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Hello again. This is Cloaken, the Community Manager for StarCraft II, and I want to introduce an exciting new feature called “Spawning.” Have you ever wanted to simply play StarCraft with a friend but they didn’t have the full game? Or, maybe you’re a Starter Edition user and simply want to find out how you can get more out of the game while playing with your friends. Well, Spawning is perfect for you. Those who don’t own StarCraft II will want to try out Starter Edition. It’s a free way to play the game, and is available to anyone who has a account. If you want take advantage of Spawning or you want to try the game out, simply download and install StarCraft II from your account management page. If you’d like more details about Starter Edition feel free to check out this video before continuing on with the one you’re watching now. So, let’s talk Spawning. In short, Spawning is an easy way to allow someone with a full copy of StarCraft II to share their game with a friend for free. Some of you old-time, Blizzard RTS players may remember that back in the hay-days of Warcraft II and StarCraft we actually did something similar. Back then, as long as you had a copy of the retail game disc you could bring others in to play with you who had never purchased the game. It was an awesome way to introduce friends to these games and play alongside them. Well. . . we’re excited because today we add to this tradition by bringing this functionality to StarCraft II only without the need for all the disc drives.. If you currently own a copy of Heart of the Swarm you can now “spawn” up any player who is either playing from Starter Edition or Wings of Liberty and give them access to the newest expansion. Pretty sweet. Essentially, the experience is a lot like that of a normal Starter Edition user but with multiplayer modes and options added in. Here’s a quick summary of these additions: All vs. AI modes are unlocked, including team games. Spawned players have access to the Unranked and Ranked ladder play for team games. You also have complete access to all Custom Game maps. And finally, they have complete access to the Arcade. So how exactly does Spawning work? Well, that’s actually one of the best parts. All of this content is available for free simply by partying up with a friend who owns a full version of the game. Let’s take a look: Here you can see the screen of my friend Spyrian who, for the sake of this demonstration, will be playing the part of our Starter Edition user. So, at this point Spyrian has downloaded Starter Edition from his account and we are now logged in on StarCraft II at the same time. As you can see, Spyrian and I are connected as friends over You can easily do this by using the “Add Friend” feature in your friends list here. I’m going to go ahead and invite Spyrian to party up with me in game. Here in the party window you can now see that the UI shows his account level as being raised to that of my Heart of the Swarm account. At this point, Spyrian and I can move through the various modes and game options to play in whatever way we like. We can even hop on to the Unranked or Ranked ladders to use the matchmaker and play against other people on As long as Spyrian remains in the party with me, he will be able to play with me at my access level. Then, whenever he decides it is time to leave the party, he will simply return to his Starter Edition access level naturally. There are a few features unavailable to Spawned players that are probably helpful to point out. These features include access to the single-player campaign, the full experience of social features like clans and groups, as well as the ability to choose which race you want to play. Just like Starter Edition users, Spawned players will only have access to the currently active Starter Edition race, which, at the time this video was recorded, is set to Terran. If you’re a Spawned player and want the full game, you can use the upgrade button found here. There is no need to download any additional version of the game. Just upgrade your account using Account Management on the web and then log back into StarCraft II. That’s pretty much Spawning in a nutshell: simple, easy to use, and innately social. Here are a couple of other things to keep in mind about this feature: Spawning will also work for people who own Wings of Liberty versions of StarCraft II. If you would like to share StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty with a friend, you can spawn them up in the same way we’ve mentioned in this walkthrough, only keep in mind that the content and balance will reference the Wings of Liberty version of StarCraft II. You can Spawn multiple friends! Currently, party size is capped at 15 players which means you can spawn up to 14 other people at one time from your individual purchased copy of the game. Lastly, for Heart of the Swarm players, Spawning is a perfect way to take advantage of the recent 25% experience bonus we’ve added for playing with friends in the expansion. Any time you play games with a friend that you are connected to via Real ID or Battle Tag, you will receive a 25% increase in experience gained during that game. There is no cap to the amount of experience you can gain this way, so definitely take advantage of it! As you can imagine, we’re pretty excited about Spawning in StarCraft II. It is an ideal way to bring your friends along for the ride and show them how fun StarCraft II is. Definitely hop in game, try it out and let us know what you think. If you want to go ahead and pick up Starter Edition you can find that easily by clicking the link below. Thanks for watching and spread the word about Spawning! My name is Cloaken and from all of us here at Blizzard Entertainment We’ll talk to you soon.

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  1. When I was spawning my friends from the starter edition, they were allowed to pick all three races. Was this just a bug or something?

  2. If i'm honest it is justified given the amount of new features that came with the game. You had the new menus, new social stuff, experience, an entire campaign and a ton of new multiplayer improvements

  3. This leaves me with questions, what if someone with wings of liberty spawned to heart of the swarm. The single player is still a feature that they won't be able to use, but will they be able to play other races, zerg and protoss, or will they have to play terran. If they HAVE to play terran while spawned, then is there a way to not be spawned, or a reverse version of it so that the heart of the swarm player can play regularly with the wings of liberty?

  4. but think about this, 40 eur for couple years. I'm not saying it's cheap for the moment you pay, but not bad for the amount of time you play.

  5. > Show friends how awesome SC2 is
    > Only Terran available to them

    The three races existing in SC with their very different playstyles is IMO one of the most awesome things in SC. Limiting it to Terran (the race I actually like the least) doesn't really do this justice.

  6. I think you didnt quite understand, he said NOW it is set to terran, then, it will switch to another race (every week Id say).

  7. well, it's starter's edition. It's supposed to be a brief way to introduce the players to the basic features of SC2 to pump them into getting the full game.

    but yeah, it'd be nice of all three races were available to them while being "spawned" by a player from HoTs or WoL.

    (I'd recommend spawning a friend from WoL to HoTs, it can be quite thrilling to them, I myself upgraded to HoTs not long ago after trying it out from being spawned by a friend).


  8. if someone has WoL, and is spawned into HoTs, you can play all three races.
    all you can't do is play the singleplayer campaign. You already have the full game (WoL) is there is no need to limit you to playing a single race.

    the single race restriction is only for the people with starter's edition.

  9. If in the Gameplay settings, he sets his settings to WoL so he can play WoL with you. The campaign though you will not get to play fully.

  10. Uhm It Was a Free Weekend Race thingy. And about the only hots terran you can change that in the settings -,-

  11. All of those features besides the campaign and new units (and a few new upgrades) were brought down to WoL, including clans, the new interface, the new arcade system, etc. I think leveling isn't though.

  12. Tell your friend to change his account level to wings of liberty if you want to play with another race. That should fix your problem.

  13. I am honestly gonna ask "wut?!" at this comment. I guess I get the basic premise of your comment, but there's alot of stuff here that doesn't make sense aswell.

  14. basically i think his friend has the expansion HoTS and he has WoL so he cant play with any other race because he dont have HoTS and gets instantly "upgraded" to HoTS

  15. In the options under the gameplay tab ur friend can set it to WoL and then u can play all the races in WoL if u dont want to play HOTS terran

  16. Look, i get it, you're trying to get more people to buy your game. But dont act like you're so pro-consumers and give them "free access through friends" while you're simply doing nothing but giving them a slightly extended very restrictive multiplayer demo.

  17. Have your friend go into the options and have him change it from Heart of the Swarm to Wings of liberty, there you go!

  18. If you're okay with playing Wings of Liberty, just have your friend go to Menu >>> Options >>> Gameplay >>> Expansion Level and change it from Heart of the Swarm, to Wings of Liberty. That way you have access to Wings of Liberty only and you can play your race of choice 😉

  19. gaming companies would get rid of piracy if they would fix prices to different countries. you know I've seen places where they sell only pirate games standard prices 1 dollar per disc If gaming companies would coinsider fix prices for diferent places they would retrieve all the lost money from piracy (this kind of piracy) and stop doing this lame restrictive stuff… hope some blizzard guy read this tell i to the boss and consider it.. dude if you do it you might win a better place in your job

  20. i think you need to go to Options>Gameplay>Expansion Level and change it to WoL.
    And make sure everyone is set to the same level.

  21. So what do we learn?


  22. If I had the license, I would make the loading screens play porn. with the ability to switch between Real and Hentai.
    Do you realize how much MORE popular the game would be then?

  23. ikr !
    its like giving you a handjob but only if you are white or something and just as you are about to finish they say-
    ok show's over guyse….tough luck.

  24. He cant change it, whenever he switches it switches back while in the lobby, pls help us we really wann aplay 🙁

  25. Can I disable this? My friend now has to set it to WoL everytime we play, because we he doesn't want to play terran.

  26. I just bought starcraft II heart of the swarm today at gamestop and its not used however I was wondering if anyone can help me with my starcraft II heart of the swarm please help

  27. My computer is not good enough to run Starcraft 2, but I'd like to try it on my father's computer. He has the full game, though; is there any way that he can play in an unranked manner, so that he can stay comfortably in Bronze league?

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