Starcraft 2 ► Legacy of the Void Cinematic [HD] – Alone, Artanis becomes Dark Templar (LOTV)

Alone. It is said, that those of our kind suffer. Separated from the glory, of the Khala But none of us are ever, truly- alone. For our warrior hearts are bound by honor… tradition… Battle is waged in the name of the many. .. the brave, who generation after generation- choose the mantle of: Dark Templar! (Cool guys don’t look at explosions.)

100 thoughts on “Starcraft 2 ► Legacy of the Void Cinematic [HD] – Alone, Artanis becomes Dark Templar (LOTV)

  1. This is perfection.

    Artanis staring quietly at all those zerglings coming out of that giant nydus.
    Slowly knees and charges the shield. Not a bit of fear.
    The bunch of zerglings killed.
    The "resurrection" moment.
    Zeratul's voice in the background. 
    That Zeratul's blade.
    The music.
    That armor in combat mode.
    He becomes an OP Dark High Templar Zealot.
    A planet destroyed.

    This is too much for me.

  2. Guys try to watch this while listening to ""Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens" Final Trailer Song ( " by trying to time 1:31 of this video with the 1:13 of the trailer music.

  3. Vorazun counts this as Artanis' Shadow walk, truly this has to be the most toughest and most Badass Shadow walk ever performed! 🙂 Zeratuls' words are truly Aw Inspiring!

  4. Zeratul is voiced by ARAGHAST THE PILLAGER and Captain Davian Thule.
    Damn, Fred Tatasciore made some of the badassest scenes in the history of gaming.

  5. goddamnit this is the most badass cut scene of starcraft if they don't make this into a movie I don't know what blizzard is doing with themselves

  6. What I really like about this scene is that it serves a reply to the idea that the protoss and their khala are just totally superior to humans. The starcraft universe up to this point has pretty much just talked up the khala and how it makes human existence seem pale and lonely in comparison. This scene reminds us that there are an entire faction of protoss of CHOSE this human-like existence, and begins to explain why. It points out how true unity and connection is not about sharing every thought and emotion. It is about making a choice. This scene is just so deep man. It breaks down and highlights what it really means to be connected, in a society, in a community, in a friendship, in a marriage, whatever. Nothing is more powerful than a group of individuals making a choice to be together, and I can't ever get over how beautifully blizzard has illustrated that here.

  7. If only every cinematic could've been like this. I would've been fine if Blizz had postponed the game a couple months.
    "Yo guys, we're not gonna get the game out at the original date… Buuuuut, the cinematic's will ALL LOOK AMAZING! Even the in-game ciematics!"

  8. This is more or less how you end up feeling in Heroes of the Storm when playing Artanis and laned against Abathur and Zagara both.

  9. Did you see that shield of his? its even stronger than that of an archon which explains why he has so much of it in game.

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  11. I'm playing it for the first time and I can't believe so much awesome shit has happened this early in the story.

  12. Ooh Artanis From naked Scout pilot now become hierarch and change all things and from who not like human now like human to be friends, icant believe he will be the leader in first time i played legacy of the void

  13. ooh shakuras from the remain khalai survivor from aiur to travel to you now destroyed i miss you Shakuras………

  14. actually at artanis back is a scout ship of the nerrazines or dark templar or if u don't know its the figure of zeratuls ship that he use to travel trough space and its main purpose is to hold high templars energy and regain energy that is awarded to artanis because he was chosen by the conclave to be the hierach or if I spelled that right for both high templar and dark templar

  15. If only Artanis had the black glasses at the end while walking out of the explotion it would be total bad-assery

  16. My favorite thing about this video is how the word "mantle" occurs right as the charged overload prism hurdles through Shakuras's mantle.

  17. I've always gotten serious Warhammer 40k vibes from this cinematic. Get a kill team of Deathwatch Space Marines holding off the Tyranid Swarm, and you wouldn't even need to change the monologue that much.

  18. i cant believe how goodblizzard sc2 cinematics are. this is the apex. the epitome. no company will ever make cinematics as epic as blizzard.

  19. LOL in This Cinematic And Other Cinematic When Artanis Fight Looks Like the psi blades and Warp blade Has Same Damage lol

  20. 1:38 holy shit the way he gathers psionic power and then smashes his fist in the ground creating an über-psionic storm is just too badass

  21. It's like hearing Optimus Prime's voice as he's passing on the Autobot Matrix of Leadership unto Rodimus Prime.

  22. the only thing that couldve made this cinematic better would be if the psionic storm incinerated the zerglings instead of making them fall over and tossing them around

  23. I remember way back when I was first defending that Temple against the Zerg invading Shakuras in Brood War. Seeing the cinematic, looking out over its sands, now free of corruption and living enemies…. and now I just helped destroy it. I'm not sure how to feel about that.

  24. It's like a movie reference of Star Wars: A New Hope
    Artanis (Luke Skywalker)
    Zeratul (Obi-Wan Kenobi)
    Amon Brood (Galactic Empire)
    Shakuras (Death Star)

  25. Michael Bay: Hey, let me direct one scene in your new game.
    Blizzard: Okay, fine. Just one.
    Michael Bay: *blows up Shakuras.

  26. i don't think anyone has realized this but when artanis was on the mothership over aiur he had pale skin but now after the battle of shakuras his skin turned dark, this is the result of both living on shakuras for so long and naturally absorbing the void energies emitted by shakura's star as well as being separated from the khala and undertaking the shadow-walk ritual.. so artanis really is a dark templar now, hes still a bit naive but has the conviction of zeratul now.. very impressive for a scout pilot 🙂

  27. Starcraft 2 is so much harder to appreciate without having played the predecessors, blizzard loves itself some continuity
    altogether i'd call SC1 and brood war to be from the golden age, where the graphics weren't all that pretty but the stories, or rather the legends just blew you away. getting that to continue properly is at best a 50/50 chance, wherein those 50s are wether or not the fans approve. but these movie sequences, mmmmhmmm, starting to suspect they created overwatch because their animation department wanted to show off.

  28. Can anyone tell me what exactly does it takes to be a dark templar? I never played starcraft but this scene is absolutely epic.

  29. This scene is an excellent counterpoint to the Yrel & Durotan V Blackhand scene which came out around the same time.

  30. Seriously. This must be one of my Most Favourite Cutscenes in the world. Like. Ever. Sc2 Cutscenes seriously do get to you, :'3

  31. Alone.

    It is said that those of our kind suffer, separated from the glory of the

    But none of us are ever truly alone.

    For our warrior hearts are bound by all-ins… MMR…

    Cheese is waged in the name of the many…

    …the brave, who generation after generation, choose the mantle of-

    -Starcraft players!

  32. Alot of time, alot of thinking..

    Right now, i was thinking why Artanis is growing stronger in LOTV by each mission.
    Stronger commander, stronger warrior..

    Well, found out this:
    When he was cut off the Khala, he didn't have to share his primary source of power with maybe thousands of other Protoss people. He became Dark Templar, in score DT's are able to beat Daelaem toss, its training? I Don't think so.

  33. Один.
    Грустно, что те из нашего рода страдают, кто отделён от сияния Кхалы.
    Но никто из нас на самом деле не одинок.
    Для наших воинских сердец связанных честью… традицией…
    Битва ведётся во имя многих…
    … Храбрых, кто поколение за поколением выбирает мантию тёмного тамплиера.

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