Spiritfarer E3 2019 Gameplay Preview

Revealed during the Xbox E3 2019 press conference,
Spiritfarer is a new game from Thunder Lotus Games, the same team that worked on sundered. By the way, my review for that is in the description. Back to the topic at hand, Spiritfarer has
you play as Stella. She’s a young ferrymaster to the deceased. Her along with her pet cat Daffodil work together
to complete the final wishes of the spirits on her boat as she leads them to the afterlife. For a game about dying and learning to let
go, it’s a game with a ton of charm that I have so much admiration for. Gameplay primarily acts as a management system. You’ll befriend the spirits on your boat,
helping to complete any final wishes before taking them to where they’d like to go. These requests range farming, mining, fishing,
harvesting, cooking or crafting something for the spirit. There’s plenty to do and explore on this
ship. My demo had me helping the spirit of this
snake that wanted to live inside of a new home and locate her lost necklace. Using the money I had saved up, I built her
a new home on my boat and then we sailed away to a nearby island where her necklace was
last seen. Traversing from place to place is done in
real time, so while the boat sails, you can go ahead and complete random tasks around
the ship. One spirit gave me some seeds to start a farm
for food while another spirit taught me how to fish off the edge of the boat. These two mechanics could then be used to
provide food for the spirits that like a Tomodachi, will let you know when they’re hungry. Upon arriving at the island, I was left to
explore. I quickly found a shop I was able to buy more
seeds from and even a few collectible items, including the necklace I was looking for! While I exploring I also notice the day and
night cycle that completely change the look of the village. During the day, the village looks like a small
fishing town. Boats everywhere while spirits walked around
the buildings. At night, the sky was brightening up by the
glow of lanterns covering the bridge. It looked stunning, complete with the hand-drawn
art style and animation. It was only a taste of what exploring in Spiritfarer
had to offer but it was enough to get me interested. Coming back to the boat, it was time to say
goodbye. Our spirit friend was ready to go to the great
beyond and so we hugged goodbye and off they went. I had only played this demo for literally
20 minutes but I felt like I was saying goodbye to a longtime friend. Needless to say, spiritfarer was able to enthrall
me in its lore inspired by greek mythology. It’s a game that I’m sure will pull on
the heart strings of those that play it. Spiriitfarer has been in development for about
18 months now and is expected to release next year on Xbox One, PS4, Switch and PC. It’ll also be part of Xbox and PC game pass.

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