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How’s it going guys, thanks so much for
checking out the review. I’m excited to say that I’ll be giveaway
a copy of SteamWorld Quest to one lucky viewer on the game’s release date. If you’d like to enter be sure to check
out the link in the description after watching this video. Now on with the review! Image & Form Games is quickly becoming one
of those special types of game studios that despite not leaving their core series property,
keeps successfully reinventing it into different genres. SteamWorld Tower Defense was a solid tower
defense game, SteamWorld Heist combined the ip with Xcom like gameplay but in 2D and of
course the Dig series brought it all into the metroidvania genre. Now with SteamWorld Quest, the series dips
its toes into the role-playing card genre and to my shock, it works out really well! As for how SteamWorld Quest relates or stands
in the timeline of Steamworld games, I’ll leave that up to you find out. It’s a story element that I don’t want
to spoil for anyone. The general overview though is that the evil
dark lord is going around the world destroying civilizations while kidnapping all of the
guild heroes that were meant to protect the world. With towns being burned down and the heroes
all gone, it’s up to you to save the day. Who are you though? Well, you play as a group of misfit heroes
from all different paths of life and as you continue on your adventure, new allies join
your mission. Armilly is a noble hero in the making with
dreams of being just like her favorite hero, Gilgamech. Copernica, on the other hand, is a mage that
dropped out of college to pursue her studies in the real world, using her powers to better
the world. Lastly, there’s Galleo who craftsman living
with his mom but pretty much using an excuse available to leave it. He’s a bit of a brute but also has a soft
side with his pet bird on his shoulder helping him relax. Those are just some of the early characters
you’ll be able to control and it’s amusing to see their personalities clash. They often create these humorous interactions
in pretty serious moments. In that essence, the writing still feels very
much intact or connected to other Steam World games. The gameplay might be different, but the general
flare that these stories give off is still here. Over the 20 hour campaign, give or take a
few hours depending on your own skill level, I had a lot of fun being taken on this wild
adventure. As someone that has played the other SteamWorld
games before, there’s a lot of neat references to those other games along with other types
of pop culture media. From a gameplay standpoint, SteamWorld Quests
manages to stay approachable while arguably being the most complex in mechanics for the
series. Forget what you’ve come to know from previous
titles outside of their stories and mythology became gameplay here is completely new. At its heart, it’s a turn based rpg complete
with dungeon exploring and a card battle system. You’ll control your team of misfit heroes
that grows in size as you continue on your adventure. Your journey will take across all sorts of
terrains from the forest, deep caves to the snowy tundra. Each terrain acts as a dungeon with new types
of monsters to fight and puzzles to solve. Like most rpgs, fighting monsters comes down
to just running into them or attacking them. However, I think the hit detection could use
some work. There were a lot of times where I thought
I’d be able to hit an enemy to get the jump on them only to miss and get attacked myself. As for the puzzles, they focused on finding
a missing item or activating a switch of sorts to get something opened. Not too complicated in terms of difficulty
but some added variety to the combat and just walking through the terrain. The real attraction in the gameplay comes
from the card mechanics. Let’s talk the battle part first. When entering a battle you’re presented
with your deck at the bottom of the screen. Each card is tied to a specific character
so the blue cards can only be activated by Copernica for example. Each character also has their own health stats
and if one of them falls in battle, then their cards are essentially clutter to you until
they can be revived. Now each of the cards has a number on their
upper left. These tell you how much gear pressure you
need to activate them. That gear pressure needed is built up by using
lower tier cards as they fill up the gauge at the top of the screen. It may sound a bit complicated in explanation
but in practice, it’s pretty easy to get a grasp on. It ends up creating this strategy of packing
on lower level cards so you can combo together more pressure to use your higher level cards. Furthermore, using three cards from the same
character creates a chain that unlocks bonus effects whether it’s a shield for your team
or maybe another attack. That then ties over to the being able to discard
two cards for new cards with every turn, letting you continue chaining for bonus attacks. All in all, it’s a battle system that integrates
into pretty much every nook and cranny, it’s all connected. That ultimately creates openings for creative
strategy in battle, it’s a lot of fun. It continues on with the rpg mechanics because
you have craft these cards too. Using different materials that you gather
from chests and battles, you can create brand new cards in shops to be added to your deck. It’s another part of the game you have to
manage because each character can only have 8 cards active at once. That means you have to carefully manage each
part of your deck to make sure you don’t end up with hands that only require high gear
pressure. It’s a balance you have to maintain. In addition to the cards, you have your traditional
rpg mechanics. Characters can level up as well as use equipment
and weapons to better their battle stats. It ultimately fuses together with the card
strategy making to make a complex but marvelous system. Throughout the 20 hour campaign, I had a blast
taking on enemies that slowly up the difficulty, pushing me to more cleverly design my card
deck. As for post-campaign content, there is a bit
of challenge content post game but nothing that I’d really say reinvigorates playing
as much as the initial playthrough. When you first start SteamWorld Quest, it’s
presented as a storybook and if anything really sells that imagery it’d be the art style. Just about everything in the campaign is hand
drawn art. The environment is made in multiple layers
like an advanced photoshop project. The last layer is blurred out to give a nice
depth of field effect while things in the foreground are in focus. That attention to detail is elaborated in
how things are drawn too. For example, you can make out a lot more of
the grain on an image in the foreground while something in the background has a bit of a
watercolor effect on it. In all of this are the characters that are
always kept sharp and in focus, regardless if playable or not. The combination of this artistic design along
with the subtle lighting effects, really help solidify this as an interactive storybook
come to life. The slight glow coming from a hand-drawn flame,
makes it feel much more lifelike and I love it. As for the animation, it’s more along the
lines of animating the individual limbs of each character rather than the whole character
itself. It gives the entire project this whole puppet
theater like effect but it all comes together well. Accompanying the fantasy adventure setting
is a soundtrack that beautifully meshes together with the environment. Walking through the forest you’ll this warm
and light sounding flute that feels so calming. Leisurely pacing through the forest just feels
peaceful with this music. That then transitions over to a slower paced
drum beat the deeper you get into the caves of the forest. These two then sort of mix together to create
the battle music when you run into an encounter. It’s a great sounding soundtrack that despite
listening to it for 20 hours, never really grew out of it. As for the sound design, I thought it was
also well done. Outside of combat just about everything gets
some sort of effect attached to it. Walking, opening the menu which also happens
to be a book or just slashing at the air all get a nice effect. I especially enjoyed the effect attached to
when characters speak. It reminds me of classic rareware games from
the N64 era. I usually think games that try to go for that
style can easily make them charming or annoying, luckily SteamWorld Quest is the former. Sadly there doesn’t seem to be any major
use of hd rumble with this title so on that front it’s a little disappointing. It doesn’t take away from the overall quality
of the presentation but it’s weird for it not be on a Switch launch exclusive. SteamWorld Quest is another example of Image
and Form Games being able to dip their toes into a vastly different genre than before
and still somehow nail the Steamworld take on it. Just how Mario is able to transition from
platformer to racer to sports to rpg, SteamWorld has proven so far that it can do the same. Story-wise it adds a welcome layer of mythology
to the series lore. The gameplay is presented in a lovely style
that manages to be approachable yet still also be the most complex mechanics in the
series. Regardless if this is your first time in the
genre or just a fan of the other steamworld games, I think this 20-hour adventure is worth
going on.

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  1. This looks fantastic and I love this series! Too bad I suck at strategy games… But hey, I might buy it just because it's SteamWorld. Gotta have the whole collection ya know? ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Yo! It's been a while!(busy @ work) Love this review, as well as the others. I've been keeping up with your videos but haven't commented in a while. Keep it up Luis! You've maintained the quality & love in your content, just hoping you continue to rise in viewership as well & recognition! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ

  3. Not sure what to think about this game, Xcom was one of those games I got interested in playing. Ill give this a go, maybe i'd like it.

  4. Thanks for this information. Im not so good in English but i love all Nintendo's but ny favoritt is the switch. I have not Nintendo switch but my freinds have bit not me i will have the switch beacuse i have not money to buy me a switch. And sorry for i not can follow you on Facebook i have not Facebook sry. And if i win my E-mail is jonfager[email protected]

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