StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Patch 2.0.4 overview (click CC for captions)

Variance: Welcome welcome! I just wanted to
go over the new UI interface changes in the newest patch that was effective this morning. So as you can see I am playing
Wings of Liberty but The interface is, if you’ve played
Heart of the Swarm beta, you would recognize. For example, you have this navigation over here
with all of the chat channels. Also the News and Community banner and the ticker looking thing over here. What’s cool is you get a couple of options when you’re playing. Some very beginner-friendly options, beginner to the multiplayer experience. Over here on the left you have “Training”. You can select the different stages, your race. Each stage would make the game a little faster.
You can unlock more units to build. “Versus AI” is something that you’re probably
familiar with, more or less. And then of course… but the difference
is when you select a different AI. Well, first you select the mode. For example, I want to only played versus… only one
human player versus the AI, then you select the race. But what happens here is it actually does a
match-making… I’m sorry not match-making, but a placement [match] kind of thing. You play a couple of times and then it actually matches up the appropriate AI level for you. Kind of like [ladder] match-making except you’re playing against the AI. It places you at an appropriate level. “Unranked” is actually new to Wings of Liberty on What would happen is this is kind of a separate… you actually are
assigned a separate MMR which is your hidden match-making… multiplayer
match-making score. What happened is a lot of people would
have anxiety. Blizzard has gotten a lot of feedback on this. So, what they have
created is a “Well, you don’t want to affect your Ladder rating. We
understand, so we’re going to make it so that you actually can still use our
match-making system. You’ll still be matched up with other players
with similar MMR, but we’re going to go ahead and not we’re going to allow that to not affect
your ladder rating so that you keep playing and you can keep having fun playing with other players — human players — but not have to worry about that affecting your ladder rating.” Of course, “Ranked” is your regular ladder system that you are familiar with all along. Some other user interface changes are in-game. I won’t go
over these too much. But we will see them briefly when we review
the replay functions. What’s also added is this clan feature. I don’t remember how to exactly access it. But you can create your own clans and groups.
The difference is clans tend to be more formal. It can be a clan of your friends. You can actually make up your own clan.
You can have members, you can have leaders. You can post messages and you can meet in a common meeting room or channel. Groups are more informal. They are grouped by… for example, over here they are grouped by interests. Let’s go ahead and look at some replay features that have come with this new patch. For example, before you are only able to watch solo by yourself. But now you are able to invite other people to watch the replay with you. So how
this works is one person who is the “leader” of the replay will control how
how fast it goes, the speed of the replay, at which point in the replay you’re going to jump to. And then, when you’re ready, you can… Basically, when you select “Watch with
Others”, it will put you in this lobby-looking thing right here to which you can actually invite your friends if they’re online. And once everyone is in here
(looks like it fits quite a number of people, maybe sixteen people, in total) … then all you have to do is just click on “Watch”. As you can see the splash screen right here is much
bigger than it used to be. This map right here used to be really small; it was hard to clearly see the different features like
starting points, expansions. So… this interface is very similar: the observer interface, the replay interface. The only difference is for example, there’s a couple of more options over here like active forces. You can actually see all the structures
that [a player] currently has built. And then remember [before the patch] sometimes when you were observing
you’re trying to look for a building, you’re wondering if they have a building. For example, I want to find the hatchery on this map. Or, more importantly, I see that the zerg player has an overlord. So I’m going to click on this right here on this UI element. And as you can see it
jumps right to the overlord. What’s cool about the replay feature is actually at any point in the [replay] in which… of course the [replay] has to
be a new [replay] — a game that you’ve played with this new patch. You can actually stop at any point in the game and then select this “Take command”. Then if you have multiple players you can actually say “okay, for this red Zerg player, I want to replace him.” With this dropdown box, you select the player you want to to replace [the zerg player with]. And then you can go ahead and resume the game as if you’re playing from the very beginning. Of course, the
disadvantage of this [feature] is you actually inherit all of their hotkeys. So if
you’re playing… if you’re not playing your own… if you’re not resuming or playing from your own replay you
have to re-bind all of these hotkeys because you’re using that person’s hotkeys. So if you don’t… for example, if you want to resume from a replay and you don’t actually want to go through and
watch the replay. For example, if you’re playing in an online tournament, or if we’re
playing with friends and you get disconnected. what you want to do is you want to
resume from the last part of the game. So you want to actually (it’s not here) pick one of the… a new replay Right-click and click on “recover game”. What that will do is it’ll bring you to a replay-looking lobby and then here you can invite people. And then you select “recover game” this little dialog (box) pops up. You can see it tells you the different points in
the game where the replay shows some kind of activity. For example,
somebody paused the game, the game ended. (This is kinda weird.) Maybe, sometimes, it detects a disconnect but what’s cool is you can actually resume…
for example, you want to resume one minute and eighteen seconds into the game.
And you click “start”. And then there’s a countdown just like
if you’re starting a regular game or if you’re starting a replay. But what’s cool is it’ll resume at
that point in the game without having you or making you watch the replay. Especially when you’re in a tournament setting, you don’t wanna…
you don’t want to be watching from the replay anyways because you can actually look at your opponent’s view and see exactly where all of their
units and their buildings are. Okay, so this splash screen right here will show you this “recovering” bar.
When it reaches full, you get this countdown. And then after that it’s just like the “resume from replay” option. And “viola”, you’re back in the game as if nothing ever happened. And this is really useful if you get disconnected a lot, or a lot of people in tournaments, they complain about being disconnected and having to “re-game”. Re-gaming sucks. And then there are other changes to the UI.
I don’t know if you’ve noticed when you click on the hatch — the hatchery —
or any of your nexus or your control center… your command center, you’ll see the
number of workers that are currently mining — that’s useful. And, in addition to that, you get the same for your gas geysers. So hopefully you enjoyed this replay,
this review of the new user interface changes. Hope to see you soon!

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  1. Can you please help me. It looks like when you click on something in game your mouse cursor actually clicks or does an animation, and kinda turns pinkish/purple. i notice all the pros that stream have the same effect and the castors also. can you please help me idk how to do that, thank you very much

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