8 thoughts on “Super Fantasy Ugly Snouts Assault Final Thoughts

  1. Also there's the situation of 'monster can reach A or B'. The 'always go for the closer one' seems like it should only apply if the monster can't reach anyone, otherwise they should just evenly split themselves up (a lot of games do this already), or roll randomly to make them unpredictable.

    If you don't like the game randomly ending when you run out of time, you could try houseruling that it's not a 'game over' timer, it's a 'bad stuff' timer. Like once the timer is over, you can no longer respawn. Could add a lot of tension, so there's no 'Oh man, we can't possibly win in two turns' let down, and it instead becomes 'Oh man,we only have one more shot after two turns!'.

  2. Nice job.  

    I've played scenario 1 solo two times now and have not come even close to winning.  I do wonder how well it scales down to 2-3 players.

  3. Maybe they went for simplicity in the monster AI. I think designers for cooperative dungeon crawlers have to juggle complexity/fiddliness and depth/richness of gameplay. I would err on the side of more complexity for depth rather than less in order to make a game interesting to play.

  4. Thanks for the video! I just found out about this game and I'm scouring the internet looking for a copy to get my hands on, NO ONE HAS IT IN STOCK!!! Such a shame, because it's such a great looking game. 

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