Star Wars Imperial Assault Painting Guide Ep.3: E-Web Engineer

Hello, and welcome to Episode 3
of Sorastro’s Star Wars painting series. In this episode, we’re going to paint the E-Web Engineer from Fantasy Flight’s Imperial Assault. This should be fairly straightforward,
because to paint the figure, we’re going to combine the techniques
already covered in episodes 1 and 2. We’ll paint the engineer using the same
steps we used to paint the Stormtroopers. And to paint the gun, we’re going
to use a slightly modified version of the technique we used to paint the Probe Droid. Our steps will look like this: We’ll spray the figure with a white primer, paint all of the black areas using a dark grey. We’ll then apply a dark metallic drybrush to the gun, followed by a black wash to the entire miniature. We’ll then highlight the armour back up to white, and finish the model off with
some weathering and varnish. There’s not much to say about the preparation step so let’s jump straight in to step two. These figures are primed and ready, for us
to paint all of the black areas with our grey. To ensure we’re painting the uniform correctly, a quick check on the internet for Imperial Scout
gives us all the information we need. I’ve chosen to start with the trickiest
parts, using a size 0 brush, correcting any mistakes with a little white as I go. I’m switching to a larger brush for the gun
– to speed things along a bit – but taking care not to splodge the paint on too thickly, which might result in loss of detail. A second thin layer may be necessary
to give us a solid base colour. Once we’re happy we have neat, even coverage, we’re ready to apply the drybrush. We’re now going to apply a metallic drybrush to the gun, and I’ve chosen Citadel’s Leadbelcher to do the job. I’m using a size 3 flat brush. After brushing most of the paint off, I like to give a final brush to the back of my hand
to check how much paint remains. For drybrushing, it’s better to have
too little paint than too much. Any silver colour would actually be fine here, but I’ve chosen Leadbelcher for its darker tone as I want the finished effect to be a gunmetal black. Our aim here, is to apply just enough
to pick out the raised edges and details that will subtly show through the layers
of wash we’re going to add next. Now we apply a black wash to the entire miniature, including both the engineer and the gun. Once it’s dry, to deepen the blacks,
I’m going to add a second wash to the gun and to the larger grey areas of the engineer, but I’ll be avoiding the white armour. We can see that the metallic drybrush is showing
through just enough to give a nice, dull metallic finish. But it doesn’t have the chalky, over-bright finish, that we might have had if we had
added the drybrush after the wash. we’re now ready to highlight the armour. We’re painting the armour with some thinned white
just as we did for the Stormtroopers; building up to the level of white we want, using up to around three layers
for the brightest parts of the engineer. It’s OK if the first layer we apply
looks a little patchy and uneven, As we’ll be building up to a more solid,
even look with the subsequent layers. I would pay particular attention to the mask area and reserve the brightest highlights for places
like the top of the helmet and shoulders and the top edge of the back armour. Once we’re happy with the look of the armour,
we’re ready for some finishing touches. And don’t forget, if there’s any
particular spots you’re unhappy with, we can easily cover them up with some battle damage. We can now add some dark blaster
damage and dirt to the engineer, using the same black and brown mix
that we used for the stormtrooper. We may also add a few light coloured
silver scratches and chips for the gun, just as we did with the Probe Droids. This allows us to introduce some extra
contrast and character to the gun without losing its overall dark metallic finish. To finish our engineers off, we paint the base, followed by a spray of matte varnish, and finally, we’re going to brush some
gloss varnish to the white armour to add a hardened shine,
just as we did with the Stormtroopers. And that completes our E-Web Engineers. Thank you so much for watching and for all the
positive feedback this series has received so far. With the E-Web Engineer complete, we’re now halfway through painting the Imperial faction. Stay tuned for more videos, as we tackle the remaining
Imperials from Star Wars: Imperial Assault. Happy painting!

80 thoughts on “Star Wars Imperial Assault Painting Guide Ep.3: E-Web Engineer

  1. And that's next weekend sorted. Great work on this one. I'm really enjoying your series thus far. I've got great results out of the Probe Droids.
    Can't wait for your Imperial Officers.

  2. I really appreciate the videos! Quick question: do you think that the dry-brush is necessary? I don't have any paint like that and I'm just a beginner. Thanks!

  3. Hi Zach! (RE comment below) It looks like you may have "Disable replies" on as I can't reply to your post below!

  4. Awesome again, I just picked up some supplies yesterday and am working to hone my skill on some zombie figures first. Once they are done, I will be following these guides for my IA minis.

  5. what would be your recommendation to making adjustments to already finished matt varnished and gloss varnish figures. i see some things i still want to adjust and do better with my stormtroopers

  6. Amazing work as usual Sorastro!!! Just finished my two e-web engineers this evening!! what next???? Cant wait for next video! Keep it up 🙂

  7. Yay another tutorial!!! I have just recently finished my Stormtroopers; which I could have done a much better job on my paint work was sloppy, but it was my first paint job ever.  I also got my Probe Droids done and those came out AMAZING.  After doing both of those I took the leap and painted one of my Royal Guards just to try something with a bit more color.  It turned out really well, the color and shading just using the tips I've learned from your videos of the use of Nuln Oil and paint highlight made them look really really good.  Cannot wait to dig into the E-Webs next!!

    If you would like to see some photos of my work let me know because I have been keeping a photo log as I go along 🙂

  8. Hi Zach – nope still not working :/ Anyway; I haven't actually decided the order yet, but the next three will cover the Royal Guards, Imperial Officers and the AT-ST.  

  9. Very nicely done, as always! After watching this, even my wife decided she wants to try as well to paint our minis – after buying the equipment, which will happen only in March anyway (due to other expenses that have priority).

    Just a comment: to add a bit of colour, probably the energy cable of the E-Web heavy repeating blaster could come out more interesting if painted in yellow or orange (even though on official images it is black).
    I will try this solution when my time for painting arrives; it could also be used to differentiate the figures among them instead of painting the base of another colour.

    Keep up the good work, waiting for next episode!

  10. Woohoo another episode is out! As always awesome job sorastro! Ohya and thanks for the tip that time on the droids, turned out awesome!

  11. One of the highlights of my week is waiting for a new tutorial! I've been painting for years however I keep watching these! I am rapidly being persuaded to buy this game sir!

  12. Very good tutorials, you've really conviced me into trying to paint my Imperial Assult figures, though I've never painted anything before. I think I'll try to get some second hand models to just try out a little first before I do the figures in IA. Thanks a lot for these videos!

  13. Sir, you are awesome. You have motivated me, and a lot of others, by the looks of it, to paint the minis. Your tutorials are great, keep up the wonderful work. Cant wait for the next ones.

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  15. Vigorously scratches at neck You got any more of them there painting guides?

    Haha all these are amazing keep it up. I really look forward to seeing more and more.

  16. Hi, sorry I keep bothering you with questions. lol. How long am I supposed to wait between steps? How long does the primer and paints take to dry and move on to the next step?

  17. Awesome, thanks dude, your guides are so simple to follow, and produce great results! Cant wait till you put up the Trandoshan and Nexu guides 😉

  18. Excellent work, as always. Really looking forward to seeing your work on the more human characters.

    My copy of Imperial Assault arrived this week, and I just unboxed it this morning. You weren't kidding about the probe droids being fragile, two of mine were completely knocked off their bases. Super Glue to the rescue! Can't wait to start painting. 

    Keep up the great work. 

  19. I'm currently buying some citadel paints, can you tell me in advance what paints I need for the ATST ?
    Also, love the videos.

  20. I'm hoping that when you get round to the heroes and villians that you can demonstrate how to do lighting from Vader's sabre.

    If that doesn't quite make sense I'm talking about what this painter done.
    Other painters have done so as well but unfortunately I can't find any more links at present.

  21. Another great video. When you get to the AT -ST you may wish to include how to insert the gun piece into its mouth. I filed the raised edges to get it in. Citadel has an application, that shows the names and different shades of theirs paints. Found it extremely useful, since I'm not familiar with their products. This is the first time I have painted figures for a board game. Thank you for your assistance. Look forward to the next video.

  22. Hey man, please keep these videos coming! I bought this game and it's my first time painting and I can tell you that you're helping me out more than you could know. Thanks for doing these.

  23. Awesome stuff yet again! I found that painting these E-Web mini's were more fun than the Stormtroopers. Your gun looks so realistic, which is awesome. I painted the gun more of a flat dull color and gave the effect of wear and tear on the ammo box. I'll have to start using the dry brush technique, which seems easy enough to do! 🙂

  24. Hi Sorastro. I have a question for you, if you're so kind. Do you think that I could use Agrax Earthshade for the washes instead of Nuln Oil?? (believe it or not, from where I am it's kind difficult find these particular paintings..). I have two bottles of Agrax. Maybe I can mix the washes with a tiny bit of black or something?? 

    Thanks for your time, and tutorial 🙂

  25. the stormtroopers were my first attempt at miniature painting.  i didn't know what to expect, but i love it!  like you said, put on some good tunes and get in the groove.
    thank you so much for these!

  26. You could paint them black, if you want to go for a Imperial Storm Commando look. Instead of the typical Imperial Scouts white armor.

  27. I went and got some white primer, some tacky, and some clear matte varnish for protecting my figures. I'll ask my questions here on you tube, Let me get my questions in order and will shoot you some of them.

  28. Questions for you Sorastro.

    1) What size brushes are you mainly using. I ask that because they are expensive. Are you using Kolinsky or Rosemary or both when you paint?

    2) I am using a white primer for most of my models mainly because a lot of them have a darker blue base paint. What wash would you suggest -light wash or darker blues. And can you use any color as a wash as long as it hast enough water? Is there a ratio such as 1 part paint to 2 parts water or is there another ratio?

    3) Washes. Can I use any color I want as a wash? Ex: One of my models is a Cygnar Base blue (darker blue). What color would I use as a wash? A lighter blue or a darker blue/black?

    4) For battle scars would I use a silver, black, or another? Since most of my models have a darker blue base which one mentioned above would be suitable or would you suggest another? Maybe a lighter blue could be use.

    5) Highlights: Should I highlight the raised areas only or both the torso, legs and weapons.

    6) For my varnish I am using a clear matte finish. I didn't want to use a gloss. I have some Testors paints that are semi-gloss and plain gloss.

    That's most of my questions If I have more I will post them here.If they are short I will tweet them.


  29. Ooops, missed a stage,  I did not dry brush the gun before applying the wash,  I plan to dry brush now when dry and then just put a light wash back over.  Do you think this will still work?

  30. I have also found even using ssame grey and the nuln oil my figure does not achieve the same black and wandering if I should not have used a charcoal to get the black

  31. Your tutorials are fantastic, Sorastro, I would have never considered painting my figures without these videos. I really like how the E-Web Engineer is a culmination of the first two tutorials. Now, I am currently gathering the requisite supplies to begin painting, but I am uncertain about glue – one of my probe droid's legs snapped off its base and another's leg has been completely removed. What product would you recommend to reattach these pieces?

  32. Question for you! Is it really just mechanicus standard grey that you apply to the dark areas on this one and the stromtrooper? The video makes it look darker than that.

  33. Great Video! I created a lighter wash for mine using Mechanicus grey & Lahmian Medium, but followed you with everything else!

  34. Man, these are great videos! I'm using the dark tone shader from Army Painter (which I believe is the equivalent of the Nuln Oil?) and my results are not nearly as good as yours. do you think it's the quality of the paint or maybe not enough primer?

  35. Those E-Web cannons look very impractical (as seen in Empire). You would think rapid deployment would be a must-have for the stormtroopers.

  36. Just finished my finals for this semester and painting my imperial assault set (that i got when Hastings was going out of business) is supposed to be my destress. This totally rocks i fell like I'm ready to take it on and show off some seriously awesome minis

  37. I'm incredibly late to the party, given how long ago you uploaded this, but I just recently got the Imperial Assault game and saw your videos. I'm now in the process of hunting down some paints and going to try and get my own minis in this game to look as amazing as you have made yours! Thank you so much for making these!

  38. Videos were recommended by a friend when I told him I was thinking of starting to paint minis. I can see why. Great simple approach. I'm now debating picking up the game just to follow your tutorials as a starting point before moving on to more complex things. Thanks for the content!

  39. Amazing tutorial, I just finished painting mine using your tutorial. Although its a simple paint job, the model looks amazing! Thanks so much for these great tutorials 😀

  40. I think the most visually satisfying part (for me anyway) is when you had the nuln oil wash to any of your pieces. For one, its visually satisfying to watch it seep into the recesses of the figure. Second, it adds SO much to what you've done; it's adds a lot of character.

  41. Thank you for these amazing videos! I just got IA and stumbled on your videos they are amazing and I can’t wait to try on mine. First time I’ll ever paint my minis. I’m sure they won’t be as good but I can’t wait to try. Thank you!

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