Splatoon Museum d’Alfonsino Map Tour and Gameplay Nintendome

Alright guys, what’s going on? It’s Hank
here from Nintendome. Yesterday, Nintendo just had their first Nintendo direct in what
feels like forever. It was super cool and they did announce some new Splatoon stuff
so we’re getting some new gear, a new gameplay update, and most importantly, a new map that
is about to hit Splatoon very soon. It’s called Museum d’Alfonsino… I think. Je ne
parle pas Francais. So… yeah that is my best guess at how you pronounce that name.
But anyway, let’s take a look at the actual map itself. So right off the bat, I kinda want to point
out that it seems that Nintendo has changed the spawn a little bit. In the trailer, you
spawn on this little platform whereas when NWPlayer got her hands on the map, she actually
spawned on this little moving axel right here. So I don’t really know what’s up with
that but… whatever. Anyway, in general, I really like the idea of Museum d’Alfonsino.
I don’t think this will be super great for Splatoon in terms of gameplay, although I’m
not saying otherwise either. I just think that it’s cool that Nintendo is trying to
new stuff with the maps they are introducing. The moving parts in the map make the gameplay
MUCH more dynamic- which is a nice change of pace from the other maps we have been receiving.
In general, I think this map is actually pretty similar to Flounder Heights. There are some
big open areas but for the most part there are going to be partitions separating people
from each other. It seems pretty chaotic and disorganized but that can be pretty cool too.
Of course, echolocator is always strong but I think it’s going to be especially strong
on this map. Also, just an FYI, there are going to be a few uninkable surfaces on Museum
d’Alfonsino… I hope I said that right, but in general, you are going to be able to put
down ink in front of you so I definitely don’t think this will be a map that will justify
Run Speed Up by itself. And honestly guys, you are going to be doing a ton of jumping
as you move around this map. It’s actually kind of crazy There are even some parts of
the map that you access by waiting on top of the rotating axel, and then jumping once
that axel passes a little pathway for you. So yeah the gameplay on this map is definitely
dynamic. Nintendo has gone out of their way to make this map unique from other maps and
honestly, I really really like it. But guys, that was just a brief overview Museum d’Alfonsino.
I definitely reccomend that you guys check it out by yourselves when it hits Splatoon
at 9 PM ET tonight. And yeah that’s all I really have to say
for now. Definitely be sure to hit that like button and subscribe if you enjoyed as that
stuff really does help me out guys, honestly. I guess that’s it. Thank you so much for
watching and I will catch you guys in the next video!

100 thoughts on “Splatoon Museum d’Alfonsino Map Tour and Gameplay Nintendome

  1. Ugh I wish I could play.. but all I get is ''unstable connection'' since I got the game its not my internek for sure its not Nintendo please fix this ;-;

  2. Wow, you're analyzing the new map before it even comes out? Thanks!
    Also, Hank, you seem like a pretty busy guy, but maybe we could squad together sometime…?

  3. I can't wait for this map and Mahi Mahi Resort, even if i will fall 10+ times in the water, i can barely stop myself from falling in Arowana Mall, i'm so clumsy

  4. Great Vid! Mahi-Mahi Resort does look a bit cooler though. This'll be a paradise for chargers, since they could keep an eye on opponents the entire time thanks to the platforms. I just got a replacment gamepad, so I got to try it for myself. #SplatoonHype

  5. I'm sure everyone knows, but the spawn changes depending on the mode.
    On Turf War, it's in the back. In Ranked, it's on the rotating platform close to the unranked spawn.

  6. Are you going to do an overview of the resort map if NW gets her hands on that as well? That one look really interesting to me, I need to see how the mechanics of the uninkable lifting platforms work out.

  7. did you say at the beginning, "Je m'appelle pas français?" I'm sorry but that was the worst french I've ever heard, I think you said something along the lines of My name is not French but it was very grammatically incorrect. I think you wanted to say Je ne parle pas français which means I don't speak French 😛

  8. A multiplayer map involving platforming in equal parts to battling? With elements of chaos thrown in to keep things fresh? Where do I sign?!

    On a more serious note, I think this map will be crazy fun, but hard to deal with if your squad is unorganized. Meaning playing with randoms will be even more of a crap shoot than usual. Doesn't mean I won't like it, but I hope my teams are good here.

  9. Museum d'Alfonsino sounds more Italian to me, but the Italian word for museum is museo, the French one is musée. So I don't think, it's French at all.

  10. Really like the commentary! I feel like you're improving. Sounds more fluid and organic. Can't wait to try out this map! I just want to walk around in reconnaissance mode and check out all the little details 🙂

  11. Imagine a map that has the first 2minutes isolated from enemies on different platforms and them at 1 minute they all fall into a middle platform! I guess that would be extremely broken though

  12. Dude… awesome!
    THIS map right here will truly favor the crafty Splatoon player, and it will naturally give the player a powerful edge in battle. This is my hypothesis; I'll make it practical somehow.
    What do you think Mr. Wu?

  13. Nice video as always man :> ! This map seems really cool!! Do u know when this map (and the water one) will be realesed?

  14. 0:35 The spawn point is actually on the rotating platform in Tower Control, and on the trailer's one on Turf War and Rainmaker. I'm not sure about Splat Zones.

  15. It's so hype that the map has TWO different spawn locations (the original spawn found in the trailer and the spawn on the spinning platform)

  16. The original spawn point (farthest) is for turf wars. The spawn point on the spinny thing is for ranked modes, which shortens the distance to mid.

  17. Wow I can really tell the amount of enthusiasm you put in this video I really like it. Also do you plan on doing videos on different games?

  18. The spawn changes depending on the mode I believe, you spawn on the idle platform when you play Turf.

    Also if you're desperate you could use the rotating platform near your spawn as a sniping place, just need to wait on the grate and ink the wall for ink recovery 😀

  19. This map is interesting.
    And HUGE.
    Like this comment.

    I didn't get to play on Museum D'Alfonsino much last night, and I won't have much time to do so over the weekend, but from what I've played, I have a few thoughts. Here they are.

    It's really, really big. Like, this might be the biggest map in Splatoon right now. This leads me to think that weapons with lots of range (HI CHARGERS/SPLATLINGS) or that don't slow you down much while firing (to cover turf more quickly, since there's a lot of it) will do very well here. Also, Squid Beakons are necessary. They just are.
    As a side note, destroy Beakons when you see them people. Seriously now.

    Echolocator: Also highly necessary. Huge map means enemies'll be coming from many directions,, and knowing where enemies are located (and thus, where you should be focusing on defending, or attacking from) can be the difference between a quick knockout and getting dunked on. That's true on every map, but especially on large maps, and even more especially on the largest map.
    On a side note, consider Cold-Blooded for this map, given that Echolocator is really useful here.

    I don't know where the great Charger-ing spots will be, but damn this map's gonna be so good for Chargers. There isn't much cover in the center of the map, so if you can get a perch that overlooks that area, you can stop enemy advances with good aim. And if they're already on your side, you can just stand on that raised platform to the left from your spawn and snipe from there. Heavy Splatlings'll probably also do pretty well here, given their great range, fast fire rate and good turf-covering ability.

    Not sure about Rollers. If someone else can remove Chargers from play, they can easily roll up the lower areas, but Chargers'll wreck them if they're caught out in the open, and most of the lower area of the stage is "out in the open," at least from what I recall. If you're going to play a Roller here, go with the original Splat Roller, since its Suction Bombs can attack faraway foes (hopefully including Chargers) with some Bomb Range Ups and Killer Wail can briefly pressure a Charger from anywhere on the map, the Carbon Roller, since Burst Bombs can be used to harass distant foes and Inkzooka can be used to splat those foes, or one of the Dynamo Rollers; original to cover areas quickly and safely with Sprinkler and to locate foes with Echolocator, Gold to harass distant foes with Splat Bombs and pressure foes or cover areas with Inkstrike. Despite having Squid Beakons (which I said were amazing here a ways up in this long, long comment), I wouldn't recommend the Krak-On Splat Roller, since it has only a short-range attack and the Kraken, neither of which scare longer-ranged foes, and you'll get smashed from a distance more often than not without cover, so you should probably run a different weapon for Beakons. As for the Carbon Roller Deco, Seekers and Seeker Rush really aren't that useful on this map, it's just too much wide open spaces for them to be particularly effective here.

    For Specials, I can see Killer Wail being effective, since its infinite range allows you to fire it from across the map to block an area. Inkstrike should also be pretty effective, though it trades duration for covering the targeted area with your team's ink (so, maybe a bit better on Splat Zones and Tower Control). Burst, Splat and Suction Bomb Rushes should also be quite effective for pressure or just covering areas, especially with some Bomb Range Ups. Bubbler is always useful, but I don't see it being any better or worse than usual here. Kraken might not be that great, since it seems like it'll be really easy to run away from or chase down here. Echolocator I covered many paragraphs ago. Inkzooka'll be alright here, probably easy to safely activate here since the stage is so spacious. Seeker Rush I touched on briefly a bit earlier, but it won't be that good here, simply because you can just climb one of the spinning platforms and you'll probably be safe from it, it's just not very well-suited to a stage as open as this one.

    For subs, I think the notable ones are Squid Beakons, which you should have on any large map so you don't have to swim along large expanses of turf to get where you want to be, but especially here since it's huge, Splat/Suction Bombs, since you can toss them onto higher areas with some Bomb Range Ups (and without, but from farther away if you have 'em), and to a lesser degree Burst Bombs (same reason as Splat/Suction, but being weaker and detonating on contact with anything makes them feel a bit less effective), and Point Sensors, which carry most of the weaknesses of Burst Bombs but can Echolocate enemies in their blast radius, which is useful. Don't use Seekers here, the stage is just too expansive for them to do much good.

    On a final note (YES, YOU'RE ALMOST AT THE END), here's a small observation:
    They moved the spawn point in Ranked! It's on those square-ish platforms in Turf Wars, but in Splat Zones (didn't see in Rainmaker/Tower Control, sorry) it's on the spinny thing just in front of that platform. It's actually a good idea, at least in my opinion, since it puts your spawn point closer to the Splat Zone.

    Overall, this is one of my new favorite maps. I just really like it.

  20. Museum Delfinsino… Museum… Delfino?
    Well, anyways. I've been playing on this map all this morning, and I LOVE it! Next to Flounder Heights, it's one of my new favorites! I remember one day I actually thought of this idea, and I prayed that it would happen– and it did! I'm very happy with how the stage came out.
    I'm also very excited about the water stage. Mahi Mahi Resort just sounds beautiful.

  21. I just think the spawn points in Splatzones and Tower Control are a bit to close to the the center, so that you get there really quickly. But other than that, i really like this map and how chaotic it is. ^^

  22. I love this map! It's great for doing some awesome parkour. I agree about the resort map though, that one looks even more exciting XD

  23. On turf war, Sprinklers are pretty amazing on this map. You get tons of coverage just by throwing one on one of the rotating platforms.

  24. Just came back from camping, so I haven't gotten a chance to see the map myself yet. The constant jumping around and moving perches seem like it will be a problem for Chargers and Splatlings. Ah well, I'll see if I can get around that.

  25. Nintendome+ your first couple of vids were about gear ablities so why don't you try to make a vid about all the gear you have ?

  26. As GaiaEnforcer said, "Alfonsino" is not French, but Spanish (see explanation on https://de.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Gl%C3%A4nzender_Schleimkopf&oldid=136636714#Beschreibung )
    The stage is actually called "Galeries Guppy" in the PAL French version of Splatoon, a guppy being a fish originating from South America. (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guppy )
    So you were off-topic in the video but considering you're from the US it's not that surprising… French/Italian/Spanish are often mixed up.
    Fireblaze3127, Robert 5490 & Olie Remnant must have shit in their ears though, because despite your accent, "Je ne parle pas français" is understandable (like Mathieu L said) as you are speaking slowly. Looking at their profile, it seems they aren't even French natives, so it's quite hilarious to see them commenting on your French pronounciation.

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