StarCraft II Patch 2.1 Overview

Hey there, StarCraft II Fans! Today, we’re excited to show you
a series of changes arriving with Patch 2.1. We’ve got a lot of awesome things to talk about, Let’s start with the Arcade! With Patch 2.1
the Arcade is now free. This means you, your friends, and anyone else
can simply download the StarCraft II Starter Edition and play any of the games in the Arcade. In addition, Custom Games
will be completely accessible to Starter Edition users. To compliment this,
we’re implementing a feature called Extension Mods. Extension Mods are sets of rules that can be applied to any map in the game. This will make for custom game types that can be played
across any of the maps in StarCraft II. To give you an idea of how these will work, we’ve gone ahead
and put in three starter Mods: All Units Explode, Big Game Hunters, and Wandering Minerals. We’re also added three new features
to the way you get to share StarCraft II with others. The first is the addition of Events. Events are scheduled meet-ups which can be set
by a clan or group’s owner and officers. They allow you to set a title,
date, description, and duration, so that it’s easy to get the word out
that something’s going down. We also wanted
to give our social groups even more character. So we’ve added the ability
for groups and clans to have custom icons. Represent your team
and stand behind your symbol as groups and clans
will be much more easily identified. We’ve also made it possible
to upload an image as a clan decal. Previously, decals were icons you chose
that surrounded your main structure and appeared
on some units and buildings. With Patch 2.1, you’ll now be able to fly
your clan’s customized decal over your base for friend and foe to see. Have you noticed
that background music by the way? With Patch 2.1,
the original StarCraft and SC: Brood War soundtracks have been re-masteredand implemented into the game. You’ll find the options to enable them
in the sound section of the options menu. With all of these changes,
there’s a lot that’s new to the game. So, we’ve added
some extra progress and unlockable for you! Level caps have been extended
from 30 to 35 for each race, first win of the day bonuses
have been increased to 100,000 XP, and we’ve added
new and awesome portraits and decals courtesy of our friend Jon Burton
of Carbot Animations. Patch 2.1 is here and StarCraft II
has never had so much to offer. Thanks for watching,
and we’ll see you online!

100 thoughts on “StarCraft II Patch 2.1 Overview

  1. Since they're going to start offering so much to the starter editions, does that mean they are having issues keeping it popular?

  2. STARCRAFT OST in this patch … fml … i will play so much SC2 after this patch … now i'm ready to forget about the D3 start.

  3. I'm surprised they're still haven't fixed the fundamental flaws with their arcade popularity system. Pretend I'm a map maker, I created a game and I want people to join and beta test it. Who would join that game when everyone is busy playing nexus wars or hosting their own games? There is absolutely no way to propagate new maps into the UMS scene unless a popular youtuber like husky promotes it.

    Right now, I can host any unpopular maps, wait 10 hours and no one would still join the map. It was never like that in BW or WC3. How is a huge issuue as simple as this not looked over yet? My suggestion is to use "browse" as the only mean to host games (without the ability to join games) so that it forces players to join games in "open games" instead. Bring back the system that made WC3 custom gaming so great. Less hosting, more joining.


  4. I hope you've got some kinda filter for the image uploads.. if not there's going to be a lot of Hatcheries/CCs/Nexuses with penises merrily rotating above them 😀

  5. So pretty much, from now on, the only reason why someone would buy the game is for matchmaking and for the campaign, and to buy HOTS.
    Which the campaign is still maybe the best RTS campaign.

  6. А для русской версии такая возможность есть? Я вот например не могу зайти в  кастомную карту.

  7. Yes! This nostalgic feeling is great! Been a fan of this game since i was 8; watching my older brother and my dad play! Thank you blizzard for bringing back sc1 music!

  8. Oh gosh ok I'm coming back to play once again! <3 [never stopped 'cos it's not good enough, it's just that I'm playing too many Blizzard games :D]
    SC team tho beats them all <3

  9. SC1 Music is back!!! 😀 Yessss. Awesome changes through and through I must say… even for a noob SC2 player like myself. 🙂

  10. Love the Starcraft BW music!! One of my fav gaming soundtracks. Also, being a part of a really good clan with the new clan features is amazing… I don't know why but I love having the clan decal floating above my Hatchery's and Command Centers… its such a little thing but so awesome at the same time!! =D =D =D 

    Also love that they finally fixed the arcade host afk crap… that happened to much, now for popular games like Nexus Wars & Squadron TD, it wasn't much of a big deal because lobbies would fill fast. But for games like 1v1 Obs, Micro Tournament, Raynor Party, etc… It was just annoying as hell!! One person (afk) could defer over 20 ppl from playing a game… ass holes!! 

  11. And all of this keeps reminding me why is this my favorite game!, so awesome!!!
    and the music, oh man… the music, almost teared up a little bit when I first played with the BW music, so many memories! best childhood ever.

  12. I don't know why are people so happy about the music, couldn't you just play it on background before? 
    Oh and now we're gonna have flying penises has decals, wp

  13. In a nutshell, patch 2.1 improves the game not even a little.  It remains to be seen if they lied about patch 2.1 or if they are just incompetant and which of these is worse. The single most important thing they had to fix was the ladder and it sux just as bad.  Case in point: I just played 8 games in a row where my bronze buttocks got matched against platinumns and masters in 4×4.  I feel so badly for Blizzard developers. Your moronic Dilbertian managment must be so aweful to put up with.  How can any of the rest of the fixes matter even a little if you can't even get a fair multiplayer game?

  14. Hey Blizzard, in your next patch add a, "Kick" button the host can use. A troll just had a bot follow me into 6 games and then invite other bots that never stop pending. And yes, this troll was following me, I went into all kinds of games, he followed me into every one and I couldn't kick him… Blizzard, you aren't doing enough to stop trolls, give us a, "kick" button… Thumb this up so someone at Blizzard can see, and you've probably experienced SC2 trolling also, it's horrible >_<

  15. Whistle That is awesome update you made to your game! I have some question thou. Why did you take out the units that never made it to the game like Warhog, phase cannon, tempest, etc. Why did you or the team take it out instead of nerffing them out? I was getting so pumped to buy Starcraftt II Heart of the Swarm to be able to play with some new characters and found out that they were taken out for some stupid reason like they were overwhelming. Just nerf them! Please respond, I'm your fan! 😀

  16. I like how they're opening up for people who don't necessarily want to pay for the game, but want to play with their friends – only thing is, that people primarily play this for the competitive aspect of the ladder.

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