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  1. 0:52 – "Marching orders from my therapist and my husband were, do not read the comments online. So I read all the comments online. And so one morning I woke up and there were two or three new articles out and I started reading the comments. And they were devastating they weren't about my work they were about me they were super personal. And they were the things that creative people play in their mind and then give up doing what they really want to do." — Brene Brown

    "Hey, There's a One-liner for THAT"

    "Winners never quit and quitters never win." — Vince Lombardi

    "You haven't failed until you quit, therfefore, never quit."


    "STEP Into the ARENA!" — Brene Brown

  2. Maaan so true, I've been putting off putting up prices and such for my art, and like how am I supposed to sell if I never even put my product out? I've also wanted to put my face out there in content, and I didn't want to cause something as simple as a haircut. So I got the haircut, and I've updated some things, but haven't made any videos. Time to change that. And my prices I've been putting off cause I feel "just one more piece" cause I feel like my skill isn't good enough. How will I know if I never try? Thanks for the content, Evan. 🙂

  3. Another great video Evan!

    Now, nothing is preventing me of continue doing now what I started. A Youtube channel. Im doing my regular job, so i want to have more time in my day… But unfortunately i need to sleep… Hehehe
    Anyways, I'll be looking how to fix my schedule, and see how to take care of everything.

  4. Wow that third one really hit it, loved it. "If your not in the arena also getting your as kicked, i am not interested in your feedback"
    Another shot! awesome video, thanks. #BTA23

  5. GREAT thanks alot namaste,word to word, great,100/,I just wanted to say, SAR jee, you are GREAT, and those GREAT Respected people you introduce Great, thanks alot namaste

  6. I'm afraid of death as there are so many things I want to accomplish in life. P.s really enjoy your content and your character bro. Big love!

  7. if you are not in the arena fighting the same fight I am, then definitely I do not care about your opinion.
    "Worse than the sadness of not having won is the shame of not having fought! (Rui Barbosa – Brazilian diplomat 1849 – 1923)"

  8. From a letter to my son:
    Everything you do, every decision that you make is either building your dream or building someone else’s dream. Every single thing you do is either leading you away from the masses, the 95% crowd, or leading you toward the masses. Every single thing you do is a slight edge decision. The right thing to do is easy… So is not doing it. Success is the culmination of making a lot of right decisions, little, day by day decisions. Failure is the culmination of not making the right little decisions. The choice is yours. It’s called discipline when you choose correctly.
    The last thing I want to share with you in this session is “DIS”. Not this. DIS. In the year 2016, one of the more popular misuses of the English language is the term “dis”. Do you know where I’m coming from? Do you “see” what I’m sayin’? Dude! What up, Bro? I’m telling you these things because you grew up in my crib. In my day, we never used phrases like these. It is a RIP OFF (oops) of the English language. In any case, to “dis” someone means to disrespect them. I’d like to alert/warn you about people that will “dis” you.
    The first thing that you need to comprehend and NEVER forget is to “seize the data”. The data tells us that 19 out of 20 people that you meet are not successful. One way that people try to elevate themselves, in their own minds at least, is to put someone else down. That will be the motivation for some of the 19 people that “dis” you. Another factor is that, by definition, if the 19 people knew how to be successful they would be the 1 out of 20 and not part of the 19.
    SPECIAL WARNING: You must be especially careful of the people that love you the most! I say this to you because these loved ones are sincere and they really think that they are helping you. The problem is that they don’t have the knowledge to be the 1, the 5%er. They are giving you advice based on what they think they KNOW and from what they have learned from the 95% crowd. Sincerity sells. Don’t get sold. Find a worthy mentor (a 5%er) that has done what you want to do and copy their success. That will expedite your journey on the road to success. REMEMBER it is OK to be a copycat if you COPY THE RIGHT CAT!
    You see, Eli, years ago, when people received a burn, the general thinking was that the first thing that you should do is to put butter on the burn. Well, it turns out that putting butter on a burn is about the worst thing that you can do. Doctors tell us that putting water on a burn is the right thing to do. So people that don’t really know, that have your best interests at heart, can give you some very bad advice. Don’t allow yourself to get “burned” by that bad advice. Follow the advice of the “doctor”, the 5%er, and not the 95%ers.
    Don’t allow yourself to become dis-heartened. Or let anyone sell you short by saying you have dis-ability. One of the things that separates the 5%er from the 95%er is HOW they think and use their brains (and their subconscious minds). It is NOT the hardware that separates the 1 from the 20, it is the software. You have the ability.
    5%ers do the things that the 95%ers don’t feel comfortable doing. Don’t let the 19 sway you by talking about dis-comfort. Or that you might feel dis-stress. What you are feeling is not stress, it is the feeling you get when you stretch your abilities to their maximum potential. What they call stress the 5%er calls excitement. In Chinese, the word ‘crisis’ has two meanings. It means both danger and opportunity. It depends on how you look at things, doesn’t it? If your most recent experiment didn’t work that’s GREAT. You were just repositioned (by the Universe) to try something else to help you move forward.
    Go the dis-tance. Dis-cover new ways at looking at things. Change your paradigm. A failure will not dis-illusion you but only strengthen the illusion of your vision. Keep a singular focus. Don’t get dis-tracted. Success is the progressive realization of a worthy idea. The price of neglect is much greater than the price of dis-cipline. You will surely experience the pain of dis-cipline or the pain of regret.

  9. Evan: "Enough of this! We are going to film you. We are going to put you in front of the camera!" (Can't stand that someone is not living the life of his/her dreams.) Amazing, as always. 🙂 Thank you for the inspiration. #BTA62<3

    P.s. Was that Lily at 10:20 passing by? 😀

  10. Hi Evan. Your videos are very often perfect timing. Thank you. As for being afraid…I am not. It is a process that takes time and I am determined to enjoy the process no matter what those not in the arena say! Have a nice day!

  11. I love Brene's message…her passion far exceeds any doubt or negative impact…"Stepping into the Arena" is personified by her story. We all are battling in the arena…and we have respect for those we are battling with…the a$$ kickings we take from those in the arena, we almost enjoy! But the impact from those watching from the sidelines means very little…"This is who I want to be" and "If you are not in the arena also getting your a$$ kicked, I am not interested in your feedback" are the quotes that hit me hardest. Thanks for the content…and the Entpresso #moveyournumbertoday #service #BTA5

  12. Hi Evan, thank you for your video. I want to start my own channel teaching yoga and this is exactly what I am afraid of, the opinion of others. But now after watching your video I think most of the time what's holding us back is our own thinking.

  13. Thank you for this encouragement. The voices of those who said I would fail still become louder in my head than those who encourage me. I appreciate this reminder.

  14. SHOW UP & PARTICIPATE – DO WHAT YOU LOVE, sooner or later "something" will come out, 😉 … (and don't think and talk too much about it )! Thanks for the great video, Evan !

  15. Well, I would say that I don't want to show all of myself to the world (more in a deep emotionall kind of way that art tends to so) and that has prevented me from doing some things in the past. Since then I've learned that I will get used to things if I just keep doing them. It is part of the reason that I am doing what I am on youtube.

  16. I definitely agree with you. I have always feel like that I will not succeed my goals in life. But I will definitely fight all of my doubts and hatred.

  17. I want to pick a word that inspires me to greatness. I've been binge watching your channel and there is so much amazing and inspirational content. I've come to the realization that my fear has two words that have become overwhelmingly powerful… failure and rejection.

  18. I prevented myself from performing and sharing on social media out of the worry that my teachers and people that I care about would think that what I do isn't good enough. I'm afraid it will come back to haunt me.

  19. Hey Evan.
    Hmmm, loved all of her points.
    What held me back, in the past, was Fear. Gear of not doing it right, fear of what others would say, fear of the critics, etc… However, I AM NO LONGER AFRAID. And I NO LONGER CARE WHAT ANYONE THINKS. THIS IS FOR ME.
    #BLESS you Evan.

  20. Brene Brown is one of the best to listen to because everything she has to say is based on extensive research, so you know she's the real deal. Big fan!

  21. Evan, I can relate to your friend's fears of blowback from peers on social media. I've felt those same fears, more specific to nervousness about colleagues from my primary gig. Those fears have proven totally unfounded so far, but I still encounter the nervousness from time to time.

    Also, Brene Brown is a bad ass. Her Ted Talks are incredible.

  22. Hey I love your videos, so motivational . I have a very serious question. If someone is from the minority group in the country like Pakistan, and people have hatred for you on your belief, religion, sect etc. In this manner how would a person can flourish his entrepreneurial business.

    I would appreciate if you can make a video on it

  23. I think I allow myself to get held back in the same way your friend did. I have my YouTube channel and business idea, but I’m still fearful someone from my hometown will watch my videos and rip them apart or laugh at me. Thank you for sharing that story and for your bit of advice… you’re completely right. Sometimes, despite having those fears, you have to ask if you’d rather stay fearful and reserved or let yourself shine. 😁

  24. Oh Evan, Thank you so much for this one!!! Brené is one of my greatest Heros. Exactly this kept me from being in the Arena myself for a long, long time. Step by step I'm changing this and YES! I succeed!
    Have you also made a video about Dr. Steven Gundry? I recently discovered him and sinds I follow his healthy tips to eliminate lectins out of my food for a great deal, I feel much fitter… 
    With gratitude, Brigitte

  25. this speech is turning point for me, i feel this is it. even though it doesnt gurantee success,it gave me wisdom and courage to fallow my heart. thank you. wonderful

  26. It took me a long time to figure out why I wanted to start a youtube channel and share my challenge videos. And just recently I started to understand that it has got a lot, if not all to do with what Brene Brown stands for: "vulnerability is power" – "daring greatly" – "step into the arena and get dirty".
    I call it "the behind the scenes". I might do a challenge on waking up early for a month, but I'm not so much interested in strategies as I am in what it does to my psyche and to me as a person. And I love sharing that, because, aren't we all Human. Isn't it always so comforting to see someone else being Human as well 😉 And than we call it BRAVE. You are so brave for being you, for being honest and showing the less "perfect" parts of the journey. And I'm like: OF COURSE, that is the only place where it is actually INTERESTING 😉 That is where all humans can finally meet each other. 🙂
    Quite passionate about that! 😀

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