StarCraft II Art Tools — Now Available!

Hi, I’m Rob McNaughton, the lead technical artist for Team 1. I’ve worked on StarCraft, Warcraft III, and StarCraft II. I work with Team 1, we’re the team that makes StarCraft II. We’re here today to talk about Art tools. Blizzard has a great history of releasing awesome editors with their games. And now we’re gonna make them even stronger, with the Art Tools. The Art Tools are the connection between where you make your raw assets, Photoshop for Textures, 3ds Max for your models and animation, things like that, into a format that the game engine can consume. These Art Tools are a set of plug-ins and scripts for 3ds Max 2011, and they are the exact Art Tools that our artists use to make Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm. They’re a set of tools that allow us to make animations, particle systems, whatever you need, and drop them right in the game. So these tools are gonna be a big upgrade for people. This is the solution that we use internally on the Starcrafting to get our art from source images into the game and, and now it’s available to content creators. We’ve designed it in a way to give very quick feedback. It’s really awesome to be able to tweak a particle system and you see the results right on your screen. These tools are now available, right here at this link. It comes with Art Tool documentation, and tutorials written by our best technical artists. It gives you everything you need to plug in your stuff to 3ds Max and get it running into the game. There’s a ton of templates and examples in there. The documentation is galore. You can always hit us up at our website, at Starcraft2. com. In our forums we have a section for community content development, and there’s actually one dedicated to Art Tools, and the cutscene editor. There will be Team 1 developers and engineers ready to help out with some of the tougher questions. Every day, I check out Arcade and I see something new and interesting and then you see the next guy come along, and to mix it up with his own ideas, and it’s always something new and exciting to check out. If you’re a 3D artist, please give these Art Tools a try. We look forward to your feedback to make these tools even better for the future.

61 thoughts on “StarCraft II Art Tools — Now Available!

  1. i bought MilkShape 3D 1.7.10 awhile ago to do get most of them models . but wow this is really fantastic and i use Maya alot but now i can learn a thing or 2 about 3dMax looks neat will see how what i can do with it thanks for all 

  2. "3ds Max 2011" only that version match with this plugins…. stop joking around,
    if you want people do your work for you…

  3. It's a pity that Blender isn't supported. I wonder if any of the independent projects would work with the system in place.

  4. I would gladly get in to this but I have so many questions about the editor as well and the community and developers don't seem to be very helpful or even existent in that regard and I've kind of given up on it.

  5. what if we don't use RDS max but maya or C4D, the plugins wouldn't work right?
    we can still convert the model, animations and particle systems but it would be kind of a pain to convert back to put in game. i'm not quite sure about this though

  6. That is awesome! Im going to Check it out instantly ! Im so excited 😀 I Love to work with 3ds max for years so lets See in it as good As i imagine…

  7. Are the "high resolution models"(SM caraters and sets) for cinematic available in art WITH the animations in the art tool?

  8. sry for scru this but the map still have 10mb of limit and that doesnt allow  to have so much models in our maps :/

  9. Here's an interesting question: does this mean that, since the art tools in this vid are specified to just one 3d art program, does that mean that models from other art programs like Blender and Maya won't be compatible with Starcraft II?  It doesn't bother me at all, but given that I'm trying to relearn 3D modeling in Blender because I was taught in Cinema 4D is a bit annoying, and I would like to be able to figure out if I have to purchase anything if and when I want to start modding for Starcraft II…

  10. Wait…………… You can modify and apply it to your game? Even online, aw hell yeah! I am so downloading this mod! Thank you Blizzard!

  11. is Max 2011 still available? i can't find the download for 2011 i just find 2012 2013 2014 and 2015

  12. Well, I only know how to use Blender, so this won't help much. I wouldn't spend the money to buy 3D Max any time soon so long as Blender seems good enough. And I'm not good enough to switch to a different program without much worse results.

    I hope the StarCraft team further supports the mapping/modding community when Legacy of the Void is released.
    Allow more than 8 textures in a single tile-set. Allow easily modifiable cliff heights so that I can make a map with 10 different cliff heights that are only slightly higher/lower than each other. Allow ramps that are facing different directions to curl around and connect, so that I can make ramps going around the entirety of a rectangular cliff. Allow water to be placed within the smaller grids, instant having to place water in these large grids that hinder flexibility in use of water. Allow more terrain stuff, such as the fog, selection of textures, selection of cliffs, etc. to be easily modifiable without going into the Data editor.

    As you can probably tell, I'm not crash hot on the terrain of StarCraft II and how it can be used and modified in its editor, and I hope to see improvements so as to develop on the great environments we can already create.

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