STEAL the MUSEUM LLAMA *NEW* Game Mode in Fortnite Battle Royale

– So once again you guys
know Sigil and Biffles. They’ve come up with a new mini
game with the silent sniper. Introducing LLama Museum Loot SPFFF. And dudes real quick
before I get into the rules this was a very nice game
by Sigils and Biffles. And we want to do this again
so if you guys want us to do this again maybe in a different
museum with different guns and different rules, hit
the like button down below. We definitely want to do this again. So hit the like button. Also go check out Biffle and Sigils. They put a lot of time into
this. This is a crap ton of fun. I’m gonna go through the rules real quick. We have one thief, four security guards. The thief he can run around inside of the air conditioning units. He can run around on top of
the roof, anything to find these find these five llamas,
grab the loot from the llamas and bring it to the getaway vehicle. The thief can go anywhere on
the map he wants, but the four security guards they
cannot leave this building. Whoever gets the most loot from the llamas without dying wins. The thief has one life, security
guards have infinite lives, winner takes all. So I’ve already explained the rules. We have Nico, Sigils and
Biffle and then we have Crainer the thief. Okay okay in three, two, one start. – [Crainer] Did I mute?
– Yeah you have to mute. So you are the thief. He is the thief and he
has hacked into our call. We’re full on role play channel right now. – [Sigils] It’s game design it counts. – Crainer go away. – [Sigils] You’re the worst criminal. – Okay so there are a bunch of air ducts. Okay Sigils do you best to help us. You and Biffle made this help us. – [Sigils] Yeah yeah all right all right. – He shot at me he shot at me. – [Sigils] Covering fire, covering fire. – Guys guys we still have
to work here after this don’t destroy the entire building. – Sorry Manager.
– Sorry Manager. – I will be the manager. Okay North llama is secure,
North llama is secure. – [Biffle] Where is this boy? – [Sigils] He’s being
so sneaky I’m so afraid. – [Biffle] He’s in the bathroom
I think he got a llama. – Wait remember if he gets a llama he’ll do the automated text. – [Sigils] No no the
East llama is still there and that’s the one
closest to the bathroom. – Oh yeah remember after
every round we’re gonna switch the thief and then we can
re-hide as the managers or as the guards we
can re-hide the llamas. – [Sigils] To a different spot every time. – Where’s this llama? I don’t see a llama in the south side. – [Biffle] Wait hold on I’m
coming, coming, I’m coming. – Oh it’s still here jk, jk. – Don’t jk me.
– Don’t scare me. – Oh he’s northwest, northwest I saw him in the northwest air duct. – [Sigils] Covering fire. – Don’t destroy the building. – [Sigils] This is why
we never get hired again. – [Biffle] Can I show you this one bench? – I heard.
– I heard something. – He’s on the roof. – [Biffle] Is he on the roof? – [Sigils] He might be. Wait is he? – He’s on the roof. – [Sigils] He’s grapple in the ducts. I think he’s grappling in the ducts. Look at this it’s art of zero have you seen this one. – East wing is the art? I like that art. – [Sigils] No! Now it truly is nothing. – Okay East llama still secure. – [Sigils] Where is this little agent? – [Robotic Voiceover]
Crainer said one llama down and bush in truck get wrecked kids. (laughing) – [Sigils] Which one was hit? – One llama so he needs four more llamas. – [Biffle] Why did he, oh God
he’s east, east roof I think. – Oh yeah.
– I see him on the roof. – Covering fire, covering fire. – [Biffle] Keep shooting. – Shh stop shooting let’s hear. – [Biffle] Okay I’m
listening, I’m listening. – Wow. – [Sigils] That had to be
Nico, that had to be Nico. – [Nico] I’m over here. – That was you Sigils. Sigils that was you. Hey I’m the manager here. Whoa okay no, no. – [Biffle] North I think north. – Remember he can shoot through those, he can shoot through that air duct. And we can’t hit him. – [Sigils] Did he shoot at you? – Yes he did. – [Biffle] I’m coming, I’m coming. Where is he? – [Sigils] Okay I think he ran. – Yes he ran. I have an idea, I have an idea. – [Biffle] I think he’s in the duct. Wait for it , wait for it. – [Sigils] I’m part of
the art I’ll blend in. – Okay good you blend in. Oh Biffle! – [Biffle] Come on man. – God dang it. – [Sigils] Wow you get no scopes. – [Biffle] Oh no he got all of us. – He’s just destroying. – [Nico] Did he just get all of us? – [Sigils] Ian, I think
he’s above you here. – Is he? Oh he is, he is. He is north, north. – [Biffle] North okay I’m on my way. Covering fire. – [Sigils] Oh he just took a shot at me. – I’m shooting out the air duct. – [Biffle] Shoot out the air duct. – [Sigils] Yeah make him run. – Shot it out, shot it out. – [Sigils] Okay he’s not there any more. – [Nico] Okay the South
llama is still here. – [Biffle] He just got a llama. – [Sigils] No, no where, where? – [Nico] Northwest 3:30. – [Biffle] North, north. – [Sigils] Okay I’m coming, I’m coming. – Is he north? – [Sigils] Don’t let
him get into the duct. – Shoot him, shoot him Nico. – [Sigils] Nico’s sweat, Nico sweat. – 19, 19 yes! Good job Nico. – [Biffle] You guys are kidding me dude. – [Sigils] Let’s go! – [Nico] Caw caw. – So you got one llama. – [Crainer] Almost two, almost two. – Oh did you have it,
you just didn’t get it back to the truck? – [Crainer] I had the bush dude. – All right so one llama for Crainer. Next up who wants to be
the next thief? Nico. – [Crainer] Nico. – [Nico] All right Nico it is. – You got a bush in the truck goo job. You did it. – [Crainer] Thank you dude
I did something I guess. – So Nico is gonna be the next guy. – [Biffle] Nico. – We’ll figure it out round two. So Biffle’s the next thief you guys ready? Three, two, one. Go! – [Crainer] Wait are you the manager Ian? – No Crainer you’re the manager. – Biffle, Biffle. – [Crainer] We’ve got
five llamas and we need them all protected. – [Biffle] I’m gonna take all your llamas. – Hey Biffle you mute right
now, you don’t talk to us again. – [Sigils] I’m sort of bothered
by how like immediately ready Crainer was to
be a regional manager. Okay team okay team like he’s got the speech down and everything. – [Crainer] I’m gonna
need Sigils to not talk at me like that again. – [Sigils] Sorry sir I apologize. – Okay we need to, we need
to, we need to focus up here, focus up here. We lost one llama last time to our manager we cannot do that again. – [Crainer] Sorry about that. I got mad at that stall. – Ooh that llama is secure. – [Crainer] Sure is quiet. – [Nico] He hides so he doesn’t know where we are and then we kill him.
– Do you see him? – [Sigils] No that’s a brilliant idea Nico just said something really smart. – What did he say? – [Sigils] We should hide and
then we could surprise him. What if we became the thieves on him? – Okay I’m gonna take this
llama, I’m taking the east llama. – [Crainer] He will be
off riding his llama. – Shh. – [Sigils] Did you hear something? – I thought I heard something. I found him! – [Sigils] Oh I see him flying. – I almost killed him. (laughing) – [Sigils] Did you really? – I head shot him. – [Crainer] Where is he dude? – Did I do good manager? Did I do good manager? – [Crainer] You have been promoted but you should have killed him. – Wait can I be manager now? – [Crainer] No. – [Sigils] What is this like
Assistant to the manager now? – Assistant to the Regional Manager. – [Sigils] Could you approve
my time off real quick? – [Crainer] You got time off all right. – Oh gosh he got a permanent time off. West llama is secured. – [Nico] Okay all right I’m
going on my coffee break over. – Okay over. – [Crainer] Fired. – [Nico] Excuse me it’s
my state-mandated right. – He can go on a coffee
break if he wants to. You know what I’m going on my poo-poo, I’m going on my poo-poo break. – [Nico] I feel like he got a llama. It’s been too long and too quiet. – I think he has, yeah he hasn’t said it. But he’ll only say it once
he gets back to the truck. – [Nico] Okay the east llama
is safe I see that one. – [Crainer] Yeah every llama is safe. He’s only killed Sigils, right? – [Nico] Yeah I’m a
little insulted actually. – [Crainer] He’s not doing anything. – Oh I just heard a grappler. – [Crainer] Grappler! – It was on me. North,
south side, south side. – [Nico] South side! – Guys I have bad news I am
not seeing the east side llama. – [Nico] Wait I heard something. – I found the east side llama. Jk rolling. – [Nico] Does he still not have a llama? – I don’t know I don’t think so. Oh I just got sniped at. – [Nico] From where, from where? – [Crainer] Where’d it come from dude? – It looks like it came from
the top of that pink tree. – [Nico] Wait is he on the tree? – [Crainer] Can we shoot it down? – [Nico] I mean yeah
but it’s priceless art. – You don’t shoot down priceless art what kind of a manager are you? – [Crainer] He’s not there. – Yeah you just shot down
a million dollar tree dude. – [Crainer] It’s my store
I can do what I want. – [Nico] This isn’t a store it’s a museum. – [Crainer] It’s my museum
I can do what I want. – Oh I heard him.
– [Crainer] He got a llama. – [Nico] Oh he did? Where, where, where? – [Crainer] He got the east llama. – [Nico] No! – [Crainer] Who was looking at that one? – [Nico] You were. – Where is he? – [Crainer] No I wasn’t. Maybe once I was but not anymore. – Oh I could have shot him right there. – [Nico] You saw him? – Yes he was on top of the roof dang it. – [Nico] Oh no. – Crainer yell at Nico
for letting that happen. – [Crainer] Nico you were not
supposed to let that happen and you will not be able to
go on vacation for ten years. – Oh yikes. – [Nico] Wow that’s … – That’s pretty harsh. – Do I still get Christmas vacation? – [Crainer] No Christmas. – That’s a harsh punishment dude. (screaming) – [Crainer] Ian fired too,
Ian has been fired too. – [Nico] Suppressing Fire. – Wait he didn’t say he got a llama so he hasn’t gotten a llama yet right? – [Nico] He didn’t leave
with it, it must mean he’s being greedy. – [Crainer] He forgot to turn on TTS dude, he forgot start TTS.
– Wait did he say it? – [Crainer] He said it dude. – [Nico] But it didn’t play
for me for some reason. So one llama down. – Okay so he has one
llama but where is he? – [Nico] Oh I just got
shot at from like north. Oh he’s right here by the throne! – Is he trying to get the throne? – [Nico] Yeah he was but I stopped him. I hit him for 22. – [Crainer] Somebody shoot him. – Was it blue or white,
was it blue or white? – [Nico] It was blue, it
was blue. I hit him 22 blue. – Okay yeah remember he has
many so that was a useless shot you shouldn’t have even shot him. – [Nico] Wow I’m sorry. – Oh Crainer down. Our fearless leader is down. – [Nico] Was he really fearless though? – [Crainer] Sigils
can’t be my new manager. – Oh no. – [Sigils] I’ve waited for
this day my whole life. – This is not good for us. – [Sigils] First order of business is we’re renaming the place. – [Crainer] He’s shooting
at me and he’s north. – Yeah he’s north. What
are we renaming it to? – [Sigils] We’re naming it
to Sigil’s Modern Marvels. – I like it. – [Sigils] I think he’s
there, I think I just saw him. – I see him, he is there. – He left.
– We scared him. – [Sigils] I hear him he’s
above me, he’s above me. He dropped down he’s right
on me, he’s right on me. – Oh I hit him twice, I hit him twice! – [Crainer] Get him! – [Nico] Oh he missed the
grapple he missed the grapple. – [Sigils] I hit him
white, I hit him white. – Yes! (laughing) – [Biffle] Are you kidding me? My thick legs got me stuck in the thing. – So you got one llama too so you and Crainer are tied right now. – [Biffle] Yeah we’re
both real bad. (laughing) – [Crainer] It’s so much
harder than you would think. – [Biffle] It is very difficult. – Is it? – [Sigils] I can’t wait dude. – So next up Sigils you want to do it? – [Sigils] I’ll do it next. – All right let’s do it. All right next up we
have Sigils, you ready? – [Sigils] Oh I’m ready. I’m ready nerds. – [Crainer] Wait who’s the manager. – In three, two, one. Fight! – [Nico] I’m the manager. – Okay okay all right
Sigils get out of here, get out of here. You’re bothering me don’t
talk to us ever again Sigils. Who wants to be the manager I vote Biffle. – [Biffle] I’ll be the manager
yeah yeah Biffle the manager. – [Crainer] Biffle is the miffle dude. – Biffle the miffle biffle. – [Biffle] First up
Nico you’re fired sorry. – Oh yikers.
– [Nico] Oh that was fast. – [Biffle] You’re out of here dude. – [Nico] You’re not the
manager, you’re the mean-ager. – [Crainer] Oh that’s why he
fired you I don’t blame him. – Yeah I get it now. You should probably fire him again. You should hire him right
now and then fire him. – [Biffle] Okay hey Nico you’re hired and Crainer you’re fired sorry bud. – Oh yikes okay. – [Biffle] Yeah yeah. – [Nico] Did someone check the east side? – Okay I’m checking the east side. – [Crainer] I am not
checking the bathroom. – [Biffle] I’ll check the bathroom. – What’s it not smell like? – [Biffle] Does it smell like applesauce. – [Crainer] It does smell a bit like butt but I don’t think, oh he’s here! – Whoa is he? – [Biffle] I’m coming, I’m coming. – [Crainer] He tried to take
a llama he’s in the bathroom. – [Nico] Chase him to the bathroom. – Did he get the llama? – [Crainer] He’s gone he’s
gone no I don’t think so. – Check the west side. Okay the llama is still here. – [Nico] Wait is there a llama here? – [Biffle] Oh he shot
at me. What the heck? – [Nico] I think he’s on the
roof, I think he’s on the roof. – Is he? – [Crainer] How did he get here? – [Biffle] Probably
with a grappler Crainer. – He’s such a sneaky little boy. – [Crainer] You don’t have to be a little smart butt about it. – [Biffle] Hey I’m your
manager you don’t speak up to me like that all right? – Yeah that’s your manager
dude that’s how you get fired. – [Crainer] Hey I think
he opened something. – I see him he’s right
there, he’s two ten. – [Biffle] Two ten? – [Crainer] Now way he’s
right close to me dude. – Yeah he was above you
he was in the air duct. – [Nico] You think he’s going
to go for the 285 one again? – I don’t know. – [Crainer] Probably. – I just got sniped at but I don’t know from where I’m a little bit scared. – [Biffle] I’m looking at the
roof is anybody on the roof? – [Crainer] He just got you dude. Where where’d you die? – I don’t know I think north. – [Biffle] I have no idea
dude I’m in the rafters. – Rafters? (screeching) – [Crainer] That’s a
raptor, that’s a raptor. – [Biffle] Pretty close. – [Nico] I see him, I see him
he’s going to the bathroom. – [Biffle] He keeps going to the bathroom. – What is his obsession with the bathroom? – [Biffle] I don’t know dude. – Dude he has diarrhea. – [Nico] Yeah he has diarrhea. – [Nico] He started breaking this one. – Did he? Oh so he’s losing hell. Why me Sigils? Every time. Freaking jerk. – [Crainer] We all look the same so I don’t think he can target you dude. – I know he is, he knows
the way I run. I run weird. – [Crainer] Yeah you’re right. – [Nico] Oh he’s southeast
150 in one of these ones. – No Sigils! – [Nico] Oh no roof, roof,
roof he’s on the roof. Oh geez. – Oh Nico down. – I’m running I’m away from here, I’m getting away from here. Oh manager that’s why he said get away. – [Biffle] I hit him for a lot. – [Nico] Okay where where, where? – [Biffle] I hit him
for a lot. (screaming) (laughing) – [Nico] You little
sweats dude ooh my gosh. – Oh that was a head ding.
– [Sigils] That was so close. – [Biffle] You were raised dude nice. – [Sigils] I was so close
to getting that first llama. – Were you? Okay. – [Sigils] Ian goes oh I
see and then just stops and I was like oh no. Oh no. – [Crainer] Wow dude. – So you didn’t get single llama? – [Sigils] I didn’t
get a single llama dude I’m so stressed now. – Yikers dude okay okay
let’s go to the next round. I think I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna be the next thief. – [Sigils] All right Ian’s up. – [Ian] Let’s do it. All right so you guys ready
so I’m the next killer. Thief, killer thief. – [Nico] Wow dude wrong game. – Sorry okay so I got to open
this then I drink the big thingy okay three, two, one
okay I’m muting, I’m muting. I’m hacking into your call right now bee-boo-bee boo bee-boo-bee boo. – [Biffle] Did he attack us? – [Crainer] Oh I heard him. – [Biffle] Already where? – So I got to use their
talking to my advantage. – [Crainer] Where is he dude
do any of you guys see him? Oh my goodness you scared me. – [Sigils] Did you wash your
hands when you came out? – [Crainer] No. – [Biffle] Of course not. I’m not surprised in the slightest. – [Crainer] I don’t have
time to wash my hands I’m looking for Ian dude. – [Sigils] I am checking
south side right now. I’m going to become part
of the art installation. – As soon as they, so he just checked it. – [Sigils] I’m going to
blend in with the art and he won’t see me. – He just checked it and
I’m gonna jump on it. Go! – [Biffle] I don’t see anything over here you guys see anything? – [Crainer] I an is hiding dude. – [Biffle] Oh this llama is
fine, this llama is fine. – [Sigils] Biffle come here. Oh I see him. – [Nico] Where where? He got a llama. – [Crainer] To the north, to the north. – [Nico] No way he got one I think dude. – You guys ready for this I
was just about to tell them. – [Biffle] No way he
got away with it though. – [Robotic Voiceover]
SunD said one llama down. – No!
– No! – [Nico] How did he do that? – [Sigils] I was watching the east llama. – Okay so north llama is down. North llama is down. Got the llama got the llama. Here we go we already tied first place. – [Nico] Manger everybody do better. – So I’m gonna go back on the roof. That roof strategy is
actually really good. – [Crainer] I just noticed the
security cameras moved dude. – [Nico] I know right? Apparently they’re not helpful. – [Biffle] I hope he
didn’t tap it not these because that would be really bad for us. – [Crainer] He probably did dude. – [Sigils] Oh I got sniped! – [Crainer] East 105 air duct. – [Sigils] I thought he
was on the roof. (laughing) – I can smell you. – [Nico] Oh gosh. – [Crainer] Where the heck is he? – Three people there. Okay they’re not looking,
they’re not looking. – [Nico] I’m gonna go 90. – [Crainer] He’s such a little hacker. Yeah where is he? – [Biffle] He’s playing so sneaky. – [Nico] I don’t like it, I didn’t sign up to play with somebody this good. – [Biffle] Why’s he so handsome? – [Nico] Oh I think he
just got another llama. – [Crainer] No really? – [Sigils] Yeah I can see west 255. (laughing) – [Robotic Voiceover]
SunD said two llamas down. (laughing) – And second one in. – [Biffle] You’re making
me real scared man. – We have two in there so far. Where’s the llama on this
side? Guys where is he? Where is it? (screaming) – [Nico] That was payback. That was payback for my
round I get it I get it. – I think the llama is right there. – [Nico] I like how Austin got me killed. – [Biffle] Can I take a lunch break? Can I go to lunch? (screaming) – [Crainer] No lunch breaks! (laughing) – Okay so I need to drop down and hide. Okay let’s drop down. – [Crainer] I’m checking north area. – [Sigils] I saw a shadow. I’m just afraid the east. – So I can shoot out of
this but they can’t see me. The llama’s right there. – [Sigils] I’m sitting in this chair. Oh I pulled a Crainer. – [Biffle] Uh oh that’s not
good don’t be pulling Crainer. Throne room seems safe the llama’s fine he’s handsome he’s good to go. All right? Oh he’s going to east 60. – [Sigils] Coming coming. – [Biffle] I hit him. Ge him get him. – Go, go, go, go! (laughing) They can’t
come into the duct area. – [Crainer] He’s pretty
low, he’s pretty low. – [Sigils] Did he get the
llama or did you stop him? – My heart is beating so fast. – [Sigils] He got it! – [Biffle] Oh my goodness. – [Nico] No! – [Sigils] Crainer was in
the bathroom while he did it. – You guys ready? You guys ready? – [Crainer] I was pooping dude. – [Robotic Voiceover] SunD
said three llamas down. – [All] There it is. – [Biffle] Crainer is
this the only llama left? – [Sigils] I must have missed when I said you could take a bathroom break. I must have missed that memo. – [Crainer] Is your llama the last one? – [Nico] No there’s one over here. – [Biffle] Yeah there’s still two left. – I want to go for the middle one now. – [Crainer] So he has three llamas dude. – [Nico] That’s a lot. – [Sigils] That’s a lot of llamas. That’s a l-l-l-l-lot llamas you know? – I want to drop on that middle one. The middle llama, the middle
llama has two bushes in it. – [Biffle] Oh you played with the art. Don’t play with the art
what is wrong with you? – [Crainer] You have to do a
quick Kobe on them you know? – [Biffle] Oh he’s in the middle. He’s going for the middle one. No! – [Sigils] No he did not just. – [Biffle] He just took the middle one. – [Sigils] He did? – [Nico] He did not
just get the middle one. (laughing) – [Crainer] I was Kobe
for like two seconds bro. – Two bushes right there. – [Robotic Voiceover] SunD
said four llamas down. (laughing) – [Sigils] Are you serious? – [Crainer] That’s it I’m
getting rid of the throne. – Now this one is the last
one right there I think. – [Crainer] Where is Ian at dude? – [Nico] There’s only
one place he could be. I hit him for 50. – [Sigils] Where where where? – [Nico] He was up in the
north something tower. – Oh that was close. – [Biffle] Thank you Nico something tower. – [Nico] Well I couldn’t see. – [Crainer] He’s probably not
going to come from that side. – [Biffle] You see him where? – [Sigils] Oh why didn’t you
see him when you saw him? – [Biffle] I can’t see I
don’t have an angle on him. – This is so funny. – [Crainer] There he is get him! – No! (laughing) – [Crainer] Oh my goodness you
almost got every single one. – That last one is so tough. – [Sigils] Oh my gosh. – [Biffle] I can’t believe
you got the throne room dude. – Five bushes dude. I had to go for the throne
room dude I had to take it. – [Crainer] How did you get
to the one in the throne I still don’t get it. – [Biffle] I walked right by
it and I didn’t even hear it. – [Sigils] He’s so sneaky
dude. He’s so sneaky. – That was fun dude holy crap
that is stressful as a thief. I see what you guys were saying holy geez. If you guys have enjoyed this video listen we’re going to end this here. If you guys want us to
play this again sometime on a different map or whatever hit the like button down below. Also hit the subscribe
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  5. πŸ’•πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

  6. I will foot your foot if you don’t hit that LIKE BUTTON, Mommy
    BTW, I made a map just like this. Hit me up if u wanna play or you smell like Cheese Kurtz

  7. If you sub to make I will sub to make oh and make sure you hit the like button on this video ssunde is a good youtuber

  8. 0:01 I swear this dude just said sigil and biffles like really I've been watching SSundee for since he was at 2.3 million subs and I've never heard a mistake like this… It's sigils and Biffle if you didn't know why I wrote this comment

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