Built from a white plastoid composite worn
over a vacuum-sealed body glove, Imperial Stormtrooper armor was issued by the Imperial
army, and was heavily standardized among infantry, with rank signified by a color coded pauldron
worn over the right shoulder. Though the armor was vulnerable to direct
hits from plasma blasts, it offered the wearer versatile protection from harsh environments
and blast shrapnel. The reinforced combat helmet featured an integrated
comlink, a filtration system that extracted breathable atmosphere from polluted environments,
and a visual processor that aided visibility through glare and smoke, as well as including
a built-in heads-up display that provided targeting diagnostics. The standard utility belts were equipped with
a variety of features including a compact toolkit, power packs, rations, as well as
a pair of macro binoculars and a grappling hook. Stormtroopers were expected to remain in uniform
at all times, as it was considered essential for representing the Empire in professional
manner. By wearing one’s armor, one represented the
Empire, not the individual.

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  1. Yo, were just busy or did you run out of topics to talk about?
    lmao but anyways, may I suggest Yondu's Yaka Arrow from GotG/2?

    Oh, and welcome back! ^_^

  2. Star wars logic:if your a main character stormtrooper can't hit you

    Also if they have targeting diagnostics why do they suck at aiming

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