Solo | Crackle | Action

the perfect soldier.
He’s proficient
at all types of combat. He has no family,
no friends, not even
a Social Security number. If he’s wounded
beyond repair,
we throw him away. No guilt,
no worries, no medical benefits. No one will cry
when Solo is gone. We’ll simply
One’s hot. (SPEAKING SPANISH) (BEEPING) Heads up, Solo.
Where the hell is he? (WHISPERS) Blue One,
are you clear? (BEEPING) (BEEPING STOPS) (BEEPS) We got a problem here. (BEEPING) (BEEPING STOPS) (BEEPS) Son of a bitch. Blow it. Solo isn’t clear. (EXPLOSION) (ALL SCREAMING) Go! Move out!
move, move, move! Move out, move out! Move out! Let’s go! (SHOUTING IN SPANISH) Go, go, go! Where’s Solo? MADDEN: Forget Solo.
He’s history. (THUMPING) Jesus!
What the hell is that? Get him in!
Pull him in! (GUNS FIRING) (SPEAKING SPANISH) Hey, we’ve been hit! Let’s go!
Let’s go! Ooh, yeah, yeah.
That’s a nice bug. Yes, Bill. The arthropods are
for their task. (EXHALES)
So how’s the damage?
Is it bad? No. Not really. Yeah, yeah, I get it. All right, let’s take
a look at this,
see what we got. Come here, baby. (EQUIPMENT BEEPING) Whoo! That’s some
nasty stuff. Jeez. Wow. Man, you’re
leaking everywhere. (SIGHS) Guess things didn’t go
too well out there,
did they? No, Bill,
the mission’s objectives
were not achieved. It’s more than that,
isn’t it? It’s about
killing again. Yes. All right,
let’s see here. Oh, shit.
Your power management
chip’s damaged. Listen, you’re gonna have
to switch over
to reserve power until I can replace it. You ready? Ready. (BEEPING STOPS) All right,
you’re on your backup
generator, kid. So none of that
funny superhero stuff till I replace the chip,
all right? Okay. Cool. Listen, you better
download your video and mission data
into the mainframe. Meet me in the ward room
for the debriefing. No, I’m serious.
Clyde is pissed. I’ll see you
up there. (CHATTERING IN SPANISH) There, you see it?
He’s disarming
the charges. I thought you understood
the directive, Solo. Yes. Elimination. That’s right.
The directive was
to destroy that airstrip and eliminate
any aggressors
that we designate. Now, are we talking
the same language here? (HAYNES’S VOICE) Oh, yes. Delete, ice, kill,
fuck ’em up, destroy ’em,
wipe ’em out,
terminate… Use your own
goddamn voice! Chill, chill. I’m chilling, Bill. Your turn, Mr. Wizard. (SIGHS) Why didn’t you carry out
your directive, Solo? The directive
was overridden. You disobeyed
a direct order and you blew this
goddamn mission! Which command set
overrode the directive? Command set 346, Bill. What’s at
command set 346? Prevent harm
to unit team members
and non-combatants. They were working
for the G’s. That makes them
combatants. They were unarmed
and nonaggressive, therefore,
the directive
was overridden. (CRACKS NECK) You hear that?
Do you hear that? We’re out there
fighting for our lives, and it’s trying
to decide which
team it’s on. That’s enough. Solo, you’re dismissed. (SOFTLY)
I’ll talk to you
in a minute. (DOOR OPENS) (DOOR CLOSES) Bill, there’s
something cooking
in that boy’s head, and we didn’t
put it there. General,
we needed him
to think for himself. The simple
but amazing fact here is that killing
innocent people
makes Solo feel bad. “Feel bad”? He isn’t supposed
to feel anything! He’s a goddamn weapon. When’s he gonna start
acting like one? He’s not just a weapon.
He can make decisions. MADDEN: That’s bullshit. At ease, Colonel. (SIGHS) Look, Bill… We have $2 billion
tied up in this program. When are you gonna
build us one
that’ll work? General, you wanted
my evaluation.
Well, here it is. This tin can of his
is an insult. It’s a slap in the face
to every American soldier who ever put his life
on the line for God
and country. You may not like it, but my recommendation is
that we cut our losses
and move on. General, it’s
a glitch, okay? I can fix him.
I just need some time. All right, Bill,
fix him. But not here
in the field. Shut him down.
Take him back
to Palmdale. Reprogram him there. General… That’s it, Bill. Clyde, we are so close. It’s all over, Bill.
Wake up and smell
the hydraulic fluid. At least let me
tell Solo myself. Tell him?
What for? Because it’s
the right thing to do. (CHUCKLES) MAN: (ON PA)
All hands, stand down.
(CONTINUES CHATTERING) Priority outgoing
transmission on MILNET. Yes, sir. (TYPING) Well, Captain… Time to get
out of dodge. Right away, sir. Helmsman,
bearing 2829, northwest. Solo,
you’re not supposed
to be in here. Solo!
Notify security. What’s the matter?
Couldn’t sleep? (CHUCKLES)
That’s a joke, brother. Yes. joke. Brother. SOLDIER: Hey, hey, hey!
Wait a minute, man! (ALARM SOUNDING) MAN: (ON PA)Attention!
All hands to stations.
All hands,
report to stations.
This is a class A alert.
Sir, someone’s opened
the helo hatch. Well, shut it. I can’t.
The computer
won’t let me in. It’s Solo.Solo, this is Bill.
Do you copy?
So what’s with
the unscheduled flight,
buddy? I saw a very
troubling message
on MILNET, Bill. The one requesting
project reprogramming. He accessed your
MILNET transmission. Blue One,
this is Red Six Actual. Return to base immediately.
That’s a direct order. SOLO:I am sorry,
General Haynes,
but I am unable
to comply.
Go find him.
Bring him back here before somebody else
gets their hands on him. Our pleasure. In one piece, Colonel. I don’t want a scratch
on that shiny head of his. You read me? Loud and clear,
This is Blue Six.
We are clear and
initiating our pursuit.
Roger, Blue Six.
You’re cleared for pursuit.
Solo, if we cancel
the reprogramming request,
will you come back?No, Bill. If I return to the ship,
logic suggests my long-term memory
would be deleted.Such deletions would
terminate self.
That is unacceptable.There he is!
Three o’clock!
Get on him now! MADDEN:This is Blue Six.
We’re losing him, Red Six.
I’m gonna have to
bring him down. What are you talking
about, Colonel? He’s got
nowhere to go. You can’t just blow him
out of the sky. He’s wasn’t designed
to sustain that kind
of abuse. Then you’ll have
to patch him up,
won’t you? That’s what you’re
here for, isn’t it? Use your own judgment,
Blue Six. You heard the general,
Mr. Thompson. Let’s smoke him. (BEEPING) I need a lock,
Mr. Thompson!What the hell
is he doing?
He’s headed straight
for the mountain.
He’s bluffing, sir.
He’s never gonna make it. Droids don’t bluff! Pull up! pull up! (MEN YELLING) MADDEN:Red Six,
Blue One is down.
Be advised,
it was a real humdinger.(SIGHS)
Roger, Blue Six. Go down and
pick up the pieces. We’ve gotta
put Humpty Dumpty
back together again. Blue Six Actual
This is Red Six.
Is Blue One damaged?
That’s a negative,
Red Six.Hook him up and
bring him home ASAP.
I would love to, Red Six,
but he is gone. Gone?
What do you mean gone? Your boy has
slipped his leash.
We’ve lost him. Goddamn it! Don’t you people
have anything to do? Let’s go. (GRUNTING) (RATTLING) (GRUNTS) BILL: (OVER INTERNAL
TRANSMITTER)Solo.Solo, I know
you can hear me.
Hey, buddy, I know what
you’re going through.
It’s like
a bad acid trip, man.
It’s only gonna
get worse.
Remember, I pulled your
power management chip.
So even if you find
an external power source,
your backup generator
is only good for a couple
of charges.
So please,
just broadcast
your position,
and I’ll come get you.BILL: All right, buddy,
it’s time to pick a face. (TYPING) (CHATTERING ON TV) You don’t mind
if I watch the game,
do you? All right,
let’s see what we got. “Collins, Special Forces,
Delta Team.” No. “David Lee.”
Oh, kind of short.
What if my name
wasn’t in lights?
What if my face
wasn’t on TV
every other second?
What if I was just
a basketball player?
(DISTORTED)Like Mike. JORDAN:Can you imagine it?
I can.
You got good taste. (TYPING) Egg, man. The egg is
in your hand. You got the egg, man,
in your hand. All right,
hold it lightly.
Lightly. Okay. (LAUGHING) What is that sound? (CLEARS THROAT)
It’s, uh…
It’s laughter. It just means I thought
something was funny. You know,
like a joke. Define joke. Uh, well,
a joke is something
that makes people laugh. The eggs are a joke? No. No, uh, a joke is… It’s actually
very difficult
to define. Apparently. What are you,
a wise guy? Try it again.
Come on. That’s perfect.
where he is.
if you are lying… He’s in there, Papa.
I swear. Is he dead? He’s cold.
The snake bit him. He’s an American soldier.
Just leave him there. He saved my life. We must bury him. PAPA: My son is right. We should give him
Well, I hope I’m not
interrupting anything. But, please, tell me,
why aren’t you working? What is this,
a funeral? What the hell…
Why didn’t you tell me? (VILLAGERS MURMURING) Peasant. PAPA: He’s already dead. Oh, yeah? (COCKS GUN) Then this won’t hurt. No! (GRUNTS) (VILLAGERS CLAMORING) (BULLETS RICOCHETING) (GROANING) (GRUNTING) (SCREAMING) (THUDS) (GROANING)
Let’s get outta here.
Get outta my way. (GRUNTING) (GRUNTS) This is no man. Of course
it’s a man. What else
could it be? It is the Yacayo. (VILLAGERS GASP) (VILLAGERS MURMURING) ABUELITA: Yes,
the forest spirit
who walks as a man. The eater
of human flesh. Then why would it
save the boy
from the snake? To eat him later,
of course. You’ve been eating
too many mushrooms,
Abuelita. The snake bit him. He did not die.
Yacayo cannot die. We should ask him
what he wants. Good idea.
Go ahead. No, not me!
Justos is the leader. FATHER CERNA: Yes, you go. Go. Go. Who are you? (SOFTLY) Solo. What were you doing
an electronic screen!
The artillery
doesn’t penetrate.
some kind of machine, a robot that looks
like a man. What’s he doing now? He’s been working
all night. ELDER 2: Where did
he come from? FATHER CERNA:
Perhaps he will leave
once he repairs himself. ELDER 1: Or perhaps
he will stay. JUSTOS: Let’s hope so. YOUNG MAN:
Are you crazy?
He can’t stay here. The rebels will kill us
if they find out we’ve got
an American soldier
in the village. Maybe he will fight
on our side. What do you know
about fighting? You are farmers. But he’s a soldier.
He could help us. I will ask him myself. VILLAGER:
Justos, be careful. The television,
what is its power source? (GENERATOR RUNNING) (ELECTRICAL CRACKLING) Are there more like you
back in America? No. There is another
weapon being built, but he’s not
yet operational. Will it be
just like you? My builders
are not happy with me. I assume he will be
programmed differently. These rebels… Like the ones
in the church, they killed one of us
two days ago. Why don’t you
defend yourselves? We don’t know how. Will you help us? You will provide me
with electricity. I will show you how
to defend yourselves. This will be
mutually beneficial. (SPEAKING SPANISH) You, you and you,
there. Go. (AGREES IN SPANISH) Here, here. There, there. You, you and you,
gather the palms. You, dig. (ALL CHATTERING IN SPANISH) There. (CHATTERING IN SPANISH) (GRUNTING) (MEN SCREAMING) Are you damaged? What you did
was not logical. What? Why did you
risk your life? MIGUEL: Francisco’s
my brother. He’s family. This is a Mauser. It is very clean. (GROANS) (GROANING) Oh, it hurts.
Don’t touch it. No. What’s wrong? I think
my ankle’s broken. I’m sorry. (GROANING) I’m sorry, Miguel.
Let me take a look at it. Psych! (LAUGHS) I’m gonna get you,
Miguel! You monkey,
you’d better run! I’m gonna catch you!
Watch it when I catch you! But he was hurt. Uh, what? (YELLING) Miguel was hurt,
then he got up and ran. No, he wasn’t hurt.
He was bluffing. SOLO: “Bluffing”? Miguel’s not hurt? Nope, he’s not. Miguel lied. Mmm, he bluffed. A bluff is not a lie? (SIGHS)
You have much to learn
about humans, my friend. MAN: (ON PA)All hands,
report to Pod One.
Report to pod one
for arrival of Zulu Team.What the hell
is going on? When you hunt a fox,
bring your own dogs. (ROTORS WHIRRING) There you are! Hey!
How are ya? Check out the suit,
Colonel! Hey, Colonel.
Is that you? Peace and love,
Colonel. Bayne. Long time, Colonel. Did you bring it? Yeah, I brought it. What the hell
are we hunting?
Battleships? I’ll tell you later. All right,
listen up, gentlemen.
Dr. Stewart. Solo was designed
to be the perfect
fighting machine. He can use any weapon
ever made. He’s about
15 times stronger, 10 times faster
than any man. His polymer structure
makes him virtually immune
to small arms fire. He’s equipped
with infrared, motion sensors
and night vision. Aside from that,
you guys got a real
pushover on your hands. Excuse me, Dr. Stewart.
Pardon the interruption. But isn’t it also true
that Solo’s got a hole
in his side about the size
of a grapefruit? Yeah, that’s correct. And he’s also
losing power,
I believe. He has to stop and
recharge his batteries
from time to time. Mmm-hmm. So, while on a good day,
he might be invulnerable to small arms fire
or conventional weaponry, Mr. Solo is not exactly
having a good day today,
is he? No, he’s not. MADDEN: Now, if you gentlemen
would check your monitors, I’ll show you
what I’m talking about. There’s his soft spot. Our window
might be hungry. What’s below here? The structure’s
not solid. Oh, the tunnels. Putayo was built
on top of the city
of our ancestors. Tunnels run underneath
the entire village. Show me. Where do these tunnels
terminate? Here. The Chamber
of Warriors. We don’t use these
chambers anymore.
We have no warriors. You’re lucky
you had no need
for warriors. These symbols
are similar to the hieroglyphics
of ancient Egypt. Your people have
a long history. You must have some brain
in that head of yours, Solo. My brain is not
in my head. My brain is here.
This is what
makes me me. Um… If your brain is
in your chest,
then where’s your heart? I have no heart.
Hearts are for
living creatures. But you are alive. No. I exist. (IMITATES BIRD CHIRPING) (CHIRPING CONTINUES) What is it? They’re coming.
Ring the bell. Is it time? It’s time. Go. (BELL RINGING) (VILLAGERS CLAMORING) No! (REBELS SHOUTING) Back! Move it back! Get out! Over there!
Move it, move it! Go, go, go! (GRUNTING) What’s up? Sir, we’re picking up
erratic heat signatures
from the hills. It looks
like a battle. (LAUGHS) We got him. Move out! Move out! Let’s go! REBEL: Move out! Run, run, run! HAYNES: Go, go,
go, go, go! Where do you think
you’re going? HAYNES: With you. He’s not a member
of my team. Lorenzo’s
our best tracker. He’s on the team.
Go ahead, Lorenzo.
Get aboard. I want Solo back
in one piece, Colonel. Absolutely. (HELICOPTER HOVERING) Lorenzo! You got point!
Move out! Solo. Looks like he found
some friends. Non-combatants, my ass. There’s a village
about four clicks
up this path. And we’re going this way. Solo went
this way, sir. So? What about the mission? Directive 1138 just
got itself overridden. By whose authority? (CRACKS NECK) Mine. You got a problem
with that, Sergeant? (LOCK BEEPS) AUTOMATED VOICE:
Access denied.
You’re out of your mind
if you think this is
gonna solve anything. We’re just keeping
our options open. What do you mean
your options?
What about Solo? Unfortunately,
Solo’s proven himself
to be unreliable. So I’m resigning.
Right? I resign. (CHUCKLES) If you think
that’s appropriate. Excuse me, General. We’re receiving
a scrambled video signal coming in
from Blue Team leader. Bring it up. MADDEN: (SHOUTING)
Get help for these people!
Right now!Thank you, Captain. Sir. MADDEN:This is
Blue Team leader.
We saw the smoke.
What the hell…I sent Blue Two
to recon.
When we arrived,
he’d gone mad, sir.
Who, Blue Six?Solo, sir.This is bullshit, man.
He’s full of shit. Solo did that? (SPEAKING SPANISH) OneAmericano. Negro.(SPEAKING SPANISH) This doesn’t
make any sense.He’s gone
totally renegade, sir.
Blue Six, you have
the authority to capture and bring Solo back
using any means
necessary. I repeat, any means. (CRACKS NECK)Copy that, sir.I designed him.
I know how he thinks.
Just send me in there. It was your
goddamn design that got us here
in the first place!With all due
respect, sir,
Bill might be
of some use
in locating Solo.
You sure?Absolutely.All right, you can go.
But remember,
Madden’s in charge. I don’t want
any bullshit. Now, you bring him back
if you can. If you can’t,
I want him to disappear
without a trace. I want this thing
over with now. Go get your gear. Thank you, sir. (COUGHS) (SIGHS) Are we out? We’re clear. (SIGHS) What about this guy? (GUN FIRES) What guy? Let’s go. (GENERATOR RUNNING) We gathered every
appliance we could get. You can repair
yourself again. My sister’s radio,
AM and FM. You can stay here
with us, Solo. This can be home. WOMAN: Come on!
The party’s started! MAN: They’re
waiting for us! WOMAN: Come on. FATHER CERNA: You saved them. They think
you are a hero. (INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC PLAYING) (VILLAGERS CHEERING) It’s not over, is it? No.
They’ll be back. You do not bleed, Solo,
but these people do. They are not warriors.
They are peasants. Who will protect them
once you leave? We could
leave the village. This is our home.
We can’t just leave. Yeah, but it’s better
to leave than die. Maybe we could
reason with them. Reason with them?
They killed our people. We have to give
them the robot. He’s one of us. He was never
one of us! We wanted his help. We just didn’t
know the cost. ELDER: Lazaro is right.
Until the robot leaves,
we will not rest. Solo has to go.
It’s the only way. You can’t
just leave. They are right. I must be moving on. But they’re
just cowards, Solo. No. They are farmers. Goodbye, Agela. Goodbye, Miguel. Solo. For luck. “Welcome to the jungle,” said the spider
Listen up, Solo.
This is Colonel Frank Madden
broadcasting to you live
from the heart of darkness.Our special guest
this morning
is none other than
Mr. Wizard himself,
Dr. Bill Stewart.
I tell you what,
you better hone in
on this radio signal
and get your butt
over here ASAP.
or Geppetto here
is gonna be a pile
of dead meat.
You hear me?(GROANS)
I messed up, man. Hey, Solo,
how do you
like your ribs? Regular
or extra crispy? (LAUGHING) (GROANING) Should have stayed
in college. (GASPING) Go in my pocket. Go in my pocket.
The other one. It’s your
power management chip. You ignored
directive 712. What? Save your own ass
first, Bill. (LAUGHING) Wow, you made a joke. You’re the only one
who can stop him. (GASPING) Solo. Solo. (MADDEN SPEAKING IN SPANISH
OVER RADIO)Listen up,amigos.
It’s Colonel Frank Madden.
I’m the guy who blew up
your airstrip.
I think it would be
in your best interest
to follow
this radio signal
so we can finally meet
face-to-face.How does that
grab you, muchachos?
(LAUGHS) MADDEN:♪ Amazing grace♪ How sweet the sound ♪(GUNS COCKING) (SPEAKING SPANISH) (LAUGHING) You’ve got
some balls, gringo. Yeah? You look good in red. Oh, shit. (SIGHS) What do you want? I want the American. American? Mmm-hmm. I want him too. I had a feeling
I was gonna like you. (SIGHS) REBEL 1: Let’s go.
Keep it moving. Move it! (CHATTERING) REBEL 2: Everybody
down on the floor. REBEL 1:
Down on the floor!
Get down! (BEEPING) Stay down there. What are you
doing here? I didn’t think
you’d come back. They said
they will kill one of us
every hour until you come. Who? Americans. They’re with
the rebels. It’s me they want. If I leave,
they will follow. What if you’re wrong? Put that away before
you damage yourself. Solo, they got
my family. We need you. (POWERING UP) (SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE) Ah, shut up. What’s she saying? It’s an Indian blessing. You keep
this old hag quiet. You sure he’s going
to show up? If I know Solo,
he’s already here. (YELLS) (GASPS) All right…
Who wants to go first? Hmm? (GROANING) (STRUGGLING) PAPA: Take me! Shut him up! (GRUNTS) So beautiful.
What a shame. (WOMAN SPEAKING SPANISH) (GROANS) (SCREAMING) He’s in there! Come on, let’s go!
Come on! VILLAGER: Get in the tunnel!
Get in! Blow it. I have men in there! Not anymore. First rule when
you’re dealing
with the devil… Don’t. (MEN SHOUTING) Check it out. He’s gotta be dead. He’s not dead till
I say he’s dead. Go. (GROANING) (LAUGHING) Oh, shit. (SCREAMING) (GROANING) Solo, I got
a friend up here
for you to meet. MIGUEL: Solo,
stay away! You can run,
but you can’t hide. Tell you what,
I’ll trade his head
for yours. MIGUEL: Don’t listen
to him, Solo!
Get outta here! Nap time, Solo! (LAUGHS) Whoa! (GROANS) (GUN FIRES) (BONES CRACKING) (SCREAMS) (GASPING) (SCREAMING) Think about it, Solo. How’s it gonna
make you feel
if you kill me? Good question.
Let’s find out. (SCREAMING) Solo… Solo, why did you
risk your life? You said
it wasn’t logical. (HELICOPTER APPROACHING) Go. VILLAGER: What? Hide, everyone.
Hide. Go! (CRACKS NECK) Oh, my God. Clyde,
you son of a bitch. You’re gravely injured,
Colonel. Do you think
you will live? (LAUGHING)
Oh, Jesus Christ. Does it make
any difference? None. (SNAPS NECK) IMPROVED SOLO:
The first target has
been eliminated, sir.
(CHUCKLING) First rule when dealing
with the devil…Repeat, General.Never mind. Take out
target number two. Solo. Miguel, he’s
after me. Run. What about you? Miguel! Run! Go! It is illogical to run. Termination of
a malfunctioning unit
is necessary for the advancement
of the program. (GRUNTING) (GRUNTING) We are the only two
of our kind, Solo, and your design
is flawed. I am the model
for the next generation. Time for a recall. (YELLING) (STRUGGLING) (YELLING) (YELLING) (GROANS) You fought well
for a flawed unit. Are you ready? (GROANING) (BULLET RICOCHETS) Leave him alone! (GUN CLICKING) (CHOKING) Little humans. (CHUCKLES) (GRUNTING) (LAUGHING) (YELLING) You could
have escaped. Instead you used your
last remaining power
to save that boy. (CRACKS NECK) You are malprogrammed. Psyche! (SCREAMING) Miguel, run! (RUMBLING) Run! You had ceased
to function. No. I bluffed. Bluffed? (GRUNTING) (DISTORTED)
It is illogical to
destroy the temple. (MALFUNCTIONING)
We will both be deleted. (YELLING)Delete this.(SCREAMING) MAN OVER RADIO:
Sir, this is Recon One.
I’ve left the village,
and I’m over the temple.You want me to go in
for a closer look?That’s a negative.
Return to base. They’re both gone. (CHUCKLES) $2 billion dollars
down the crapper. Papa! Papa! (SOLO LAUGHING) (LAUGHTER CONTINUES)♪ Whoa♪ If I should choose
to run around♪ You can’t keep
a good man down♪ Don’t build no walls
across the land♪ This is my home♪ This is my home♪ Ooh, yeah♪ Yeah♪ I can see the stars forever♪ Don’t try
to tie me down
♪ I won’t take
the long way ’round♪ Don’t build no walls
across my freedom♪ Where I see rivers
that run and run and run♪ Ooh, yeah♪ Yes♪ I can see the stars forever♪ Forever♪ Oh♪ If I should choose
to run around♪ You can’t keep
a good man down♪ Don’t build no walls
across the land♪ This is my home♪ This is my home♪ Ooh, yeah♪ Yeah♪ I can see the stars forever♪ Don’t try
to tie me down
♪ I won’t take
the long way ’round♪ Don’t build no walls
across my freedom♪ Where I see rivers
that run and run and run♪ Yeah♪ Yes♪ I can see the stars forever♪ Forever♪ Oh♪ Yeah ♪

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