT has a macerator pump system
for emptying its tanks while the Travato relies on the tried and true “gravity never fails”
system. The Travato has a standard black tank flush
system which is missing on the Simplicity SRT. Okay that wraps up Round 2. We’re starting the third and final round and
we’re comparing options, build quality, price and warranties. Let’s just get this out of the way up front:
the Simplicity SRT has 6 times – 6 times! the warranty length of the Travato at 6 years
compared to the Travato’s 1 year PLUS it offers 2 years of roadside assistance neither of
which the Travato can match. It cannot be understated how much of a huge
win this superior warranty is for the Simplicity SRT. This warranty gap is surprising considering
that a fully loaded Simplicity SRT that includes Voltstart, Roadtrek’s remote engine start
system, an underhood generator, a 24 inch LCD TV, exterior shower, side and rear screen
doors and the rear electric sofa bed with additional 3-pt seatbelts can be found online
with dealer pricing around $75k while base model Travato 59G’s can be found for about
$85k. that’s a big $10k difference BUT keep in mind that base model Travatos include a
bunch of standard features that are not available on the Simplicity SRT like: a larger refrigerator,
a convection microwave, whole coach water filtration, exterior speakers with service
center lighting, a power awning, the excellent Truma Combi heater and water heater system
which provides ducted heating, a gas generator and perhaps most significantly of all an interior
fresh water tank with interior water lines and available heating pads for the grey tank
that make the Travato much more 4 season capable than the Simplicity SRT. AND in additional
to these standard features the Travato offers a ton of optional features that are both affordable
and not available on the Simplicity SRT like: a bike rack for $1k, a ladder for $667, a
roof rack for $1k, dual-pane acrylic windows for $1,700 and a décor upgrade to high gloss
cabinetry for $377. Finally let’s talk about fit and finish and
build quality. The Travato definitely has a higher fit and
finish. The cabinets feel more solid, the counter
top in the galley is a thick piece of Corian versus a laminate and in general the materials
on the Travato look and feel nicer. However, unlike the Travato the Simplicity
SRT doesn’t use stick framing and staples behind the scenes to hold cabinets together. And that wraps up our third and final round
so now the time of judgment is upon us and you get to vote and determine the winner of
this final head to head Affordable Assault. Is it Roadtrek’s Simplicity SRT with its lower
price, 6 year warranty and “simple-everything-you-need-and-nothing-you-don’t” philosophy. Or is it Winnebago’s Travato 59g? A slightly higher priced coach that gives
you a ton of standard features and options not even available on the Simplicity SRT? Vote now by heading on over to my Community
Tab. I’ll put a link in the video description below
or if you’re on a computer just click the little “i” icon in the upper right hand corner
of your screen. When the voting’s complete and the poll is
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final. Thanks so much for watching Ultramobility
Head2Head where RVs battle it out until there’s just one winner left standing. I’ll see you next time everyone! Take care! Bye bye!

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  16. I vote for Simplicity SRT, primarily because it is (just) under 20 feet long while the Travato is too long to fit in a standard parking space. That extra length allows the Travato to trounce the shorter SRT in living space, so if you can fit a Travato into your lifestyle the many extra features make for a better camp vehicle. BTW, no spare tire is offered for either coach, but the Simplicity has a blank space where one was deleted to keep prices low. You could buy a spare and mount it in the factory standard spot under the bumper. Its more expensive Roadtrek cousin the ZION SRT includes the factory spare.
    As for the extra l-o-n-g warranty, there are many complaints about Roadtrek service after the sale, so I wish there were an option not to pay for service that is notoriously hard to obtain. DBaty, retired nerd. 01/17/19

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