StarCraft: Remastered – Entwicklerupdate 2 (Deutsche Untertitel)

incoming transmission hey guys grant here from classic games here to give you a quick Blizzcon update about everything that is going on in StarCraft remastered right now as you can see I’m already wearing my Blizzcon t-shirt because I’m so excited about what’s happening at Blizzcon this year we have a very special panel featuring some of the original Starcraft developers as well as some of the remastered developers as well and it’s going to be hosted by someone who is synonymous with Starcraft someone that I am really looking forward to being on the panel with and someone that I know you guys are gonna love as well so that’s definitely something to look forward to we have a show match featuring a couple of starcraft pro gamers and it will be awesome to see starcraft back on the big stage something I’m really looking forward to I can’t get enough pro Starcraft in my life so that is definitely something to check out and also we have a very special build of StarCraft that we’ll be showing at Joey raised bar so come on down and check that out you can play against each other you can have chat to us you can play against us if you do play against me I will Ken and rush you so be warned on that one and this special build of StarCraft remastered will never go live it will only ever be playable at Blizzcon and that’s because we’ve enabled something we should never enable so it’s going to be a whole bunch of goofy fun so we’ll have a laugh with that oh please go on and something I’m excited about as well so let’s take a step back and talk about some of the things we’ve rolled out recently in StarCraft remastered one thing we’ve managed to do is reduce the video RAM requirement for real-time lighting so we’ve managed to bring that down to two gigabytes of video RAM so anyone with a two gig video card will now be able to experience real-time lighting we’ve also done some work on latency in the matchmaker so we’ve rolled out a dynamic turn rate system which will scale the turn rate based on the latency of the connection the feedback that we’ve gotten from that so far is very positive you guys are saying that that’s is doing a lot to reduce the latency that you were seeing in in the matchmaker in ranked games and the data that we’ve been able to gather suggests that the overwhelming majority of games are being played in turnrate 16 so that’s awesome to see now we still have work to do on latency there’s still more to be done and we have some longer-term plans for that which is probably too early to talk about what those what those plans are just yet but once we get back from Blizzcon one of the things we will be working on is a network diagnostic utility which will be built into StarCraft and that will help to diagnose network issues that may prevent you from connecting directly to your opponent and maybe forcing you to go through a proxy so that’s going to help you kind of self diagnose issues that your network might be facing well that’s all I’ve got time for today guys thanks for the lovely feedback on the first video we’ll continue to keep making these videos as long as you guys see value in them if you’re going to be at Blizzcon definitely stop by Jo Nesbo some of the developers are going to be there we love hearing from you guys we’ll have feedback take us on on a game of StarCraft as I said you will get cut and rushed if you play me that’s for sure and if you’re not going to be a Blizzcon check out the livestream there’s going to be the panel there’s going to be the show match between two pros so the whole thing is going to be a lot of fun but that’s all I got time for today guys and see you next time

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  1. OMG, if you ever told one that Starcraft would take 2 GB of video RAM back in 1998, they would have send you to an asylum or something. xD

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