Star Wars Battlefront II – Galactic Assault Mode | PS4

Hi I’m Paul Keslin, multiplayer
producer here at DICE working on
Star Wars Battlefront II, and this is
Galactic Assault on Naboo. Walker Assault in
Star Wars Battlefront, the kind of next evolution we
had of that game mode is Galactic Assault. They’re both 20 v 20 game modes. This time around we learned a
lot from Walker Assault. In the first game we saw a lot
of people really responded to the narrative storytelling that
happened as a nice recreation of the battle of Hoth and our own interpretation of it
in the first game. And we saw that players really
responded to that scenario specifically, and we started
thinking about how do we expand on that concept of these iconic
battles that happen in places that people are familiar with
and give people a bit, again, of that kind of slight
narrative context throughout a game mode. So here in Naboo it’s very much
the expectation that at one point Naboo was under siege,
and now you can get a feeling for what that could
have been like. On the clone side of things,
you’ll be able to get access to the ATRT which acts as a really
good anti-vehicle. It’s short; it’s mobile. It can move fairly quickly, but it’s meant to try to take
down that tank. So you can image squads of those
trying to battle against that tank. Through the battle point system
you’ll be able to access these things just like you would the
Wookie Warrior or a B2 super Battle Droid. Or if you wanted to expand on
vehicles, there are Starfighters
available. You can have that trinity of
air, ground, and then troopers
as well. Naboo has a section where it’s
very open, so there’s a lot more open-air
gameplay, and then when you get in the
palace, there’s a lot more close-quarter
combat, a lot more hectic there. But the intent is to not always
be super intense everywhere but have a good amount of intensity
in all locations. So we prefer to not have meat
grinders as much as possible. So some places will allow for
that naturally. Going back to the Star Wars
authenticity that we have in some of these places, that’s
just how they’re built because they’re not built for
combat; right? So that is a challenge that we
work around in some places, but we try to find ways to
balance against that. In the open beta you’ll have
access to the four heroes. We have Han and Rey on one side, and we have Boba Fett and
Darth Maul on the other side. So Rey is somebody that we see
people — she’s a bit more
tactical. So people with Darth Maul
understand that he’s a brawler; he’s going to get in there and
fight. Rey’s a bit more tactical, you
know. She has abilities that allow her
and her allies to try and work a bit more well together. So you don’t play her the same
way. Just because she has a
Lightsaber doesn’t mean you need to run in and try to just hack
everybody with it. You know, she’s weak herself,
but she’s able to, again, bring things to the table
and try to enable the team a bit more than just
doing everything yourself. So people that
have figured that out and play her a
bit more conservatively are really
effective with her. Well, that’s a sneak peak at
Galactic Assault on Naboo. I hope everybody enjoys it, and we’ll see you out there in
the open beta.

74 thoughts on “Star Wars Battlefront II – Galactic Assault Mode | PS4

  1. Sony I’m sorry! I messed up and bought the Destiny 2 Bundle. I wish I could trade my PS4 for the Battlefront Bundle

  2. It stinks EA Access doesn't work for Playstation. Can you guys open the beta back up so that the PS4 players don't completely miss out this week? The wait for Friday is too long.

  3. It should be super intense everywhere! It’s Star Wars! It should be like the Clone Wars. Blaster bolts flying and explosions everywhere! The game should be 32 v 32.

  4. From 2:30 to 3:05. he's trying to defend Rey, but he isn't saying anything and the character is still weak compared to the dark side heroes.

  5. Battlefront 2's gameplay is fantastic. It's a wonderful step-up from the 2015 game. The only thing bringing this game down from being a GREAT game is the loot-box system. DICE has made baby-steps to change it; and that's great. However, it's still too closely tied to progression.

  6. Just buy it when it gets to 30€ just to se the story, the multiplayer just sucks, boring, completely not skill based and pay to win. Worster the this type of multiplayer it cant be.

  7. It kind of feels unnatural playing as droids and fighting droids in multiplayer cause their whole thing is that they're not good soldiers they just have the numbers

  8. The guy talks as if no one has ever played Battlefront 1 or 2 (PS2). For that matter…. he talks like HE has never played those games :/

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  10. 🙁 great cross era now im going 2 get killed by a gun that will be created 1000years in the future GREAT JOB GUYS

  11. Wow so according to dice’s eyes. All the female hero characters in the game r only good team heros to help. Because having a female hero who is also on offensive and is a brawler is too wierd….

  12. Playstation i really wan’t to change my PS4 name why can’t you guys do something my friends says my name is so cringe so please can’t you make it an option

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