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We’re at Yokohama Minato Mirai Station And we want to go to the Ramen Museum It seems not all the attractions in Yokohama are that close together So we’re having to get a train there And we also need to change trains on the way Can you hear the seagull sound effects? Normally at stations in Tokyo They have bird sound effects To tell you it’s the bottom of the escalator And here because we’re by the sea It’s got seagulls instead We’re just walking to the ramen museum Which isn’t so much a museum It’s more a load of ramen stalls So you can try ramen from different parts of Japan And different parts of the world And they do small servings So you can try lots of them if you want to And there’s also a couple of them That have vegetarian options I think we’re in the right place For some reason there’s a big scalectrix This is famous ramen restaurants around the world Scotland’s got Bone Daddies Here’s my ticket It’s decorated like an old town It’s actually a pretty good atmosphere Even though everything’s fake! There’s an english guide Which tells you the different outlets And what ramen you can get at them You order from a vending machine Here’s my ticket I’m having a half portion of vegetarian ramen We’ve ordered our first ramen You can order a half size so you can eat more different sorts of ramen I’ve gone for the vegetarian ramen And everyone else has tonkotsu Here’s my vegetarian ramen It actually looks exactly the same As the meat ramens But the waitress said it was vegetarian It’s got some seaweed Some other vegetables Some spring onions The sauce is really garlic-y And mine’s got I think it’s some sort of fake meat I hope it’s fake meat Instead of the pork Which is really good That the vegetarian one’s so similar to the meat version The ramen we just had was Tonkotsu ramen From Kumamoto in Kyushu Which explains why they had Kumamon everywhere Kampai! They’re serving Orion beer Which is the beer from Okinawa Which is quite difficult to find in Tokyo How is it? Nice Good review Phil! Now you’ve had half a pint How’s the Orion? It’s alright You can dot this clips through the video Then eventually in the end, there’s a full review Have you guys got any insightful comments On the Orion? I think it tastes lighter than other Japanese beers It almost tastes citrus-y Almost like grapefruit It’s quite nice It’s really nice and light and crisp It reminds me a little bit of Sapporo In the kind of lightness that it has But you’re right, it has some citrus in it They’re showing old style wrestling over there I’m feeling pretty full up actually That half size portion was pretty big But we’re going to try and make 2 or 3 ramens Not english Here’s the english menu We’re going down an old street Ramen number 2: Shio Salt Ramen And again, you order on a vending machine This place doesn’t have a half portion of the vegetarian one So I’m just going to get a full portion this time We’re using up all our change I’ll probably cut this bit No, this is gold Solid gold And the vegetarian ramen There’s my ticket, which you give to the waiter inside Salt and soy sauce ramen A careful selection of ingredients For an exquisite concentration of umami flavours in every bowl There’s icons to show which ones have vegetarian options And gyoza And there’s also non-pork options available Here’s my vegetarian one The sauce looks completely different from the last place It’s clearer It looks quite thick actually This place specialises in salt and soy sauce ramen Phil’s got soy sauce ramen Chop’s got the same And Rachel’s got the salt ramen It does taste quite salty It’s got more of a Chinese sort of flavour Maybe because of the beansprouts And it’s pretty light I’m so full up now! We’re just having a drink In the middle We’re having an Okinawan guava sours While the guys are having ramen number 3 I could no way manage that Phil went for ramen number 3 Which one did you have I don’t know! Without the leaflet It was the one that had a… Tuna – well, tuna was part of the broth Along with pork and chicken I think? It was good! I think it was my favourite of all of them I don’t quite know why It was a little bit richer It’s weird because I always thought I like the tonkotsu pork bone ramen more And that’s what I was looking forward to most But this third one Was a soy-based one aswell And it was really good I liked the first one the best Although if I’d seen the two side by side I wouldn’t have picked it Because I thought the white-looking soup looked kind of weird But it actually had the best taste And actually this is a really nice place to sit And have a drink When I first heard about it And how it’s old style I thought it Would be quite tacky And fake But it’s actually a really nice atmosphere It is a little bit fake It is fake But it’s actually really nice in here I imagine if it was more crowded it’d be a bit of a problem But we’ve been here – a couple of hours? Yeah And it’s really good Highly recommended And the restaurants are all proper restaurants You’d expect it might be like a food court And not very good quality food But they’re all individual restaurants On their own With their own chefs And the food’s been really good! And I’d say the mini bowls The first place we had Was actually quite a giant mini bowl Yeah! The other 2 places were smaller But still A good size meal I reckon you could have one of them and be pretty happy Three of them, I’m very happy! Quite full Very full up now! Tried a few different ramens I think if you lived round here You can get a 6 month season pass Which would be really good Because then you could just come along whenever you want And try a few ramens It was good to try different sorts Because sometimes you order ramen And there’s just one option And it’s quite surprising how different the different ramens were What do you guys think? I had 4 beers and 3 ramens So I had a great time I enjoyed the garlic tonkotsu ramen Yeah the garlic was good The mini bowls were a great idea So you can have loads of different types They should be a bit more mini though! I could have done with a little bit smaller I had three and a bit And that is a lot of food The work lights are like fairy lights! Can you see the guy on the screen? There’s a couple of these vending machines around Where you get a screen A touch screen Instead of seeing a window You can pay with your Suica card I’ve seen a couple of snack stalls Where you can pay with your Suica card as well There’s banana milk And corn soup Let’s vitamin!

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  1. Oh my goodness it looks like an Japanese version of kidzania! The sky and everything! Look it up and you'll understand.

  2. good stuff bro, lets get it πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  3. Another great video!…so nice…again makes me feel like I'm with you all. I do like vegetarians and other meat-a-phobics. For me it's like talking to an alien! Hahaha! My Sock Monkey ate a vegetable once… had to take him to the ER for Emergency Protien Deficiency Syndrome. Just kidding of course, and btw after living in Japan I don't eat rice or ramen ever but then again I live in Mexico on a boat and don't eat Mexican food!

  4. γ‚’! … I don't know if you can find it but there is a ' morning-drama ' tv series which concluded this year called まんぷく … it's about the person who invented cup noodle,… um, I only watched because the main actress is my favorite, Ando Sakura,… since you're in Yokohama I'm wondering if you went to Chinatown and Aka-renga (?)

  5. So many ramen bowls to try but not so much stomach to handle it hahaha..I hope can go to this museum and try at least the half of the ones in there..what do you think Amy? :0)

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