Summer & Fall Wrap-Up [CC]

I’m filming this again because the first time I had like forty-five minutes of footage. There’s no way I’m going to [cut] that down to 10 minutes so let’s do this! Hi guys! Welcome back to my channel! So today’s video is going to be a very long wrap-up! Oh, and before I get started, I’m sorry if I sound a little bit nasally. I’m still recovering from a pretty bad cold so my voice is probably going to sound like this throughout the next couple of videos, but anyway! So I’m going to get started and share my thoughts on some of the books that i have read for the past couple of months. So first I’m going to start out with Colleen Hoover. I read two of her books, and the first one is Maybe Someday. I ended up giving this a 4 out of 5 stars. If you don’t know what this is about, basically it is about this girl named Sydney who discovers one day that her boyfriend is cheating on her with her best friend/roommate and she is forced to move out and live with a neighbor. And ~romance~ happens of course because this is the new adult romance book. I will say, though, I did have some issues with this book. I did find it a bit problematic to say the least and I really did struggle trying to level out my rating for enjoyment with my critical (kind of?) rating because SPOILER ALERT Skip to this part (1:53) if you don’t want to know what goes on in this book! Basically the main love interest in this is someone with a girlfriend and he finds himself falling in love with Sydney who is not his girlfriend. I had an issue with that. Yeah, I definitely don’t recommend it if cheating is something that you don’t like (who does like cheating though?) because even though it did make me think I still was very conflicted I’m not gonna lie. But it was fun. I definitely see why people like Colleen Hoover. And I’m definitely happy that I read this first because if I had read the other book, which I’m going to talk about right now…the second book that I read by Colleen Hoover is Confess and I did not like this. I think I ended up giving this a two-star [rating]. I didn’t like this. I had a lot problems with it. Okay, well, first let me tell you guys what it’s about, and then I’ll go on my rant. It is about a girl named Auburn? Yeah, Auburn. She moves to Austin or somewhere in Texas and is trying to make a new life for herself and she ends up finding a job – which by the way there’s so much sh*t in this book that’s so not believable or like a little bit too convenient for me and that was one of the things like the way she found that job was too f*cking ridiculous even given the circumstances – but anyway she finds a job in this art studio and she ends up kind of get attracted to the artist at this art studio. However, there’s a lot of hidden secrets and things that both of them are hiding from each other and it’s just – honestly, I had a lot of problems with this book but I feel like the biggest problem that I had with it was the romance. It felt very one-sided and not very real. Again, SPOILER skip this part (4:03) if you don’t want to know about it but the main love interest in this basically fell in love with her way before he even talked to her. He fell in love with her by listening to conversations she had with her now dead ex-boyfriend so I was not a fan of this romance. And her character was also incredibly passive, which I kind of get where it’s coming from because things have been this way for her since she was very young so I can kind of understand why her character would be the way that she is when [this way of thinking] been of ingrained in her since she was like what 16? I think it was 15 or 16… but I still found it incredibly frustrating the cop in this ヽ(ಠ_ಠ)ノ I just had a lot of problems with this, honestly. I’m not a fan of it i love the cover, but I just – NO. If you want to [get] into CoHo, I definitely recommend [Maybe Someday] over [Confess]. Although…both of them are problematic. I can definitely see why people both love and hate these books. So far I feel like I’m somewhere in between. Next up are two more contemporary romances. These are YA, though. On the Fence by Kasie West. Kasie West actually came to my city a little while ago so I was trying to read a couple of her books before I went to see her. I’m pretty sure I’ve read all of her contemporaries that are out with the exception of The Distance Between Us. I think that’s the one that I haven’t read yet. [On the Fence] I really enjoyed. It’s about a 16-year-old named Charlie who is being raised by her single dad [along with] her brothers. Long story short, she ends up falling for her brother’s best friend/her neighbor. I definitely enjoyed this one more than The Fill-In Boyfriend. I definitely like the family aspects that were written in here. I do wish that they were expanded on a little bit more and I do feel like certain things were a little bit too convenient towards the end. But overall really fluffy sweet contemporary

11 thoughts on “Summer & Fall Wrap-Up [CC]

  1. Oh my gosh I actually had to read that book (We Should All Be Feminists) for my literature class! On a side note, I really like your videos! I found your channel about a month ago and it's made me want to get back into reading!

  2. I haven't read a Kasie West book before but I've been wanting to! P.S. I Like You sounds like a really cute read and I'm glad to hear that you really liked it!

  3. If you're looking for an empowering book, I just finished one yesterday because I've needed it too, its The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer

  4. Thx for the warning regarding Maybe Someday. I was planning on eventually reading this but I really do hate things like that (don't want to spoil anyone) and now I can gi e it to someone who still has interest in it.

  5. my dad's cheating on my mum & even hearing the description of that book made me uneasy so i respect that you had issues with it 🙁

  6. I loved We Should All Be Feminists. I'm currently reading The Thing Around Your Neck for school and I decided to write my final essay on her works so I'm also reading Purple Hibiscus soon too. So far I am loving her books <3

  7. I really havent read ya contemporary in ages, unless its got a gay relationship it doesn't interest me anymore. I didn't like Confess much either but the artwork in it was amazing.

  8. "P.S I Like You" is one of my favorite books I read this year and I'm dying to read Kasie West's other books. I love how you read manga! I need to read more of them.

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