Survivor Of Sexual Assault Exposes Broken Justice System [INSIGHTS]

-This law
came from a very personal place. I…remember
walking out of the hospital, after my rape kit examination,
and feeling so alone. The crime scene is your body. It can last up to seven hours
it’s three to seven hours. Mine was six hours long. This is why this is a 
civil rights issue. In what other crime would you be
expected to pay for evidence
collection. In what other crime
would you have to fight to get access
to your own police report. I remember fighting the
Massachusetts criminal justice
system in trying to preserve my rape
kit from being destroyed. I had a choice: accept the
injustice or rewrite the law. So…I rewrote it. -She had…the tragic circumstance
of having been raped
in Massachusetts. And despite the state’s
twenty-year statute
of limitations for sexual assault, Amanda has had to return
to the same police station,
every six months. She has to relive the crime
that was committed against her, and hope that her evidence
is not destroyed. Fortunately, Amanda didn’t give
up. She decided this was wrong, she was going to
do something about it. When I heard her story, it’s
sadly not unlike many other
stories that I’ve heard over the years.
It was kind of a no-brainer to say, yes, you’re right,
we should do something
to address this. We need to make sure
that the system doesn’t re-victimize people who have
been through sexual assault. -We wrote… a civil rights bill
on the federal level and got it passed unanimously
in Congress, in the most partisan Congress
in history. 399-0 in the House
and 89-0 in the Senate. And the president
just signed this into law. Every 109 seconds, another
American becomes a victim of
sexual assault. That’s every 109 seconds. After all these survivors have
endured, the last thing they
should have to deal with
is a broken system. We’re trying to take this fight
into the states, and we’re trying to get
all fifty state houses to pass
this. It’s overwhelming…I witnessed
my own civil right be signed
into law.  -You know, I have three
daughters, and I have three
granddaughters. We need to change the culture
in this country around sexual
assault. It’s the most underreported,
under prosecuted crime. And we need to make sure that
future generations don’t have to go through
the trauma that Amanda and so many other
people have gone through.

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