Star Wars Imperial Assault Painting Guide Ep.30: Kayn Somos & Heavy Stormtroopers

Hello, and welcome to Episode 30
of Sorastro’s Star Wars painting series. In this episode, we’re going to paint
Kayn Somos and the Heavy Stormtroopers from Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars: Imperial Assault. We’re going to explore a quick and
easy variation on the original method for painting stormtroopers back in episode 1, starting by priming the stormtroopers in white. We’re then going to paint all of the black
areas of the figure using a dark grey, and I’m using a dark metallic colour
for the gun and the backpack. We’ll then shade the entire miniature, but we’ll
be using quite a thin shade for the white armour, which will reduce the amount of
highlighting needed in the next step. We’ll then highlight the figures and apply
some optional weathering and battle damage. Let’s begin. I’m going to begin by painting all of the black
areas of the stormtrooper using German Grey. I’m using a darker grey
compared to that used in episode 1 because the weaker shade
that I’ll be applying this time around won’t give us as much depth
as the pure Nuln Oil did. I’ve chosen to give the gun
and backpack a dark metallic finish, so I’m providing a base coat
of Leadbelcher, mixed with black. For Kayn Somos’ shoulder pad,
I’m providing a base of Skrag Brown. For his belt pouch, I’ve chosen to use
Mechanicus Standard Grey, although brown is a popular choice here. We’re now ready to do some shading. I’m now going to shade
the stormtroopers using Nuln Oil, an optional hint of Drakenhof Nightshade,
and an equal quantity of medium. By thinning the shade, we’re going
to lessen its darkening effect, which means we’ll have much less
work to do in the highlighting stage, yet it’s still dark enough to nicely define
the recesses and joins in the armour. The reason I’ve added the blue is simply to shift the tone
away from the brown-tinged look of the pure Nuln Oil. I’m now going to use straight Nuln Oil
for the gun, gloves and the backpack. I’m also using this for the pouch on Kayn’s belt,
and the dark grey portions of the shoulder pad. We’re now ready for the highlights. We can now highlight the white armour
like we did in episode 1, except we should find
that we need far fewer layers due to the weaker shade
we applied in the previous step. You may find that there are portions of the miniature
that look fine as they are without any highlights at all. I might switch to a higher opacity white
– Ceramite White – to ensure I’ve got the brightest finish
for the topmost parts of the armour. For Kayn’s orange shoulder pad, I’m going to add increasing quantities of
Fire Dragon Bright to the Skrag Brown. These brightest highlights may be
stippled on to create a subtle texture. I’m now painting the rim of the shoulder pad
with German Grey. Next, I’m going to provide a few edge highlights
to the gun and backpack with some Stormhost Silver, which I’m mixing with a little Karak Stone. I’m also going to provide a few highlights
to the dark grey areas with some Eshin Grey. Once the highlights are complete,
we’re ready for some optional finishing touches. I’m now going to add some battle
damage just as I did in episode 1, by applying some blaster marks
using a mix of Rhinox Hide and black. Another optional touch might be to glaze a sandy brown
colour – such as Zandri Dust – onto the feet and legs. This helps add some colour variation, whilst also giving the impression of the stormtroopers
having battled on the dusty dunes of Tatooine. Two or three layers of this could be applied if you wish. We could also drybrush some Zandri Dust
onto the lower part of the backpack. There are also a couple of extra details
we can add to the backpack, based on the design of the sandtrooper in the movies. Notably, there’s a pair of blue canisters
which I’m painting with Lothern Blue. I’m then lightening this with some white
in a couple of stages for the upper highlights. There’s also some white detailing
you might like to include. This can be shaded with Nuln Oil
and highlighted just as we did the armour. Finally, I’ve chosen to introduce
some more tonal variation by applying some further weathering
with some thinned Skrag Brown. After spraying the entire miniature
with a matte spray, I’m going to apply some gloss varnish
to the white armour. And this completes Kayn Somos
and the Heavy Stormtroopers. Thank you for watching! If you enjoy the content, then please
don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe. As always, my sincere thanks go out to all of the patrons
who are enabling me to produce this series. Without their support it simply wouldn’t be
possible to produce such regular content. Join me again soon as we continue painting
miniatures from Star Wars: Imperial Assault. Happy painting!

45 thoughts on “Star Wars Imperial Assault Painting Guide Ep.30: Kayn Somos & Heavy Stormtroopers

  1. Great as alwways 🙂 Cant wait to see Wampas or Snowtroopers haha! BTW Sorastro, did you buy newest Blood Bowl set? That would be mindblowing if you'd paint that! Waiting for some x-wing as well……… Well it seems like you have material for next 500 episodes 🙂 If patreons have any kind of impact on games you're going to be painting I'll definitively become one :)) cheers, all the best!

  2. Very impressive with the shading on white, I was having a nightmare with white scars and reapplying after shading and this works really well
    Thank you

  3. I found painting the eyes hard, to easy to mess up and make them look odd. I use a little Nuln oil to fill in the eyes, then repeat to get them darker

  4. I almost expected you to just post a 1-minute video:

    "The same way I painted the Stormtroopers in video 1. Go watch it" 😉

  5. I, too, had fits with the shading on the initial Stormtroopers and lightening them up naturally afterward. My painting skills had advanced enough by the time I tried the Heavies that I got the lines nice and crisp, but the effect was cartoonish.

    I was a lot happier with the Snowtroopers I've done. I did the Mechanicus/Abaddon mix for the handful of dark bits, especially the eyes. Like Remi, I had issues with spillover, but I find it easier to paint depths like the eyes and then repaint back to base colors on the raised bits that took slippage.

    Then, by applying some of the thinning techniques Sorastro taught me in earlier videos, I made about a 4-1 mix of Nuln Oil to medium. Instead of a full wash, I focused on less-lit areas. The effect was so subtle, I couldn't notice it at first. Gradually, though, I built that up in layers, especially in the valleys of the waistcloak and backpack. The stark white of the Snowtroopers was kept more or less intact, but the barest hints of shading brought some nice depth of detail with no highlighting needed and smooth transitions without blotching.

    Thanks again for doing these, Sorastro. Also, damn you: I've spent so much money on Citadel paints just for my IA mini collection, and I never would've started without your tutorials. shakes fist and goes back to painting

  6. As always top content from you Sorastro. Im quite a skilled painter and have done commission for 5 years, but i have really learned a lot from your series, especially the way you are using your shades and mixing in the lahmia. Thanks for all your videos 🙂

    Are you planning on doing Obi Wan and the ISB Inf. anytime soon? Really exited by what you can get out of those models. Especially the ISB as i find them quite hard to paint in a good color scheme.

  7. Your videos have motivated me to try out painting my IA figures. Today painted the first three Stromtroopers and realised painting is quite difficult… However it was fun and rewarding and thus Im going to continue. Big thanks to you and your outstanding videos!

  8. Hello there another great video as always, just wanted to ask what brand paint brushes you use? I've tried a couple of different ones including GW and was looking for a more professional better quality product.

  9. Sorastro, how do you keep the paint moist on your pallet? I've already use wet pallet, but the paint's still dries… Thanks man!

  10. Excellent work! Ask for more Imperials and you receive! Thank you Maestro!
    While the entirety of your effort in your work is masterful, from your music selection to your very soothing (near Sith) voice to of course your exceptional craftsmanship, for some reason I always seem to enjoy your shading and highlights most of all. It's very Zen.

  11. Great video as always! Still have a few troopers to go so the shading with a thinned down wash is something I'll definitely try.

  12. Dear Sorastro, Yet another Masterpiece. I guess I'm going to busy this Christmas just trying to catch up! Kind Regards Johnny

  13. Hey – love all of your work. So awesome and so helpful!

    One question – which spray primer do you use? I have Corax White but not sure if it is okay to use. Thanks!

  14. Hi Sorastro, just a couple of questions about substitutions. First, would a Mechanicus Grey + Abaddon work well if I don't have the German Grey? Also, if I don't have Lahmian Medium and chose to use water, how many drops would you suggest for the Nuln Oil mix?

    Thank you for the awesome tutorials!

  15. I really like this technique for the storm troopers, I too became frustrated with the original tutorial because it seemed difficult and time consuming for a hack like me to try and highlight it all back up after the dark wash. I only finished two troopers and couldn't get going on the rest. looking forward to trying this new technique! Looks much easier with less highlighting.

  16. hello Sorastro Painting. I had an idea to paint Somos differently from yours. A way to.. "reach forward" to episode VII, and still give a truly unique feel to the Stormtrooper Commander.

    What if i gave Somos a Chrome Armor like Capt Phasma? How would you go painting a miniature with Phasma's color scheme while keeping your wonderful shadow effects?

  17. I'm about to start painting all of my regular Stormtroopers and the heavies (as well as the trooper parts of the E-Web Engineers) with this updated method. I've sprayed on the base primer but had to do it in insufficient light, and have later discovered small patches of bad coverage on some of the minis. I'd rather not try to fix them by spraying them again if at all possible. Two questions: 1) could this be done with Ceramite White before applying the wash, and 2) if so, how much should I thin it?

  18. Hey Sorasto. Just finished my first regular storm troopers and noticed something that bugged me. I painted the mouth slot grey as well, however It looks really awkward, like a moustache drawn in. Also, box art and reference pictures show that mouth slot to be strips of black on white. Your previous video actually had it better with just leaving it for the black wash to cover.

    Going to work on the second storm troopers. So far my struggles are not really knowing where to put the white shades. here are my 2 tries. And worst of all is the helmet. I struggle to control my brush on those little black areas and end up covering them white… and than I try to cover it back up with null oil in hopes to revive it but only made it worst.

  19. I've just watched this for the 10th time and was making myself a shopping list of paints but I didn't spot the Ryza Rust being used. Can you please tell me when it's used in this video? By the way, thanks for making these videos

  20. Wow your work is exquisite. Do you have any tips for painting Star Wars rebellion figures. They are considerably smaller than the imperial assault ones and I don't know what to do to improve them. Do you think you can tackle those in a future video? Thanks and keep on the excellent work

  21. Great video. Extremely informative. I don't have all those paints you used, but enough to get started or substitute. Thanks.

  22. Fantastic video, as always! I notice that your brushes always seem to maintain a perfectly articulated tip even as you paint. I notice mine seem to develop the 'many-tipped' look as I paint. How do you go about maintaining that perfect tip while you paint? I think thr lack of this fine tip is the main culprit behind most of my mistakes and spillovers. Thank you!

  23. I wonder how you primed the stormies. I started this tutorial last weekend and have to say, that just priming them the usual way  (citadel white primer spraycan) did not give a neat enough white to have the desired look. did you prime yours with an air brush? I had to apply a layer of thinned white before getting started.

  24. Hi Sorastro. I've watched most of your Imperial Assault videos, but I just wanted to say thanks for this video especially. The 50/50 mix of Nuln Oil and Lahmian Medium as a wash for white armour is a stroke of genius! As well as Star Wars Imperial Assault, I'm currently painting an army of white-armoured Dark Eldar, and this technique will save me hours of work. I've just signed up as a Patreon supporter; long may you continue the good work. 🙂

  25. Why do you use White Scar first which is a layer, and Ceramite White on top which is a base? Or am I misunderstanding the concept of bases and layers? Thanks.

  26. Would a zenithal highlight layer show at all on Stormtroopers, or is that something I should be reserving for character models? Keep up the great work!

  27. "Kayn Somos and the Heavy Stormtroopers" sounds like the name of a Metal band. Very nice techniques and instruction here. Thank you!

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