SNOWMAN Museum ESCAPE Game Mode in Fortnite Battle Royale

– So once again with the
addition of the Snowman, introducing: Snowman Museum Llama Stealing Bush. (rubber squeaking) The rules are simple. We have 4 different security guards running around with guns, and then we have the thief
running around as a snowman. His goal is to sneakily steal the bushes inside of the llamas. We’re each gonna get a turn. Whoever can get the most bushes out into the getaway van, wins it all. And dudes, just like always you know how we do on this channel. There’s 4 snowmen and one bush in all of these llamas. If I can guess which
one of these is a bush, you guys gotta hit that like button. Come on, ah! It’s gotta be this one. (sad horn music) Dang it. (laughs) Was any of them a bush? Still hit the like button for me please. Come on. I tried. Hit the like button for that? (laughs) also hit the subscribe button if you’re new around here. Hit that little bell and I hope you guys enjoy the video. Alright you guys ready,
so what’s his name? Say it. – Runic.
– Crain, Runic. – Runic is the (laughs) – [Crainer] Why does Ssundee
forget Runic’s name today? – Okay, so Runic, you’re
gonna mute your mic. You’ve hacked into our call. You can hear the security
guys’ voice chat. Are you guys ready? – But you cannot talk.
– You cannot talk, in three, two, one, go! So whenever he does get a llama
and brings it to the truck, he’s gonna tell us, just so we know. And there’s five llamas to defend, and he can become a snowman. Snowman, are you Runic? Nope, he’s not. – [Sigils] It’s nice
being a guard isn’t it? – [Biffles] No, I don’t
like bein’ a guard. – Hey, hold on, I have deemed
myself manager over the ship. Get down from there. – No, dude, come on.
– But I got up here by myself. – Get down from there.
– Nobody’s watching the lambas – Oh, llama, llama,llama! – [Crainer] I should be
the director here, dude, or the manager, whatever it’s called. – Oh, are you firing me? – [Crainer] Yes, I am. – You are fired, sir.
– Can you do that? – Okay, he did it. – [Crainer] Yes, I can fire the manager. I’m the manager’s manager. – He just did it. I’m gonna check, alright, north side llama is good. – [Biffles] South side llama good. – You know, make sure every not and then, you bash a snowman in the face, just to give it a little checky-check. – [Crainer] Has he shot
at any of you guys? – He has done nothing. – [Sigils] He’s the
worst thief of all time. – Or the best.
– Worst. – Or the best, I mean he could have. – [Crainer] Oh, he’s
right there, I see him. – Get him!
– Get him! – Covering fire!
– That’s Runic! – That’s him!
– I lit him up! – He’s so low! He’s so low! – That was close right there.
– Wait, how did you see him? – [Crainer] He was standing like this. – [Sigils] Uh-huh. – [Crainer] That’s just how I saw him. – (laughs) Remember,
since we didn’t kill him, he’s gonna go get minis, so he’s gonna have 50
extra health right now. Hold on, I want to turn
up my shadows to epic. – Very epic.
– This is epic, dude. – Oh, he got one! (laughs) – Oh, he’s dead! I have caught the burglar red-handed, there is a bush on the ground right here. – [Biffles] Roger that,
bush on the ground. – I’ll take that.
– Alright, so that’s your first, you
didn’t get a single bush. Alright, let’s go to round two. Who wants to be the next thief? – Uh, uh, uh.
– Me, me, me, me, me! – Alright, Crainer it is.
– Alright Crainer it is. – Me, me, me, me, me!
– Calm down. – Alright, Runic has zero,
now it’s Crainer’s turn. – Are you guys ready?
– Oh yeah. – [Crainer] I definitely
will not get zero. – Yes, you will.
– In three, two, one, – [Crainer] Bye, guys!
– Go! – Get out of here.
– Get out of here, kid. Don’t you talk to us. By the way, he can still hear
us, he just can’t respond, so what do you guys want to say about him? – Oh, man.
– You really smell dude. – Okay, okay.
– What makes you think I won’t – South side’s good, he didn’t
teleport in here and take it. Oh crap! – [Runic] The roof, the roof is on fire! – It’s not, it’s not–
– Is it, is it? Oh yeah, remember there’s new
holes in the roof as well. – [Sigils] Oh wait, I just saw him. I just saw him move, he’s a snowman! – Oh, I see him, he went
into the duct, he’s good. That little waddling turd! (laughs) – Okay, west side’s good. Whoah! – I won’t take that back!
– He sniped you, what? – Oh, gosh, Sigils! – [Sigils] I saw him on the roof! He’s going north, he’s going north! – Going north, going north, okay? Okay, everybody, converge north. – [Sigils] I knew that
was you, he’s over here! He’s north west. – Get him!
– I’m in pursuit! – Everybody, grapple. – [Sigils] Would you stop grappling? – He’s right there.
– He’s right over here. – Yeh, oh no, Crainer! – [Sigils] Kill anyone else, Crainer. – [Runic] I had a five, can’t hit him. – I hit him for 50 in the head! – Get him!
– Is it white damage? – 21, he’s so low! He’s drinking minis right now, – He’s gotta be!
– Did he get out? – [Biffles] I think he’s
one of these snowmen. – Maybe.
– (laughs) – [Sigils] Where was he? – [Crainer] That was the perfect escape! Who ruined it, dude? – Ah, that was me! (laughs) – Wow.
– You guys shoulda seen that. – That was good Crainer,
I even hit you once, and I was like, wait, that didn’t break, oh, you’re losing, that was so good. Okay, so you didn’t get
any of the bushes, right? – [Runic] Welcome to the zero club, dude. – That was a good attempt, Crainer. Okay, let’s go to the next round. Who wants to be the next thief? – Me.
– Alright, Biffle’s it. Let’s do it. So after Runic, Crainer have zero, now it’s Biffle’s turn. You guys ready, everybody ready? – Don’t make fun of me.
– You smell really bad. – Biffle stop talking to us. Mute your mic, and
never speak to us again. We are the protectors of this museum, get outta here. – [Biffle] I’m stealing all
the things from the museum, and I’m gonna poop everywhere. – In thre–
– Okay. – In three, two, one, go? – Did he just say he’s
gotta poop everywhere, because I think I wanna quit my job, dude. – I think he did. Who wants to be the manager? – Me, me, pick me.
– Oh, no, not him, dude. – Who wants to do it?
– No, me, Smile. – [Sigils] I’ve been
muted this whole time! I’m doin’ it, it’s I! – I was so confused! I was like, is Sigil here? – [Sigils] Yeah, no, I was like yellin’. I said, nobody who has zero
bushes can be the manager. I think that’s the new rule. – Oh gosh.
– Yeah, yeah – Okay, Sigils, what are the rules? You are the manager. – [Sigils] Listen, I’m inside his head. I know everything about it. Here’s what we’re gonna do, we’re gonna patrol in a circle, alright? So Runic, you start over there, Ssundee, you start over there, Crainer, you start over there, and then we all go to our right. – Guys, llama check! – Llama check!
– (mumbles) – [Crainer] This one in
the middle is still fine. – Nothing here.
– Nothing is south. – Boys!
– What! – He got one?
– Which one did he get? – Wait what?
– Which one did he get? – Okay, south side’s good. West side’s good.
– Probably got the eastern one since I was basically being an intern. – You little intern, middle’s good. – [Sigils] He got east for sure. He dropped some snowmen, too. I’ll take this. – Oh no! – [Sigils] Meet at the
center, look, here we go. – (laugh) No more talking for you, Sigils. You have been demoted. – [Sigils] I have been sniped, it’s okay. – I have no clue where he is. What? – He’s right behind you.
– What do you mean you don’t know where he is? – [Sigils] Why did you guys
decide to go to the middle? – Oh my goodness, dude.
– Oh that is so good! – [Biffles] I was right there
the middle, I was like– – So ya got one. Next up, Sigils, you wanna go next? – I wanna go last.
– I wanna go next. – I wanna be the last sneaky snake. Alright so Biffle has 1, he
is currently in the lead. Now it’s Sigils’s turn. Are you guys ready? – I’m ready.
– I was born ready. – Minus one.
– Okay, Sigils, if you speak again, what makes
you think I won’t cut you? – [Sigils] Prove it! – Dang it, he spoke, I gotta
cut him, three, two, one, go! Biffle, I anoint you as
manager, you have been anointed. – [Biffle] As the manager, I’mma have to fire Crainer right away. – What the heck?
– Calm down, dude. – [Crainer] I’m even wearing
my correct costume this time. – [Biffles] Crainer,
listen, come over here. – I (mumbles)
– Whoah! – That was for the west.
– Somewhere on the roof. – [Biffles] Crainer, take a seat please. I need to talk to you
about your performance. – Your actions, your performance. – [Biffle] You’re fired, and
now you’re rehired as manager. – [Crainer] You do know
he can headshot us, right? – Wait so you fired him,
hired him as the manager, Oh you, you hit him? Okay, so he’s down health, permanent health. – [Biffles] Crainer,
you’re our new manager, tell me what to do.
– Shoot him in the face. – Yeah, Crainer, give us things to do. – [Crainer] Shoot him in the
face, and protect the llamas. That’s all you guys gotta do. – West side.
– I think he got the bush. – Did he get the bush? – I think he did.
– Yeah, he got the bush. – He did, he’s grappling away! – He’s going hot.
– No! – Runic, you literally had one job, Runic. – I see,
– West! – Where?
– Where? – No!
– Runic! – [Crainer] Why do we keep dying? – He took it.
– I see him. – He’s right there! – Get him!
– Get him! – [Biffles] I hit him five damage. – [Crainer] I can’t hit
with this stupid gun. – No!
– This gun is so inaccurate. – When he blew,
– Come on! – Where, someone’s shooting,
– East, east, east! – I see him!
– He got Runic again! – How do you never stop him?
– Runic! – Runic!
– Did he get the thing? – Yeah, I think so.
– Come on, Runic! – [Sigils] Why would
you check that snowman? No! – You were sticking through the wall! – No!
– Dude! – So, you got two, right? – [Sigils] I got two, yeah. – Oh gosh, alright that was good. So Sigils is winning right now. Last, up to me, can I beat Sigils? – Probably not.
– Probably not (mumbles). – You kept targeting me!
– Yeah, well, oops. – Alright, so zero, zero, one, two. That’s the scores right now. – It’s a good score.
– Are you guys ready? – [Sigils] I’m the best. – Final round, baby! If I can get more than two, I’m ‘onna try to get all five. You guys are gonna get
wrecked in three, two, one. Oh wait, hold on, I
gotta drink my chug jug, gimme a minute, gotta drunk my chug jug. – What you doing?
– Dude, oh my goodness. – Short intermission.
– Alright. (“Alligator Crawl” by Fats Waller) – Alright, everybody, ready? I’m muting, you guys do the countdown. I am hacking your call,
beep boo beep boo beep. – [Crainer] You guys want
me to do the countdown? – Bee boo bee boo.
– Hey, no beep boops! – Stop it.
– I’m ‘onna beep your boops. – Ready.
– It’s on them. – Three, two, one, bwah! (guys yelling) – I just muted so I can talk, oh my gosh. I’m gonna throw a snowman
down here to distract ’em, then I’m gonna go to the
middle and take the middle one. Ready? – Gotta stay alert.
– My plug got stuck! – [Biffles] I’m so alert
right now, I’m going (mumbles) – No, I’m the manager
– Did someone go northeast? – That’d be great.
– North east, what? – I’m west.
– East side! – [Sigils] I’m just gonna hang out with this one suspicious snowman right here. We’re just gonna chill. – That’s a suspicious snowman?
– Yeah, look at him. – [Sigils] He’s in the limelight
just like Ian always is. You know Ian can’t resist the spotlight, this one’s just chilling right directly– – I will catch one of their– – [Crainer] He just threw a snowman at me! – Oh, on the roof I think.
– He’s on the roof! – [Sigils] Okay, that snowman’s fine. Sir, I apologize for comparing you to Ian. – [Crainer] Guys, we need
order and we need control. – What do you wanna order?
– Have you met this group? – [Crainer] I know we’re a bit special, but we need to try our best. – Okay, there’s a guy there.
– Okay. – [Biffles] Why is Crainer
the voice of reason? I don’t like this.
– Me neither. – I’m gonna go for the middle one. – But Crainer,
– Do I go for the middle one? – Hold on, hold on,
– Try east side, north side, – Try north east side,
– Whoah, I heard something! – What’d you hear?
– I dunno. – Where is he?
– Sorry I farted, might be me. – [Biffles] I’m interrogating the snowman. What did you do on the 5th of November? – [Runic] I’m on the north side right now, I don’t see anything so far.
– Alright I’m going– – [Crainer] He’s very quiet so far, so he’s only thrown a couple of snowmen. – [Biffles] Yeah, he’s not
being real lit, that’s for sure. – [Crainer] Why are we all
on north right now, guys? – [Biffles] Oh this one’s
fine, oh, jeez, we are, go– – I’m going south.
– I’m coming north. – [Crainer] I’ll come north,
we’ll decide from there. – I’ll go east.
– Wait, what? – [Crainer] Okay, listen,
guys, I’m the manager now. – Listen.
– Alright, manager. – Runic, you go north, I
mean the opposite of there. – Sigils–
– Wait, south? – I just got two! – [Crainer] I mean the
opposite of that, Sigils. – East? Okay, I’m going west.
– You go east, and I mean the opposite of east. – They don’t even know
that two (mumbles) gone. – [Sigils] Lock this whole building down! – I think he’s in the walls.
– There was a blizzard. – [Sigils] Boys, the middle llama is gone.
– Middle llama down. – No!
– He took the middle llama? – I was just there.
– We just had a meeting. – What do you mean?
– I was just there. – [Sigils] Okay, Runic,
you are absolutely fired. – Okay, I’m gonna try to go in the middle. Go in the middle, waddle my way in. – Hold on let me find–
– Where is he, dude? – I don’t know, dude!
– But he’s tied, we can’t let him get another one. – Has to take the middle llama, dude. – Where’s the llama? Where’s the east side llama? – [Crainer] You look so good. – Do a lil dance.
– I hear something. – That’s me shooting.
– Okay, don’t make me panic like that, or you will be fired,
I will talk to my manager. – Someone’s fired?
– You gotta walk around less if you wanna be secretive.
– I know, if I know Ian, he can’t resist going into
the bathrooms at least once. – That’s true.
– He’s going in. – [Crainer] He’s gotta poop
at least once per llama. – [Biffles] I haven’t heard
a grappler in a while now. – Here we go (mumbles).
– What is he doing? – [Crainer] He’s probably a snowman. – [Biffles] Of course he’s a snowman. – Oh, he’s a snowman.
– There’s somethin wrong here. – Ah, no! Oh my god!
– (laughs) – Where is he?
– I was in the bathroom and he popped out of a snowman and shot me in the face with a shotgun. – He was a snowman?
– I should have pooped in the bathroom, but I pooped on my pants. – Ya heard it here first.
– I’m gonna draw them all over there to the east side. Here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m ‘onna run in right here. – Who shot?
– That was me. I was checkin’ all the
snowmen by the bathroom, dude, he mighta stayed, who knows?
– Llama’s right there! – [Sigils] Who knows? – Wait, there’s snowman in the middle! – I bet you are.
– I’m goin’ west. – Here we go, here we go.
– West is safe. – [Sigils] I’m actually shaking right now, I’m terrified.
– Grab this. – You screamed a little, dude.
– Grab this. – Is that humanly–
– Grab this. – Wait are you shook?
– Genuinely, I’m shooketh. – I’m shooketh.
– Dude, that’s so sad. Smash that like button for the shooketh, oh, I heard him.
– Wait, no, hold on. – Okay that’s not him.
– North east. – That was just the snowman.
– North east. – Oh, he ripped!
– Go, go, get him! – I think he’s going back.
– Wait, oh no. – [Biffles] Where’d he go? – [Crainer] I think he’s
out front by the truck. – What are you?
– Did he grab something? – What are you doing?
– Did he grab the east one? – Didja check, is he this way?
– Third bush down. – No!
– Wait, third bush? – [Sigils] The middle one has two, dawgs! – Oh that’s right!
– Oh, no! – I’m gonna try to
clean sweep, these guys. – [Sigils] Great, now he beat me! Now, I hate all you guys.
– Oh crap, oh crap! – [Sigils] You’re the worst
employees in the whole world. – [Crainer] I’m the manager
here, dude, sit down. – I’m comin’ for the clean sweep. – [Crainer] Oh, no! – [Runic] Didya not check the east one? – [Sigils] He never sweeps. – [Crainer] You mean I didn’t
check the east one, dude? – [Biffles] I’m checkin’ north. – So that sides done.
– I don’t know which one to check I’m so confused.
– Middle’s done. So I can get this one,
south side, and west side. – I’m checking south side.
– Is the west side tookin’? Taken, took, tuchus?
– Tooketh? – Oh, I see ‘im on the roof!
– Where? – Whoah, gotta go!
– There’s so much roof. – [Biffles] 75, but he just went away. – Okay, hold on, so they’re not gonna suspect me here. – [Crainer] I’m just
protectin’ this one llama, I will stand here until
he shows himself, so– – There’s the llama.
– Oh, he’s right there! – Where?
– Where, where, where? – I hit him once (mumbles)
– Call it out. – He’s protecting the llama,
I gotta clean sweep this. – Didja talk, baby? – Gonna go to the south side.
– I hit ’em once, boys. – Where’s that llama? Oh he’s right there. – Where is he now?
– Where is he? – I got shot!
– From where? – [Runic] Which way was it again? I forgot which way.
– Anyone been on the roof? – [Sigils] I just heard something. – [Runic] Did you (mumbles) south? – Hang on!
– No! – [Biffles] I just saw Crainer die. – (mumbles)
– North east, I think. – Yes, yes.
– Was that south? – There’s all four on this side. – [Biffles] Okay, it’s still here, good. – The west (mumbles)
– East is good. – East is still good.
– West side was fine. – There’s the llama right there. – Ian! – Ian! – [Crainer] Where are you buddy? Come out, come out, wherever you are. – [Biffles] I’m scared. – [Runic] I’m on the south
side, I don’t see anything. – [Sigils] I don’t see it
either, he’s so sneaky! – Really sneaky right now.
– Where’d he shoot last time? – He shot last–
– Oh, Sigils, you scared me. – I thought–
– I’m a scary boy, dude. – [Runic] Yeah, I wanna
check the south llama. – [Sigils] Didju just
get shot at, where from? – [Crainer] No, I’m shootin’ snowmen. – Oh, there he is! – South side.
– Wait, wait, wait! – I’m on my way.
– I’m here. – I see him.
– I hear him. – I got him cornered, boys. – Oh, yeah?
– No, he’s really good! – [Biffles] He’s still really
handsome and good at the game. – I’m almost there.
– Ah, no! – What?
– You both died! – He still got it.
– Yeah! (laughs) – Why me, all the time?
– Can I do a clean sweep? – North west.
– He’s on the roof. – [Biffles] (mumbles) to make him escape. – He got the llama though.
– Yeah, dang it, dude! – They think I’m gonna–
– Only one llama left! – Wait the west llama,
right? In the east, right? – West, east.
– Oh, there’s still two! – Yeah, there’s still two.
– No, there’s not. – Goin’ over here, dude.
– He’s never gonna know. – He would never expect this.
– How could you expect it? – Honestly?
– Yeah. – Here we go.
– Oh, no, he expected it! – No, no, no!
– I was so not (mumbles) – Where did he come from?
– I don’t know! – It sounded like behind me.
– North east, east, east! – Up on the roof.
– Where is he? – [Runic] He’s on the roof. – Alright, I’m ‘onna take this bush back. – I heard him.
– I don’t wanna lose it. – [Biffles] By the front
door, I think we’re fine. – [Runic] I agree. – [Sigils] Head ‘im off at
the front door, okay, yeah. – Sigils, stand right here.
– I have an idea. – Fourth bush down. – What, wait what?
– He didn’t have the bush! – What?
– No, there’s no way, because I checked south, there
was no bush on the ground. – Did he get east?
– No, east is still here. – [Sigils] No, he didn’t
have the bush last time. – Oh!
– We messed up! – [Biffles] We weren’t paying attention, we should all be fired. – I threw ’em off, okay, right there. I needa get another snowman, hold on. Here we go, chat. – [Runic] Okay, I’m gonna
check the roof a little bit. – [Biffles] Yeah, check the roof. – I’m gonna run, I’m gonna walk
straight in the front door. – [Biffles] He could be anywhere! – [Crainer] There’s one llama here. – [Runic] I heard walking left. – [Biffles] Where, which side, north? – [Runic] I think I
heard it right above me– – So the llamas on the
left side over here. – Alright.
– Chat, we can do this. – [Sigils] I wasn’t worried
about it, but now I am. – [Crainer] Now there’s two llamas. – [Sigils] Yeah, there’s
two, east west are both– – [Biffles] Oh, there is two, okay. – [Sigils] There’s six bushes. – [Crainer] We are the
most confused buncha people I’ve ever met. – [Sigils] Yeah, I don’t even know how. – [Biffles] We’re the worst
employees at all, ever. – [Runic] I’m gonna stick
to east then, a little bit. – Argh, gotta get this! – [Biffles] I’m just gonna
patrol around, look around. – [Crainer] He might actually
come from another side though, you know, as a snowman
and just kinda sneak in. – Oh!
– True, true, true! – [Sigils] Did you guys know that west is completely undefended? We should really get over there. – Oh yeah.
– Wait, west it? – [Sigils] West is completely undefended. – [Biffles] I’m west. – [Sigils] West is completely undefended! – [Biffles] What do you mean? – [Runic] Go there,
Biffle, go there, dude. – [Biffles] I’m goin’, dude. – [Sigils] Can we all
just fire, Austin, or? – [Biffles] Yeah, I’m down. – They do have a snowman, so I need to, there’s the llama.
– Wait, wait, wait! – [Runic] I saw something,
east, east, east! – [Biffles] Go, get ‘im, he’s east. – Where’d he go?
– I’m comin’. – Where’d he go?
– What? – I’m in hot pursuit.
– I think he grappled. – I didn’t hear him.
– Get ‘im, boys. – [Sigils] Runic, are you
just crazy on the job again? – [Biffles] Where is he? – [Sigils] He’s gotta be
one of these snowmen, right? – [Runic] He’s not this closest one. – [Biffles] Clear the
snowmen, clear ’em out. – Clear, clear, clear!
– Oh, I got ‘im. – [Crainer] I hit ‘im, he’s at 100. I hit ‘im for 100. – Get ‘im.
– Hit ‘im. – I hit him for a lot.
– Come on. – [Crainer] Did he go into the bathroom? – [Sigils] He’s got like five HP. – (pants) – Where was he?
– He just went up. – [Biffles] Dang it! – [Sigils] Dude I hit him for
like four times with shotguns. – Shoot, I almost had him.
– Nine hit points. – Where is he?
– Dude, where is he? – [Runic] So it’s east and west, right? – Yes, east, west,
– So, east, – Oh, he shot!
– Where? – Runic, tell us where it is?
– Runic, where? – [Runic] It’s on the roof
to the north, I think. – Runic.
– To the north? – [Sigils] Runic, you’re letting me down. – Here’s what I’m gonna
do, I gotta do a quick drive by for this one.
– Do you know your directions? – [Runic] No, I don’t because
I’m half European, dude. – They still have directions.
– What does that have to do with anything? – [Sigils] Yeah, what is
that supposed to mean? – [Biffles] I hear footsteps. – Oh by you?
– By me. – Okay.
– Oh! – He’s going for it, get him.
– Surprise! – Dude!
– Snowman ambush. – I tried so hard to just rush it. – [Crainer] Dude, he was
so quick right there, dude. – Hey, man.
– I had the, I had the bush in my inventory
though, does that count? – No!
– Uh, no. – Alright, so I walked away
with four, I’ll take it. – Jeez, man.
– Whatever. – [Crainer] Wait, who
had the most then, you? – Yeah, I did. Sigil had two. Dude, that is fun, you
walked by me so many times, all of you did. – [Sigils] Oh my gosh, it’s so great. – If you guys have enjoyed this video, of course, hit the like button down below, show us some love. Also, hit the subscribe,
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to join Team Sun Squad, and Sig Squad, Bif Squad, Rune Squad, and Crainer. – Yay, Crainer!
– Yay, Crainer! – See you dudes next time. (fun techno music)

100 thoughts on “SNOWMAN Museum ESCAPE Game Mode in Fortnite Battle Royale

  1. Crainer sigils biffle somehow take up 10 mins together but only sundee is able to take up 10 mins himself

  2. I love how some ppl get angry if ppl ask to hit that like button but it actually works bc I always get reminded to do it

  3. For whatever reason when ssundee fails the if i get a 5 or above hHit tHaT lIKe BUTtOn challenge or something like that he gets more likes than when he wins

  4. Only ogs will remember this do you have a pen and paper
    If you remember that you got to hit that like button

  5. Notice how ssundee kills all of them when they r the robber and wins when he is the robber, so hes the best

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