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Sonya is in a good place right now, as an aggressive warrior, but we wanted to introduce more interesting talent picks and allow greater flexibility
in her builds. The new tweaks to Sonya’s talents
benefit multiple playstyles. FURIOUS BLOW now
causes every fourth Seismic Slam to deal additional damage
for no Fury cost SHATTERED GROUND has been changed to increase Seismic Slam’s damage
and range, and the new GIANT SLAMMER talent
causes Seismic Slam to deal additional damage to Heroes. The new RUTHLESS talent causes WHIRLWIND to deal bonus damage to Heroes
at low health and COMPOSITE SPEAR now further increases ANCIENT SPEAR’s range and grants Armor. Some talents are now viable for more than one specific build. SHOT OF FURY
now increases basic attack damage after using Seismic Slam, making it an effective choice for both a Seismic Slam build and an auto attack build. Similarly, the new RAMPAGE talent increases basic attack damage and reduces the cooldown
of Ancient Spear with each attack. With her new and updated talents, Sonya is now capable
of diversifying her build to suit a variety of playstyles
and strategies. Check out the patch notes for more details on Sonya’s changes. Make sure to leave us a comment or subscribe to Heroes of the Storm
around the web. We’ll see you in the Nexus! Feel the fury of Arreat!

100 thoughts on “Sonya Update Spotlight – Heroes of the Storm

  1. yes! wasn't enough that she can 1v3 SHE MUST BE ABLE TO 1V5 EASY! seriously though that strike was already taking out a 4th of peoples health now you are allowing her to spam it even more for more damage and farther? we needed a raynor update not a permanent ban

  2. People are doing too many different things with Muradin, better rework him to stop different playstyles! People aren't doing many different things with Sonya, better rework her to enable different playstyles!

  3. whats the point of reworking a already powerful and popular hero?

    There are 2 possible outcomes:
    1. it will become less/more powerful in a way that is imbalanced
    2. it will become less popular

    so Sonya had literally no problem, so why the rework?

    Not like there are a lot of other heroes who dont work right now?

    Have you guys even watched HGC yourself yet?
    And realized that every draft is basically the same heroes all over again?

  4. You people realize, that the devs aren't just simply buffing her? It's more like a better concept on what Sonya actually is. Composite Spear lvl 7 talent (which I used) was really powerful with lvl 20 Ignore Pain. Now you cannot use the two together, you have to be either running with 25 armor, or just drop the range bonus altogether, which is kinda a drawback on Sonya's ability to pick up fleeing targets, or engage in a fight. Right now, I see three different viable talent builds for her. One is for max damage with a good uptime on lower armor and more mobility. One with all the defensive talents, and one being a hybrid between the two. Except now you cannot have instant 50 fury+dmg reduction cd's+enchanted lifesteal+longer spears as it used to be. Instead, you have to choose, and be a real berserker, with insane dmg, or be a secondary tank/bruiser. With the nerf on Ignore Pain's dmg reduction, I think it will be more beneficial to just go full dmg, and play more "carefully".

  5. Well that's nice, even though she's not really in an urgent need for rework unlike.. well we all know who need serious reworks at this point.. bonus point for norwegian blue eyed blondy sonya though lol

  6. Seriously, Blizz, just hire Carbot to do those vids, he does a much better job at explaining what has changed. In a much more comical way.

  7. I love you guys and your game, but I don't get why exactly you feel the need to buff heroes that are already as powerful and also playable as Sonya is. I mean, seriously, there are characters in HotS that basically do not exist anymore. The most popular example is probably Raynor: He is basically missing several abilities, since his actual kit has become so weak over time. The last change you made here, was removing Bolt of the Storm, was it not? How is a thorough rework not totally overdue here? 😀

    I also feel you go against the policy of increasing counterplay by making this changes. The spear range seems like it will increase Sonyas mobility just way too much for example …

    Ah, well, I hope you know what you are doing here.

  8. i had to put this game down,they dont know whether they want Sonya to be a tank,Asassin, or Warrior, blizzards balance team knows best

    ahem. As a sonya main player, I fully support this important woman empowerment move. Now, where was I…

  10. retarded developers cannot fix their algorithm for matchmaking, oh did you see how ugly the lead developers are? no wonder they cannot code simple algorithm

  11. I like these changes, will Hanzo be getting his rework release with the fixed up hanamura map to coincide with the removal of scatter arrow from his character in overwatch?

  12. Great, just casually buff one of the strongest heroes in the game.

    …After years of playing WoW, this is exactly what I expected from Blizzard.

  13. see sonya . . . .* haaaaa my fleshh,, it buuurrrns*
    GJ , you foudna way to make this character uglier, seriously i wonder how youget such talent.

  14. Sonya is not generating any Fury while being attacked, on PTR and even in this trailer.

    Guys please upvote this comment for Blizzards attention

  15. In case you weren't 100% sure that Sonya can kill everything, lets double down on her abilities that kill everything.

  16. ?

    I suppose all the changes weren't talked about here but sonya is already kind of op and these all sound like buffs. Idk seems kind of unnecessary. rework someone who needs it like raynor lol

  17. Power creep. I haven't played in about a year, but like a trading card game, these characters just keep slowly getting more and more powerful over time. HOTS became like Overwatch.

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