Stanford student-athletes on sexual assault

{Music} At Stanford. We are a community of respect. Respect for ourselves. Respect for each other. We are a community that cares for each other. That supports one and other. Preventing sexual assault and relationship violence is our responsibility. All of us. All of us. All of us. It starts with each one of us. It’s not a joke. And it’s not just a women’s issue. And we can’t pretend is not an issue. It’s on us. It’s on all of us to promote a culture of respect. To do the right thing. To support the people around us.
So think about a few things. Communicate. We all need to communicate more and better. Talk with your partner and listen. Consent should never be assumed. Alcohol is not an excuse. Don’t let alcohol get in the way of good decisions. Communicate with your friends. Be there for them.
Talk about what’s okay and what’s not okay. Ask them questions. Help them think about what they are doing. How they will be viewed by others. Help them think about the words they use. Words matter. Words matter. If someone is talking about a person is a
derogatory way, in an offensive way. Call them out on it. Don’t let that be part
of our culture. Most importantly, don’t be a bystander.
If you see something. Say something. If you see someone heading the wrong way in a situation. Stand up. Intervene. There are easy ways to do. Distract.
Divert. Disrupt.
Say something. Do something. That changes the situation. This is our family, it’s not you and me, it’s not them, it’s us. What happens here affects all of us. So make the decisions. Lead by example. Remember it’s on us. It’s on us. It’s on us. It’s on us. To create the relationships and the community
we want here at Stanford. {Music}

5 thoughts on “Stanford student-athletes on sexual assault

  1. Bravo on an excellent piece. Do NOT be a bystander. Use the power of one to stand up. Intervene. You are more powerful than you realize.

  2. Preventing sexual assault is easy . Make sure when you getting drunk someone to look after you otherwise you will be penetrated , is that simple .

  3. Good for Stanford so long as they're referring to Brock Turner and not the bogus accusation by your dear "Dr. Ford" against Brett Kavanaugh.

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