Surgeons Halls #Museum – Part 2 – Two Exhibits

I’m very excited to be inside the
Surgeons’ Hall Museum I’ve been studying medicine for many years just to see what
specimens they have in this hall you’re the heritage director of this
museum yeah everyone has a favorite tell me
your favorite I should say really I am told stories really when people come in here certainly from outside This is not my favorite I should say that there are two and I will tell you my favorite but one of them is everybody come in and ask where the Burke’s skin book is? There is a book made from the skin of the Irish guy the murderer I’ve heard of this. This is the Burke and Hare Exhibit These were two notorious notoriously famous
murders during the time where the trade of medical body parts was at its peak and
here we have the Burke’s books of Burke was hanged of course he was got he got
caught and he was hanged and they publicly dissected him and they used the
skin to make the cover of that book everyone comes here who’s heard of the book and the story comes to see that that but mine is something slightly different which it’s a skull from Highlander
anonymous Highlander was at the Battle of Culloden in you know the Jacobite
risings and who was actually shot through the head is a there’s a musket
ball entry and exit wound and it’s it was found on the battle field just you know a few years
after the battle allegedly and as we’ve done some work on it done 3D scans on it and they started Scotland say that it is one of the very few that exists so having been in the military storing before coming over here
I am kind of drawn to those sorts of objects and we have quite a lot of objects on about the battle wars and all these other places and you can always find something new and
interesting and that particullar one is of interest to me personally but I think
when anybody the comes here there are thousands of object on display they will find something that draws them in this is the exhibit that Chris Henry finds the most interesting because he used to be an arms curator in London
alright let’s take a look here we’ve got a skull here with a hole in the front and
a hole in the back now this skull was found in a battlefield in in the highlands and it’s basically a musket ball pierced through
the skull there’s the entrance wound and exit wound and it’s quite fascinating
how big the hole is from a musket ball during that time even with me I don’t think you know this but I do collect I do have quite a massive collection of bayonets I think I have about 500, I also have a decent collection of knives well you may be interested in the military collections there’s a skull of a French soldier who’s at the battle of Bergen in 1799 he was
attacked by a man with cavalry wound who hits him on the head with a saber and they kind of are snapshots in history different things are people different
people but they really are and you know there’s so many different focal
wrongness and you can’t sort forget neither somebody died normally to give
us course one of these objects so we we always try to make sure that that
there’s a sense of a little sense of reverence about that the fact that there
were thousands and thousand thousand specimens each one associated with an
individual although who in some ways what this collection is

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