Star Wars Battlefront II: Official Starfighter Assault Gameplay Trailer

All wings,
let’s give them everything we’ve got! Right behind you, Poe. Form up on Red 5. Hang on back there, R2. Show no mercy to these rebels. Keep at it. Structural failure imminent. Finish them off. For the Republic! Droid fleet, dead ahead! Bank hard! Incoming! Pretty sure I got him. You cannot kill a Sith. Fear you, I do not.

100 thoughts on “Star Wars Battlefront II: Official Starfighter Assault Gameplay Trailer

  1. Can they just acknowledge that Clone Wars era characters exist? Like what, you let us play as fucking Nieb Nunb but not Anakin, Obi-Wan, or Ahsoka?


  2. 0:37 this game is all about the money! Fuck EA i'm never buy-HOOOOLY SHIT!! TAKE MY FAMILY AND CHILDREN!!!

  3. PLEASE ADD THIS TO THE OFFLINE MODE, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! Please add more options to the offline mode, I cannot play onlkne and Iget pretty bored, though I bought the deluxe edition and I onlycan use the campaign and the arcade mode wich ispretty boring. I wouldlohe if EA would add space battles and more battle options like kn the multi to the single player…please…

  4. Remember when this was so hyped and you bought this
    Yes I did but I couldnt play it because of the FUCKING SHITTY EA SERVERS

  5. Well EA ruined the game with their desperate need to rape our wallets but at least we still have these trailers

  6. Awww, we were all so innocent back when this came out and actually believed EA would do a good job with this game…

  7. Too bad flying the Falcon is a fucking death sentence because you’re a huge slow target and always betting hit

  8. Misleading advertising? At 0:38 you can hear what definitely sounds like Anakin Skywalker and at 0:43 you can hear what definitely sounds like Ashoka Tano. They're not even in the game

  9. When you realize that it's nowhere near as cool as this, and that Ahsoka and anakin who you can clearly hear in the ryloth part, ARE NOT IN THE FUCKING GAME.

  10. My starwars deluxe edition code doesn't even work when I put in to my xbox it said on the game purchased failed

  11. I loved how they make these trailers look amazing but the game itself is really mediocre. Like too simple and you know what will happen.

    Unlike they added Genosis and 3 new heroes, but that's not good enough. If they added a paid dlc, they should put SERIOUS work into fixing everything

    I was so pumped on the game, but not anymore at this point. Not after they did little progress in 2 to 3 years.

    What I wish is more starfighter maps and make it act like I'm in the clone wars TV show; intense and so real.

  12. You can hear Anakin saying “For the Republic” and “Droid fleet dead ahead” while Ahsoka says “Bank hard. Incoming!”

  13. Clone wars era will always be my favorite. This isn't a small group of people fighting oppression, it's a damn war.

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