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  1. If you or anyone you know needs help, you may reach out for support:

    Sexual Assault Care Centre
    6779 0282 (Mon-Fri, 10am-10pm)

    6226 2002 (Tue, Wed, Thu: 7pm-10pm; Sat: 2pm-5pm)


  2. The Ministry of Law has said that LGBT individuals will get the same protection from sexual violence as others, "Sexual orientation doesn't matter, who you are doesn't matter… if you are violently attacked… you can be sure that action has been taken," said Mr Shanmugam.

    Full article here:

  3. absolutely sucks that my only memory of sex education in sg was about periods and pregnancy. it really made me deny my sexual assault for a long, long time solely because i didnt know what to label it as. my heart goes out to all survivors, especially these four people in the video. thank you for bringing up awareness and for teaching more than schools ever did in regards to a taboo topic.

  4. Everyone is very brave in this interview. True survivor. Also, thank you for inviting a man to talk about his experiences. Because men can be the victims too, the public needs to know that

  5. Very relatable. Thank you for putting this out there. As a survivor myself, it was very moving (and validating) to hear from others.

  6. Thank you to these people for sharing. This has opened my eyes very much.

    That lady really needs to be casted as Jasmine in Aladdin…

  7. EVERYONE should watch this. The courage and candidness (not easy) demonstrated by these survivors are truly admirable. Thank you very much for sharing with us. Once again a brilliant video by OCS!

  8. Then again, it's very easy for people to play victims and accuse others of sexual assaults that never happen as an act of vengeance etc to . Especially if it's a female accusing a male, most of the time the male has no say. Even if proven innocent, he's also been persecuted by society. Frank advice to guys, keep your hands to yourself everywhere be it mrt, clubs wherever. Ensure proper consent, perhaps through text or something to ensure concrete evidence. Don't do anything while drunk or participate in stupid drinking games or dares. The law is not on your side so the only person who can protect you is yourself.

  9. Thank you for starting the conversation about a difficult subject!

    (For a split second, I thought you guys had Rupi Kaur in the video! They look so alike)

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