“Supercrash” by Darryl Cunningham (2014) review (a.k.a. “The Age of Selfishness”)

[Book cover of graphic novel “Supercrash” by Darryl Cunningham (2014) – comic review from comics recommendation list]Now, let’s talk aboutSupercrashby Darryl Cunningham. Which is also known hasThe Age of Selfishness. Many of the books that I’m discussing in these videos – appeal to me because they’re sodifferentto the kind of comics that I draw. For example, Frank Miller’sSin Cityis so different to anything I could produce myself, and that’s why I like it. On the other hand, I really like Darryl Cunningham’s comics because they’re so close to what I try to achieve with my own work. In a nutshell, this book is about the global financial crisis, and the libertarian philosophy that spawned it – which was highly influenced by the writings of Ayn Rand. My favourite part of this book is the first section, where Daryl presents an 80 page biography of Ayn Rand’s life and career. The storytelling technique is mostly a chronological, fact-by-fact account of her life. But then at the end of the section, Darryl makes it so clear that he has chosen her as the subject of his biography, because her worldview is so appalling to him. And then he lets loose with a 10-page condemnation of Ayn Rand’s philosophy. It’s a powerful section. We see Darryl’s point-by-point condemnation of her hypocrisy, and the inconvenient facts about her lifestyle that she chose not to declare or acknowledge. Throughout this section, the strongly-worded sentences are juxtaposed with orange-and-red illustrations of New York’s buildings. I remember the first time I read this section, it really gripped me, and I thought it was such a strong conclusion. Especially when you compare it to the deliberately dry and restrained storytelling that he’d used up until that point. So, what I’m saying is that if you likemycomics, and if you likemyworldview, check out Darryl Cunningham’s comics. The book that I’m talking about is either calledSupercrash, orThe Age of Selfishness, depending on which country you live in – it was released with different titles in different countries. But besides this book, get your hands on anything else that you can by British cartoonist Darryl Cunningham.[title music: “Bunny” by Screamfeeder]

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