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Wakey, wakey. Oh. Good morning. Hey, guys,
it’s the cast ofStranger Things.-Hi!
-Woo-hoo!Please welcomeCary Elwes and Dacre Montgomery.Thanks, MTV, for having us back. Enjoy the ride, everybody. We just did press in Poland. -Japan.
-Rome. We just landed in Korea. I feel like a YouTube vlogger. Come over here. There it is. Oh, it’s recording. I’m a real… Hi! Paparazzi, stop. I don’t understand anything. This is like my mind. Come on, what did you think
you were gonna get with me? -Hi, Caleb.
-What’s up? Welcome to New York.
You’ve never been here before. It’s funny, ’cause, you know,
he’s from here. I don’t know if you can tell
by the sirens and horns, but we’re in New York City. I love New York. Hot dogs, soft serve, and pizza. I’m gonna just keep this in your face
the entire day, okay? I got a picture with Noah! We’re about to doCarpool Karaoke.Yeah, so we’re gonna be wax figures
with Jimmy Fallon. We’re at theToday Show.We’re going to an improv show. -Dab.
-Truth or dab? What am I doing? Oh, my God, I feel like a vlogger. We’re missing Caleb. Caleb! Now I’m on camera
and I want attention, too. So we just did Truth or Dab. This is gonna be a great summer. I mean, I’m busy the whole time,
but I’m so excited for it. It’s Day 7,
we’re getting ready to go to Korea, and I’m already tired from that flight.
How long is that flight? It’s, like, 20 hours. Hey, guys. We just landed in Korea. It is 5:41 in the morning. I’m a day ahead. Where are we today? We’re at the K-Pop Experience. We’re about to learn one of their dances. One and two and. One more time. Dude, he’s like, “No.” He’s only looking at me,
if you guys noticed. We are riding bikes
at the Imperial Palace. We’re at a robot show
or something like that. I found these green sneakers. So I’m really excited
to see this toy shop. I have a younger sister,
so I’m ready to shop for her. Wow! Give me a hug! -Thank you.
-It was very good to meet you! And Steve. Oh, my goodness! Oh, I have to get this. Leonardo DiCaprio’s face. Yes. This is my favorite part of the store.Konnichiwa,Japan. I think one of my favorite things
aboutStranger Thingsis that it’s reached globally everywhere. And to come to Japan and to experience everyone
and how much they love the show is just… It means the world to me, and it’s kind of the best reward
I could get for being on the show. Hey, guys! How’s it going?
It’s your girl, Jessica Marie Garcia, and it is pandemonium
here on the carpet forStranger Things
Season 3 world premiere. Just the biggest night there is
in Hollywood right now, no big deal. Every year, they seem to just
kind of amp it up. Crazy, now it’s like we’re at the Oscars. You pink dream. I can’t handle it. Thank you. What’s the deal with… I’m just gonna
go out there and do stand-up.Cześć.I mean, come on. Here in Poland. Excited. We’re driving to the music festival here. Open’er Festival. We get to do… questions live. Welcome to our arcade in Gdynia. I’m Millie Bobby Brown. And I’m Gaten Matarazzo. I just want to play games. How do you say hello in Poland?Ahoa?I’m gonna go withhej.
Just in case I mess it up. –Cześć.
-Perfect. -It’s like “trash.”
-“Chest?” –Cześć.
Cześć.Cześć.Cześć!Cześć!Cześć!-We figured it out.
Cześć.Cześć.-No. Absolutely not.
-No. I don’t do any of that.
It’s all you. We just did press in Poland.
It was awesome. Then we’re going to France tomorrow. With baguettes, baby. This isn’t the real premiere.
Because it’s out. -Shall we?
-Yeah, let’s do it. Charlie, oh, my God! -We’re here for a marathon premiere.
-Yeah. It came out today and… It’s been a long wait. We’re happy to be here. They’re watching the whole thing. Right? The entire season tonight. -Yeah, you won’t leave your seat.
-Yeah. That’s a cut, guys. Keep recording. Keep recording. Never stop. We only have a few hours left. We’re in Rome. There’s Caleb. -Hello.
-Hello. It’s very beautiful. I love this city. One to you. Oh! He won! Yeah! Yeah! Cheers, man. -Rome, Italy.
Roma.Amazing. Are you loving Italy? I am. I’m loving Italy so much. It makes me sad that I have to leave these beautiful countries, but I’m ready to go home. Gaten, jump in the pool!
Just do it. This is Caleb and Gaten at theStranger ThingsWorld Tour,
signing off. Okay, guys, get funky. Editors, I hope you’re having fun
going through my bullsh*t. I think we should snuggle. Is this okay with you guys? That was somebody off the street.
I don’t know her name. Whatever. I’m trying to figure out different looks for different events
for the rest of the press tour. I’m wearing a lot of clothes.
Right, Lulu? Bye. Oh, my God! Yeah! Wait! It’s Centineo. -Then he gets stuck.
-It’s Centineo. “I will argue!” Is everyone good with these pictures? Absolutely. No, those are perfect. Diction is done with the tip of the tongue
and the teeth. I’m ordering McDonald’s here in Korea. Tastes the same. -I might.
-I’m really caffeinated right now. -Okay.
-And so I’m gonna be really jittery. Sounds like you are. Yeah. Yay! No, it’s… I saw… And now you know what it’s like
to live with this human. This is Caleb and Gaten at theStranger ThingsWorld Tour,
signing off. -And then fall back.
-Okay. Who’s doing what hand? -We’ll do right hand.
-You know, I can’t just jump in. This is Caleb and Gaten at theStranger ThingsWorld Tour,
signing off. -Right hand.
-One more time. …signing off. Signing… One more time, one more time.
I got you. I think it’s the real one.
This time’s for real. This is Caleb and Gaten…
This is stranger– This is the last one. This is it. Cameras are rolling. Action. This is Caleb and Gaten at theStranger ThingsWorld Tour,
signing off. Yeah! Goddamnit! Come here!

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