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Hey there. This is Cloaken, the Community Manager for StarCraft II at Blizzard Entertainment. I wanted to take a few moments to talk to you about how you can play StarCraft II for free. We call it Starter Edition. If you ever wanted to try StarCraft II out before purchasing it, Starter Edition is exactly what you’re looking for, providing a comprehensive feel for what StarCraft II has to offer completely free. To get started, all you’ll need to do is create a account. Just head over to and sign up. Once you’ve confirmed your account creation, download the StarCraft II client directly from your profile. Following the download prompts will begin the installation process. You can wait for the download to completely finish or if you want to jump in as soon as possible, simply login after the initial red data has been installed. Welcome to Starter Edition. You’re now online and connected with everyone else playing StarCraft II. On the left side you will find all of the same navigation options available in the paid version of the game, but let’s take a quick look through each to talk about what you can access, starting with “Campaign.” On the left side you’ll see your access to Wings of Liberty content including the tutorial and the first four campaign missions. On the far right, you can also access the two initial Basic and Advanced Challenge Missions. Lastly, If you’d like to get a quick glimpse of action in Heart of the Swarm, feel free to launch the opening cinematic here. From the Matchmaking menu, you’ll notice that Starter Edition grants you access to a single race currently set to Terran. While in Training mode, you’ll be able to play through all three Stages to get a solid start on the multiplayer experience. You can also access the 1vAI experience to practice against the entire spectrum of difficulty a computer opponent can offer you. In the final two categories, Unranked and Ranked, you’ll notice that access to the StarCraft II matchmaker is restricted to individuals who have paid for the retail version of the game. Custom Games include a variety of melee maps available to you by browsing the “Starter Edition” drop-down. Here you can create custom games with friends and practice against live opponents using the Starter Edition map pool. In the Arcade, Starter Edition users have access to all of the community-developed games currently featured here in the spotlight, along with the games that have been developed directly by the team here at Blizzard. You can find a complete list by browsing the “Starter Edition” category via the drop-down just like in Custom Games. We rotate featured games into and out of this list periodically, so check back often! There is always a fresh flow of content to be found from the talented developers that contribute to the Arcade environment. The last menu item on the home screen covers Replays. The functionality found here is virtually identical to the full version of the game, with the ability to watch any replay you’d like from Wings of Liberty or Heart of the Swarm. You can either watch solo or in a group. If you’d like to use some of the support features we’ve added for replays like “Take Command” or “Resume from Replay” a full license for the game is required. As far as social features go for Starter Edition, you will be able to create both Real ID and Battle Tag friends on your account with the ability to party up and chat with party members or chat directly with a friend through private messages. You can also browse and observe chat in public groups along with general chat channels, however the ability to create these channels and comment in them is reserved for full licensed users. In your account profile, you will have access to the first five levels of the Heart of the Swarm experience system, as well as all achievements and rewards that pertain to the areas of access we’ve mentioned in this video. With the experience system, you can unlock cool things to show off to other players like exclusive decals, and eventually things like portraits, dances, and unit skins. That pretty much covers everything about Starter Edition. It is an excellent way to get a feel for the complete StarCraft II experience. Of course, if at any time you would like to unlock the full potential in all of these features, as well as the epic campaign content for both Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm you can always click the upgrade button located here to unlock the full game. In the meantime, you might also want to take a look at a social feature we call Spawning. Click the link below to find out more information on how grouping with your friends who already own StarCraft II can get you access to even more content for free. Thanks for watching this video, and feel free to pass it along to anyone you think might find a new passion for StarCraft. We’d love to have them join the community. I’m Cloaken and stay tuned for more from us at Blizzard Entertainment.

100 thoughts on “StarCraft II – Starter Edition

  1. you could play starcraft all the time offline if you cant connect to blizzard.if you play offline, you dont get any achievments…. you can only play campaign and coustom games.

  2. I dont know if its just me but i feel this is a bit too generous…
    but thats not a bad thing!
    Great Job Blizz!

  3. There's no dedicated play offline function though, I've had this when my friends internet was crapping out. Couldn't log in at all so I couldn't play against AI 🙁

  4. Теперь каждый игрок SC2 имеющий стартовую версию игры может играть в полной версии благодаря новой функции "Призыв"

  5. its obviously blizzard's glorious and proud age have passed. Since not caring their customers even they pay for it,now there is a game called lol which is free to play, take wow and other blizzard's most famous game's place.. Ty blizzard you deserve it

  6. Blizzard, this is neat. I have to admit. People who haven't played the game will be delighted with this I'm sure. As for me, I already paid the full price and enjoy playing the game every once in a while. However, Starcraft 2 is the last game I'm buying from you. Your always-on DRM bullshit is disgusting and Diablo 3 was a disappointment. I'm glad I tried it out on a friends PC before wasting my money on it. Look at Path of Exile and learn from your mistakes with Diablo.

  7. He means LAN. SC2 doesn't support LAN so people need to be on the internet when they play vs each other.

  8. Nicely done Blizzard!!! thanks a lot for the experience of play this game for free,,, definitely it worth the value

  9. I had a physical copy with cd-key but then I lost that box some where. Then I've changed my laptop. I downloaded the game from blizzard and it asks for a cd-key. Blizzard, I have an account to play, why do I have to give you cd-key again? What is the point? Can't play any more, don't want to buy another copy (40gbp)… Sad…

  10. yes when someone else who has the full version say your friends spawns u by inviteing you to play with him then ya get multiplayer

  11. una consulta tengo un amigo que tiene la starter edition y YO tengo la version completa de lujo, podemos jugar los dos siendo que es tiene una version limitada?????? agradeceria su ayuda 😀

  12. So, if I play in HoTS, can i play with a friend in WoL (not Starter Edition) as long as they are in my party?

  13. i dont see how is that fair since u are getting this for free besides play 1 when available and when u buy the game u would know how to kick ass with all of them :3

  14. I thought you might bring that up. You assume that he is a kid. Fair enough. Maybe he used his allowance from his parents to buy something. xD

  15. YES!!! Free Access to Blizz All-Stars. I don't play RTS much so buying SC2 would be a waste for me but I play DotA often.

  16. wat… why can people who didn't pay anything level the first 5 levels?? while people who bought sc2 WoL can't…

  17. Well…since its updated…i cant use Random anymore and have a chance to get Zerg or protoss..on custom games….

  18. Stupid game won't let me login, wasting hours of my time and gigabytes of downloads trying to figure this shit out

  19. I just got starter edition for testing but it let me play all races of Starcraft. Lol I don't think I m going to buy this game for while.

  20. when i go the starter edition then i had all races but when 3 days were gone then i had only terran WTF i hate that race

  21. So you spend 40 dollars to buy it, play four fucking missions and then I need to upgrade it and I can't fucking upgrade because I can't higher my damn screen resolution! You fuckers!

  22. SC2 Starter Edition and C&C F2P differ in their possibilities, so you'll have to decide yourself. SC2 SE is highly limited in its option span (one available race, very few missions from WoL etc.) as you've seen in this video. C&C F2P, on the other hand, has many unlockable elements (e.g. generals), which can be gained either by playing or by paying, whichever you like. SC2 was made with more attention, but C&C gives you a bit more liberty at a $0 budget. It all depends on what you'd like to play

  23. Well no because you can't even begin to compete in the multiplayer to have a chance of winning.

    TECHNICALLY (You have to buy the game to get access) he is correct, but come on do you want to argue that

  24. PLEASE SOME! HELP!!!! got the starter edition and play against the AI but i can't change the difficulty over easy, can some1 please help me love this game and want a challenge

  25. I bought the game like 2012 or early i forgot but then my dad uninstall in the other computer then put it here then i have to make a new account and its the starter edition i don't get it and i got the box right here

  26. Please friends I have one problem with SC2. I have bought SC2 Expansion Set, I have Guest Pass and everything, but my Guest Pass stoped working after 7 hours and I don't know how to fix it or what to do with that. Please help if you can 🙂

  27. I have a cd but can only play the starter edition and heart of the swarm installed only the normal starcraft 2 Please help me ??

  28. I bought StarCraft wings of liberty for 20 dollars and heart of the swarm for the same price and says I got the starter edition and it says I need to upgrade to full version and when I click to upgrade it takes me to the shop do I have to buy it again because if I do I'm smashing my fucking game !

  29. :can someone pleese explain to me
    why does my games gones automaticly to starter edition
    ?when i already bought star craft 2 wings of liberty
    (i bought the disk)

  30. 2:09 – Am I right, if I say that the starter edition, only contains the Training and VS. A.I. secments of the matchmaker? Ergo; that you can´t play against other ppl as a "starter edition player"? I really hope I´m wrong, or else it seriously lame IMO :/

    It´s not that fun, to ONLY being able to play against the A.I. And only as 1 of the races (!) – Like WTF Blizzard!?!

    I could understand it, if you had like 10 1v1 "Real" matches, before you had to buy the game… But if I´ve understood it right, your ONLY option to play the game, is against crappy A.I.

  31. Hey there !
    I bought Starcraft II Legacy of the Void
    I have never played anything about Starcraft before nor I had a Blizzard account.

    I followed the instructions as I placed the cd at the end it said I gave starter edition and when I clicked on campaign or multiplayer it told me that I have to purchase the game

  32. Umm.. its 2018 and i'm trying to download this. But, it keeps sending me to the account page, even though I am already logged in. What do I do?

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