Star Wars Assault Walker Force Awakens W Stormtrooper Unboxing, Review By WD Toys

welcome to WGME toys guys it’s great to
see you again I’m so glad you came back we’re gonna have another awesome Star
Wars Force awakens toy opening today today we have the assault walker with
this storm trooper wow this guy is huge I mean here is the size of my hand is
about twice the size of my hand and he is a riot control stormtrooper with
mechanized New Assault Walker Star Wars Force Awakens W Stormtrooper Unboxing, Review By WD Toys robot looks awesome also result Walker
these mobile assault walkers operate as mechanic eyes calvary units during
storming enemy positions and running down leading troops wow looks awesome
let’s go ahead and open it up and see what’s inside let’s see what was in the box this is what it looks like before quite a few pieces you gotta put
together you get a bag of weapons assault vehicle and there is the storm
trooper Wow let’s go ahead and put this together here’s the assault Walker with the riot control stormtrooper all
put together it looks cool but in my opinion it’s a little bit too big there’s the blasters moving guns and
everything but doesn’t have any firing missiles or anything let’s take a look at it without the guy
in it it doesn’t really seem to fit any purpose because it looks more like it’s
for playability but none of the lakes or anything on a move so I mean it’s more
like posing before oppose ability it’s a little cheaper looking so let’s take a
look at a let you form your own opinion there you’ve got like an intense in the
back here you’ve got to handle bars for him to grab which will move up and down
and that’s where this storm trooper stands you’ve got two legs that lake
Lake good lake Lake springs in everything on their decently detailed
it’s my opinion is seems a little cheap and flimsy I mean they should have
either stock with playability or using it for posing purposes but it doesn’t
really seem to fit either of those years got quite a bit of guns on the front you
got for stationary guns that you’ve got this gun here that will turned pretty
good degree take closer so turnabout later looks like from underneath I mean I wish
they would have made the legs so you can move it would have been a lot more fund
and here’s the right control stormtrooper mean he does come with two
guns which they do a good job of feeding into his hands and holding in the
blaster does look cool communities of big blaster so
stormtrooper himself I’m he’ll move his arms around in a circle 360 degrees and
his hands will turn 360 degrees but other than their he doesn’t have much
articulation his elbows don’t bend his legs will move but they won’t bend it in
these debts that’s about it i mean so doesn’t even move very much and when
he’s holding both guns he has a hard time standing job unless you pose one of
the guns straight up like I did there he does have like a slot on his leg so you
could put the blaster onto his leg and he’s got shoulder patch that shows he’s
an officer and here is back view this case I’ll let you form your own opinion
but this is one I would probably avoid I mean if you like to look and you want
oppose it ok I mean prices not too bad but it’s
not their grief for pros ability or play abilities so just to let you know there
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11 thoughts on “Star Wars Assault Walker Force Awakens W Stormtrooper Unboxing, Review By WD Toys

  1. Great review, so many hollow parts and not enough articulation. Not worth the money IMHO, glad i passed on it when i saw it in the store.The other weapon is actually not a gun but a tonfa.

  2. Very nice review! Where the stormtrooper stands in the walker, are there are any "cutouts" on the floor to hold the figure's feet in place?

  3. Hello, WD! I got gewd newz and sum bad newz. They didn't send me the Star Wars Speeder Biker. They sent me this model the Asault Walker. At first. I was like " Bumber, man! Dude. How does one mix up a biker from a walker? Then I thought? Hmmm.. I will try to make this bad boy into a drone. And reorder the other one again. By the way. This is going to take a bigger size drone moters to pick this baby up. Maybe a lil longer perhapse. lol

  4. Hello, WD! I modified mine. Still working on it. Take a look.  Tell me what you think?

  5. it dosent show he is an officer it shows he is a riot control trooper orange ones show they are officers

  6. the Baton goes in the hole on the Walker with the Handle up for the Trooper to easily grab it if needed. And his hands hold onto the bars on the Walker, and hid Gun should be in his leg holster. With a little paint to finish the deatiling on the Baton, Blaster, and walker, it wouldn't be too bad to have out.

  7. I got this set from my local 99 cent only store for $5.99…I'm glad I waited. Also got the Poe Dameron Speeder Bike set for the same price.

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