Star Wars Battlefront II Single Player Trailer

Admiral Versio… The rebellion cannot be
allowed to persist. Ignite the inferno. You wished to see me, sir? The emperor is dead. So, what happens now? We retaliate, commander. We’ve been fighting
our whole lives. Today, the rebellion dies. The Empire’s time has come. This is not our mission! I am your commander;
Stand down! You take orders from me!

100 thoughts on “Star Wars Battlefront II Single Player Trailer

  1. Spoiler warning……….So many people are pissed about Iden switching sides. She was special forces that served the Empire and protected it's people and assets. Her father was an admiral and she no doubt was indoctrinated and convinced at a young age that the Empire only wanted to maintain peace throughout the galaxy. The rebels were a terrorist organization that only wanted to spread fear and hate. Then one day she sees her beloved Empire killing it's own citizens. It would be like watching your country's military killing the citizenry. She realized that everything she believed was a lie.

  2. "We want to tell a story from the Empire's perspective. To them, they're not the bad guys."

    Immediately you end up playing Rebel Iden Versio for more than half of the campaign.

    Top 10 saddest anime deaths.

  3. Funny how this and every story that was presented to us was a complete lie to get us to buy your pay to win game EA.

    If you were going to scam us you could have kept the Campaign like how you showed us you would.

  4. The March 21 Patch Broke The Game, Now we have Credits we can’t Use and Crafting parts we can’t use! THIS GAME IS TRASH NOW SERIOUSLY , The Old Progression was Way Better!

  5. Just bring out a graphic Patch for SWBF2 (Star Wars battlefront 2) from 2006 pls!

    PS: The first 16 seconds were awesome though. Give us some guerillia imperials next time! They don't have to be political extremists or whatever just people from the old system feeling overcome by change etc….

  6. "Burn the rebellion to the ground"… for about one level and take control of the most boring and generic "character" in videogame history. Good work EA, Jake Lloyd in episode I is now more developed as a character. That takes a lot of fuck up to accomplish.

  7. Too bad they completely FUCKING lied to us and made the story almost entirely from the perspective of the Rebellion. I'll never forgive them for that

  8. The ONE thing I wanted in this campaign was for the main character to not turn to the rebels…

    Such a wasted opportunity.

  9. yeah.. "Hope cannot save them!", "i've been waiting 30 years for this", Del pointing his blaster at Luke , Imperial Corvus over Jakku …this trailer is full of lies…

  10. So small rant: F**K this Trailer! F**K the deceptive marketing that made it look like we were finally gonna get an awesome IMPERIAL STORY! then turns around and becomes like every other F*****G star wars game ever!

    P.s. don't usually put stars in place of curse words but had no idea if it'd get taken down or not

  11. Play as the empire for fucking three missions, then have the main character completely betray her beliefs and become a full fledged rebel.

  12. 1:15 quite literally why everyone played the story. We expected that, but we only got bland characters and microtransactions

  13. I'm a bit late to the party, but I played through the campaign for the first time this week. I have to say, I really enjoyed it! ^.^
    You didn't stay with the Empire for as long as I'd expected or hoped, but it was still really well executed. I found the Han Solo segment to be the least engaging part, but I thought the whole experience was really good.

  14. Se me pasó por la cabeza eso de volverte REBELDE pero pensé que sería al final al de la campaña, no después de unas putas 4 misiones.

  15. What could've been so cool about this story was if she didn't join the Rebellion at all, to show that it's not just black and white, bad guys bad, good guys good. From the Empire's point of view the Rebels are extreme terrorists. From the Rebels point of view the Empire is a dictatorship. Now obviously Star Wars is kind of about "Empire bad, Rebels good", but to see it from a different perspective, from someone who's fought for the Empire their whole lives (instead of the Rebellion, Cassian Andor is a good example) is much cooler in my opinion. It makes no sense that Iden would join the Rebellion so suddenly, in a single cutscene after fighting for the Empire her whole life. She lost so much and gave up everything on behalf of the Empire, making her suddenly switch is just really bad writing. Imagine if Cassian Andor suddenly joined the Empire after being ordered to kill Galen Erso, that would make zero sense! Want a good Star Wars story? Show both sides of story, try to not make it too black and white (Rogue One did a good job with this).

  16. The Last Jedi
    cast and crew: this is not our mission
    Rian johnson: I am your commander, stand down
    Kathleen kennedy: you take orders from me!

  17. I played this game and 4 hours goddamn i was dissapointed first of Iden defects and second campaign is just too short

  18. Makes me so sad to see all that wasted potential. They could have finally had a Star Wars campaign to rival that of Republic Commando's, and they threw it away. Such a waste.

  19. I would pay to see an EA movie bc their trailers are always on fleek, but gameplay is always lackluster

  20. Had she stayed evil and set up lore for the new trilogy this game could have been one of the best games star war games of all time

  21. I'm pretty sure you had to become a rebel because they couldn't show the insides of the empire because of the new star wars movie that was coming out
    Apparently there would have been spoilers or it would've conflicted with the movies.
    Something like that, real shame.

  22. They marketed us a primarily empire driven campaign, turns out around an hour of that campaign is actually spent with the empire.

  23. I know that Jango Fett won't be in the game, but I think I know the next best thing: Make a skin fro boba called "Jango Fett" This skin will have the same colors of Jango minus the cape, give him his dual wield pistols, but make it so they do the same damage, range, and spread of Boba Fett's gun, so it's not pay to win. It will put a smile on Jango Fett players faces knowing that we can feel like we are playing as our favorite character. (sorry if its not perfect grammar because I am actually from the Philippines.)

  24. This looks far more better than what we got.

    The trailer makes the Inferno Squad look like their in very desperate time (well, obviously because the Empire is falling apart), and the trailer even makes their state of situation look every emotional.

    Even what we go from the game, theirs still some stuff that looks like it would have been in the actual game, like after Hask crashed landed, he went after Luke and you would get to decide who you would choose to fight as.

    I believe EA could have had an incredible opportunity with this story, but just didn't knew how to execute it properly.

    I do hope Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is a success.

  25. I remember watching this and getting so hyped. I also remember saving up for Darth Vader without microtransactions and buying him (dab emoji)

  26. Waou this game is just awesome finaly a game which say that we are in 2019 (even if its a 2017) compared to others realesed later after it :3
    THANKS EA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. I remember being so pumped to play the campaign from the perspective of an imperial… then she joined the FUCKING rebellion!

  28. 2019 and this trailer still gives me goose bumps. Even though the campaign wasn't like promised I guess you can all agree that this is a damn good trailer.

    I mean…


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