28 thoughts on “Stalingrad, Ironclads, Spain – New books for the German Tank Museum!

  1. Many thanks for purchasing and featuring my book 'Fallen Giants: The Combat Debut of the T-35A Tank'! I really hope you enjoyed it, and it was useful to the museum in some way!

  2. Awesome, watched the german version of this video yesterday evening instead of watching the newest Star Trek Discovery episode on Netflix – which tells something about how much I value your videos.
    Now the english version because I enjoy hearing english….. 😀

  3. This is pretty awesome 👍! I love reading about these subjects, so now I have more titles to add to my list. Thank you for that.

    Although I can read in German (as many from the Netherlands can), I prefer English.

  4. Exactly the kind of material I was looking for at my library, gonna read all of these asap. Thanks so much, looking forward to the future videos!

  5. Very interesting, you may be interested in Tiger: The Tiger Tank-A British View, edited by David Fletcher 1986, ISBN-10: 9780112904267
    ISBN-13: 978-0112904267 ASIN: 0112904262. The book covers the British Army reports and tests on 131 and other Tigers captured in Tunis. The report and weapons testing is supported by comments from David, some including his famous dry humour. Fascinatingly, there are photographs of 131 with other captured equipment and wooden mockups of the Panther and Ferdinand prior to the Normandy invasion. I am sure Bovington could help.

  6. What an excellent, interesting and useful video. I look forward to more in the future. My bookstore will be very grateful to you. Thank you!

  7. Thanks for this video and your previous ones. I think having videos which can keep us up to date on what's being discussed in military history academia would be a great service! Cheers from Greece.

  8. Military History Ja,
    Book review. Needed,
    a well rounded understanding.
    Und good job.

    Do you have time for bier, with all that reading……

  9. I'm so glad you're starting to make your videos in English too, I hope you keep doing this from now on.

  10. Ich habe beim Wassertiefstand der Oder letztes Jahr 7 Hülsen von Granaten gefunden, habt ihr Interesse die im Museum mit auszustellen als Leihgabe? 5 Hülsen vom gleichen Typ tragen kyrillische Schriftzeichen bei Maßen von 88mm x 38,5cm. Eine weitere Hülse stammt von der deutschen leichten Feldhaubitze 18. Die letzte Hülse konnte ich nicht zuordnen, ist aber mit einem Stempel auf 1936 datiert und 122mm x 14cm groß. Durch die lange Zeit unter Wasser sind sie sehr gut erhalten.

  11. Hey liebes DPM Team,

    Ihr habt euch ja letztens zu Kooperationen mit Videospiel Herstellern und die damit einhergehen Problematiken geäußert.

    Nun wollte ich mal nachfragen, was ihr von Filmemachern wie z.B. Paralightworx haltet und ob ihr euch da eine Kooperation vorstellen könntet? Die Jungs machen ja Antikriegsfilme aus vornehmlich Deutscher Sicht und da wäre eine Kooperation mit dem Panzermuseum doch naheliegend oder liege ich da falsch?

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen

  12. I'm loving the duel language videos now. A wealth of information I can now understand! Perhaps just give them captions if that is easier?

  13. I am very pleased to see more of these English speaking videos! I first encountered the museum as part of a video done in partnership with The Chieftain and was very taken with the insightful and measured commentary. It is particularly interesting to hear the perspective of German academia on these subjects; it's never quite the same when it is repackaged and reinterpreted by others.

    It must be an awful lot of extra work to make these additional videos, so thank you very much for your time and effort!

  14. ich schau grad die doku "panzer* vom zdf info, welche du mit kommentierst…ich muss echt sagen, deine sachen hier bei youtube sind echt gut aber das du solch eine doku mit wirklich falschen infos und gekonnten weglassen von wirklich wichtigen sachen unterstützt, bin ich sehr sehr enttäuscht.

  15. Just watched this video tonight, sorry I had not seen it earlier. I have read and reviewed a few of these titles, specifically the Sewell T-54 book, the Zaloga book on the Bulge, the T-35 book and the Barbarossa Kavalerchik book. I recommend all of them. The Kavelerchik book is particularly interesting since it gives some insight into Soviet tank design and production that was not particularly well known in Western accounts. The Zaloga book is an interesting take on some of the lesser known aspects of the Battle of the Bulge presented with his usual attention to detail and clear writing style. The T-35 book is an exploration into what might be considered an oddity of warfare on the Eastern front in 1941. That said, its a thorough look at the topic and well worth looking into by afv enthusiasts. The T-54 book is the best resource published thus far on the topic in English as far as I know. While relatively new to the publishing world, Sewell has a long history as an intelligence professional and AFV modeler.

  16. Just discovered that you were producing in English. Excellent. I am hip deep in Glanz & House's Stalingrad. It is still amazingly detailed and your analysis of their work is spot on.

  17. It demonstrates deep knowledge that you can make even a list of books haven't yet read informative. Great video! I came here directly after viewing your impressive evisceration of "Tanks: A Century…" Subscribed!

  18. Doing videos in English is a great idea. Maybe if you have time you should do some reviews of the books. All the best from Bulgaria, former battle brothers.

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