Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris – Developer confirmed! Multiplayer? Kirito only?

Hey everyone, Gamerturk here with a quick
Sword Art Online Alicization Lycoris update for you guys! Since the game was revealed after the Alicization
Episode 24 on Saturday, we had received no actual press release information, but today,
Bandai Namco has released the first Key Visual for Alicization Lycoris and shared a fact-sheet
for the game, which was quite significant, as well as 7 screenshots that look much better
than the ones you can take from the trailer on Youtube, since they don’t suffer from video
compression. You can click the twitter link in the pinned
comment to download the uncompressed pictures, but this video is all about the fact sheet
information. Going one by one, as was announced, the game
is coming out on Playstation 4, XBox One and PC via Steam and there is no announcement
of a Switch version. Also, since you guys keep asking about it,
there you go, there is no fixed Release Date information, however, in my Alicization Lycoris
video, I made an educated speculation on when it may be released, so I urge you to check
that video. The game will be a JRPG and as we can see
from the other information, Aquria, the developers behind Hollow Fragment and Hollow Realization
are thankfully returning for Alicization Lycoris. This is personally great news in my opinion,
since Aquria has always been the one developer studio that worked with incredible passion
for their Sword Art Online games, to improve upon their core concepts, as well as providing
a huge amount of content to sink into, so that is incredible news for an incredibly
ambitious project like Alicization Lycoris, that will be covering the entire Alicization
storyline, all the way from Volume 9, Alicization Beginning, to Volume 18 Alicization Lasting. But if you are a fan of Multiplayer, it doesn’t
seem like you are getting any of that, the press fact-sheet explicitly states 1-Player,
Offline. I wouldn’t be surprised if they eventually
get some Coop in like in Hollow Realization, but according to early information we have
at the moment, this is a purely single player game. The Rating of the game is pending, but we
can already see they are more or less aiming for a PG13 here, with trailer showcasing blood
effects, however Quinella appearing with her clothes on in the pre-rendered CGI trailer. The fact sheet is also still banking on that
“Kirito-only” specification, but it is also banking on the “faithful to the original work”
promise, so they need to compromise on one of those promises, as given the events of
Alicization, that is kind of an oxymoron, especially considering the second half of
Alicization, that is currently spoilers for you Anime Only audience, so I won’t be going
deeper into that. We have also seen various differences between
the Lycoris trailer and the main canon, so once again, I recommend you check out my Alicization
Lycoris Explained video, where I also highlighted that a “faithful to the main canon” does not
mean this game is not part of the gameverse. I have seen Havian jumping to that conclusion
based on the vague promise by Bandai to the story approach, so I just wanted to clarify
that. The premise of Alicization offers a variety
of Explanations for this story to easily fit into the Gameverse canon, despite the fact
that we met Eugeo and Alice in Hollow Realization and Fatal Bullet already. I’ll also share a reddit comment link, where
I gave a simple example as to how that is easily possible. Last but not least, the fact sheet states
that the word Lycoris in the title, uses its second meaning, the huricane lily flower,
and as the fact-sheet already tells you, it symbolizes passion, sad memories, re-union
and self-reliance, the core themes the game will be exploring. But that is all I got for you today, hope
you found this video helpful, if you did, likes are always appreciated. SAO Wikia and I are working closely to ensure
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