Sometimes, Blizzard Really Screws Up

Players of online video games can be very
unforgiving creatures, and I mean- It’s 2019. On the internet. You know as well as me that the internet does
not forget, much less forgive. So today, because I couldn’t come up with
anything better, we’re going to talk about 5 Times that Blizzard managed to really rustle
our jimmies. The good thing about this list is that, for
a lot of these cases, Blizzard has actually turned around and recognized their wrong-doing,
ultimately resulting in a happy end. So it isn’t all that bad. Anyway, let’s jump right into the list. Number 1 – “Be careful what you wish for.” Now, that quote isn’t gonna mean a heck
of a lot to you without the context in which it has been said. And I want to make sure that, even if you
have never played the games in question- You can understand why players have been pissed
about this. The quote we’re talking about has been said
in relation to a new hero release in Overwatch. Essentially, the player base has been complaining
about how the Dive Meta has been dominant for a very long time, and the game starts
to get boring. Any game would if you keep doing the same
things over and over again, I guess. Especially in Overwatch, where you have such
a diverse cast of heroes, that are then being reduced to a small portion of viable meta
picks. Anyway, Blizzard’s solution to the whole
problem was much less the iFixit approach, and more the.. Sledgehammer variant. Rather than carefully balancing the roster
of characters, they have introduced a brand new hero that was meant to counter Dive. And her name was Brigitte. The quote, “Be careful what you wish for.” has been said by Jeff Kaplan, who has largely
been responsible for player communication at the time while being the game director. During an Interview he dropped that bombshell
on us, essentially saying: “Well, you guys said you didn’t like dive. So we made dive go away. And now you’re still not happy.” Well, yeah, players expressed their dislike
for playing the same meta for a very long time, but they never explicitly asked for
a character that is, at the same time, a tank, a healer and a DPS hero. Brigitte, at the time of release, could one-shot
any regular 200 HP hero, 1v1 any DPS that isn’t Pharah, and make the life of actual
tanks a nightmare by stunning them out of existence. The long and short of it is that she was completely
overpowered. And she wasn’t only strong, but she was
also really easy to play, so easy to play, that players would skip multiple divisions
worth of ranking by playing nothing but her. So it might be less about what we have been
wishing for, and more about your interpretation of what we wished for. Because let me tell you Blizzard, that definitely
was not it. Number 2 – “Pay now, get content later” Alright so I know that World of Warcraft is
a meme to everybody who does not play it, but you don’t have to have played the game
to understand the following concept. Imagine you have a premium, triple A game
that charges a box price. On top of that box price, you have to pay
a monthly subscription to play it. Then you also have to buy a new expansion
every couple of years while still paying your sub, and now, Activision decides it’s a
really good idea to also add microtransactions to the mix. I don’t think I have to explain why microtransactions
leave a bitter aftertaste when you have a recurring box price to pay on top of a monthly
sub. But in this particular case, it isn’t just
about the fact that they sell microtransactions in a premium game, though it says something
about the state of WoW when there is a paid option to literally skip the leveling grind. Anyway, Activision’s Timing is just.. Really weird. Every so often, they are going to introduce
a new mount to the store. And mounts are really expensive. Not only are they expensive, but very often,
they are re-skins of existing models that are already in the game. Not all the time, but often enough to make
you wonder about the choice of game you have made. Point being, they have this great idea where
they introduce new mounts during times where players are already very agitated. Why? Because it is the end of a raid tier, or because
the last patch has been very lackluster, or because features that were promised at launch
have still not made it into the game, 6 months after. So while players are waiting for actual content
to make it into the game, Activision drops their showcase videos of new mounts and they
get absolutely bombed, every; single; time; Obviously they sell well enough for them to
keep doing it, but it is very obvious that the core community is not happy about it. Number 3 – “Do you not have phones?” Okay I mean, you knew this one was coming. One does not simply make a video on the Top
5 times that Blizzard pissed off their players without talking about Diablo Immortal. Now, there are a couple of things to be said
here. For one, it’s not that easy to understand
why people were so angry without actually being in the Diablo Community. For me, somebody who only ever dabbled in
the tutorial, the game looked fine. I mean, I’m not into mobile gaming one way
or another, but nothing struck me as particularly bad. Other than the fact that they tried to sell
a mobile game to a, predominantly PC heavy live audience. There is a lot of context that goes into it,
and I could not do it justice in the short segment that I have dedicated to each and
every point. I am sorry for bastardizing what is actually
a more complex situation, but I think all of us heard about the aftermath of that situation. I do feel for whoever was put on the spot
like, “Alright dude. You’re gonna have to tell them that all
we have to show is a mobile game. I mean, what’s the worst that can happen?”Yeah, well.. I feel like they should’ve gotten a more
experienced type of spokesperson to do the announcement. Because really, if you are Blizzard and you
look at just the facts: Trying to sell a Diablo Mobile game to an
audience that loves you for your standing in the PC Gaming Community, and not having
anything else to quelch the rage- You need somebody who can handle the heat. And clearly, they did not find the right person
for it. So, I am really not blaming the people that
were put on spot to do the presentation more than I blame all the PR experts at Blizzard
that should’ve seen this coming a mile away. And just putting somebody on stage who knows
how to deal with an angry live audience would’ve gone a long way in not making this a massive
meme. I mean, players would have still been pissed. But at least we wouldn’t hold that quote
against them until the end of time. Number 4 – “You think you do, but you don’t.” Bruh. I mean, seriously, this is the thing that
inspired me to make this video in the first place. I’ve been spending more time playing Classic
WoW recently than anything else, and if there is one quote that people won’t let you forget,
it’s “You think you do, but you don’t.” The tens of thousands of people waiting in
queue to play the game are a testament to- You know what. Maybe we think we do, because we actually
do. But kinda like with the Diablo Immortal situation,
I feel like there is some amount of nuance to it. I mean, look at it from their perspective. They’ve been working on the same game in
excess of 10 years, 15 by now, and obviously, you would think that your more recent work
is better than what you did back then. The same thing goes for a lot of us. I generally think that my videos today are
better than the ones I made a few years ago. If you practise, let’s say drawing, you’d
probably think that you are better now than you were when you first started. Again, it should say something about the current
state of the game that so many players rather want to go back to Vanilla than playing the
latest expansion. But the point is that, Vanilla WoW and current
WoW are very fundamentally different. They are different enough to which I believe
that us wishing to play one over the other can be based on more than just nostalgia. Hell, I haven’t played WoW until the tail
end of the first expansion so I never even experienced Vanilla WoW back then, and I am
still liking Classic better than Retail. Retail is what we’re calling the modern
version of the game. Anyway, if there is one thing you should never
do as a developer, it’s telling your players what they do and don’t want. Don’t get me wrong, if we’re being completely
honest here then yes, players actually don’t know what they want. No wait, let me rephrase that. We do know what we want, but we don’t always
know how to get there. I wouldn’t wanna play Classic WoW if Retail
WoW still gave me the same level of accomplishment and permanent progression that it used to. But I don’t know how to make your game better,
I’m not a developer. All I know is that Classic gives me something
I like, and whatever Retail is doing, is just not doing it for me. By the way, if you are into Classic WoW or
you just wanna learn about it, I am streaming almost every single day over at
– If you’d like to say hi, you know where to find me, so let’s finally move onto the
last point in our video. Number 5 – “The Overwatch League” Overwatch League is undeniably pushing eSports
forward. After they decided to make it, I only ever
hoped for its success, because a failure of this magnitude would have effects on the industry
as a whole. However, it is also undeniable that people
were really pissed about Activision Blizzard deciding to take matters in their own hands. You see, a lot of OG competitors from a variety
of different games saw their respective eSports grow over time. But Overwatch was barely functional in its
own competitive mode, and Blizzard already decided to try and push an eSports League. Their tier-2 scene was suffering with players
grinding without getting paid, developers were relocated to work on features for the
League rather than actually making content for the game, and their blatant approach to
monetization left a bitter aftertaste of greed. It very much feels like the Overwatch League
has been built on many sacrifices that would bleed out the community over time. During the content drought, a lot of creators
left to cover different games, and a lot of casual players followed suit. The remaining core player base would suffer
through awful and lackluster balancing, eventually turning competitive play into a massive joke. While I listed the points in this video in
no particular order, I feel like the magnitude in which the Overwatch League has hurt the
game is often overlooked. Because the people who left weren’t necessarily
the ones making a ruckus on social media. They were the ones that left silently, because
they didn’t see the point anymore. Why keep playing Overwatch if Blizzard cares
more about a dysfunctional eSport than their actual game? And as such, I left this one for last. Again, as I said in the beginning, a lot of
these stories actually have a happy end. The following Patch 8.2 in World of Warcraft
was universally celebrated, Blizzard confirmed they are working on multiple Diablo projects
that are not mobile games, Classic WoW obviously ended up happening, and the Overwatch League
no longer takes away from development resources. But obviously, these were not the only times
that Blizzard pissed off their players. A lot of different balance patches in Overwatch,
Garrisons in World of Warcraft, certain cards in Hearthstone- Would you have put something
else on the list? Let me know down in the comment section below! But until then, thank you everybody so much
for watching, don’t forget to drop me a like on your way out if you enjoyed the video,
subscribe if you want to see more, and hey, maybe I’ll see some of you guys over on
twitch. Would be a first for me. You know, having viewers and all. Anyway, thanks again for watching, and I hope
you guys have a fantastic day.

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  2. Terios, I would much rather prefer you talking about what you are passionate about. So Im glad Classic Wow got into here. I get it. Hope all is well.

  3. I think that backlash with Blizzcon 2018 together with negative press about lay-offs as well as company CEO getting paid obscenely much (Apparently, Activision-Blizzard's CEO Bobby Kotick is 45th on list Top 100 overpaid CEOs by "as you sow", getting paid 13 million dollars more than he is "worth") worked as a wake up call for them.

  4. That memorable Brig release trailer… i love how people were commenting under it along the line of "for once blizzard made a trailer with *an actuan gameplay*".

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  6. fuck role queue. this game is ass now, literally the only fun i have nowadays is playing in like gold/plat
    Not only are the queue times above 4100 taking forever, this meta is absolute CANCER, and role q leads to less variety in games.
    Rip Overwatch 2015-2019

  7. Remember that one time they waited three years and still didn't do anything about alt accounts in Overwatch on console? Lol

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  9. After watching the Dota2 International I am reminded how utterly shit OWL is. The game just isn't fun to watch, and the way they censor everything and put on a facade is a joke- in Dota esports casters are allowed to swear and players can banter because everyone is there to have fun and celebrate the game. OWL just feels forced and corporate greed, and like you said- too much was sacrificed to push it and it didn't develop naturally.

  10. Recently started watching your videos and I loooove them. I enjoy your pragmatic approach, where instead of simply putting the blame on someone you cover all sides of the story.

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    But glad to see WoW classic is doing well.

  12. "Certain balance patches in Overwatch" Like the entire disaster that was the Mercy rework that could of been avoided by Blizzard admitting they fucked up and tried something else that didn't involve making her OP and/or nerfing her at least 14 times?

  13. mind you, Brack is now the CEO of the entire company. the man who claimed he knew better than the fanbase, is now the head of Blizzard

  14. even as an outsider, I can see why Diablo fans were pissed. imagine you waiting ages for a new installment of your fave game, to only get the announcement of a mobile game that they made with people known for making garbage mobile rip-offs that are heavily monitized. that would be like people waiting since 2013 for Cyberpunk 2077 to only hear that it's a mobile game with heavy monitization.

  15. Somehow you forgot about the RealID disaster.

    That one was a really bad thing back at that time. Bad enough that the website couldn't handle the unsubscriptions from WoW during one night.

  16. I would put many many cards in hearthstone on this list. As well as balance for hearthstone, decision making for the game's modes…

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