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It is my Calling to make these Explained videos
by the request of Stacia, the Goddess of Creation. And if you don’t watch the video, God of Darkness
Vecta will rise again. Here we go, finally, the first full trailer
for the upcoming War of Underworld sub-arc of Sword Art Online Alicization is here, along
with the key visual for the 3rd Cour, which will cover Volumes 15 & 16 respectively, Alicization
Invading and Exploding! We got a huge variety of scenes in the trailer
as well, so without wasting more time, welcome everyone, it’s me Gamerturk and this is Alicization
Explained, your best source of information on everything Sword Art Online! As always, you can find Timestamps to individual
points of this extended Trailer in the description to skip ahead to a certain moment that may
have sparked your attention. Much like the teaser, the trailer showcased
scenes from Volume 15 Alicization Invading, but had many more different scenes, including
scenes from Ocean Turtle. The Key Visual for Cour 3 however, showcases
things pretty much from the end of Volume 16, Alicization Exploding and I’ll talk more
about that in a bit. But if you are new to my Explained Series,
what I do here is essentially provide you all the vital information on Characters, Events,
Action, Lore from the source material, Light Novels, and provide some context to these
scenes from the trailer. But then again, if you want to read the books
yourself for the amazing experience, Amazon and Book Depository affiliate links are in
the description and the knowledge of Stacia awaits you there! Without further ado, we are starting with
a major spoiler warning. As the trailer showcases a lot of events,
and the Key Visual has… Well, latter Volume 16 stuff, if you do not
want any spoilers on what you see here, you have to turn away, now! We have translated the trailer with English
subs, so you can check that I guess, link in the description and pinned comment. If you want something non-spoilery, you should
check my Teaser Trailer Explained, as well as other videos. Don’t worry if you are unsure if a video of
mine has spoilers or not, I provide appropriate spoiler warnings in every video regarding
how much spoilers there will be. Secondly, if you are fine with spoilers, I
still recommend you watch my Teaser Trailer Explained, I will not repeat things I mentioned
there. My Alicization Invading Intro and What Happened
to Kirito video are also going to be useful for you, just pause this, watch them first,
and come back here if you prefer. Otherwise, let’s start off with the Key Visual! It looks absolutely gorgeous and portrays
the third cour quite well, aside from the fact that it feels too isolated. I was expecting the Key Visual for cour 3
to be filled with characters, since this is where the War begins and we got a dozen Integrity
Knights, a dozen Dark Territory generals and a dozen other vital characters, so I was kinda
surprised to see it was limited to Veggierito, Alice, Vecta and Stacia. But yeah, you already know about Kirito’s
condition that we have talked about in prior videos, along with him constantly clinging
onto the Night Sky Sword and the Blue Rose Sword. Alice has her eye back that we will talk about
from the trailer really soon. Now the topic of interest in this Key Visual
is of course the arrival of two gods of Underworld. The Key Visual portrays The Goddess of Creation,
the Superaccount Stacia’s arrival as Asuna logs into Underworld to save Kirito from his
Veggie state and assist the retrieval of Alice, however there are plenty of twists to that
plan once Asuna actually joins the simulation deep inside the Dark Territory. And yeah, that is pretty much the reason why
you can see the dark red Dark Territory skyline, with ragged mountains as that is where a majority
of the journey will take place after the initial start of the War on the Eastern Gate of the
Human Empire. The person on the top left is the Emperor
Vecta, the God of Darkness that was banished by the three Goddesses, Stacia, Solus and
Terraria into Dark Territory early in the legends of Underworld. Of course, these are mostly tales, as Vecta
is one of the 4 Super Accounts, just like Stacia, that our antagonist of the second
half of Alicization, Gabriel Miller, aka Subtilizer logs in with, to retrieve Alice for herself,
for reasons you will experience in possibly the first episode of War of Underworld. However, this picture does not do him much
justice, as he is showing too much emotion and his colors are distorted. His calm and icy blue eyes strongly emit an
aura of intimidation to everyone around him, but I’ll show you a better illustration during
Trailer Talk, which begins now! We start back on the Wheat Fields of outer
Rulid Village as Alice is taking care of Kirito. As Eldrie speaks, we get visuals from Centoria
and these are flashbacks of Alice, including Eldrie’s speech here. We see Alice taking Kirito away with her dragon
Amayori, while Eldrie’s speech is aimed towards Commander Bercouli, when the remaining awake
Knights regroup and receive a briefing from Bercouli himself as to what happened and what
they will keep doing after the demise of their Pontifex. While Alice shared every information with
Bercouli, as some of the information is too dangerous, such as Quinella brainwashing and
removing the memories of Integrity Knights, he does not divulge too much information on
this matter towards the Integrity Knights themselves and that is one of the main reasons
why Eldrie considers Kirito to be a criminal that needs to be eliminated. None of the Integrity Knights simply know
the truth behind what transpired that night, aside from Alice and Bercouli. And this will be one of the core themes of
War of Underworld as well, the tight rope Bercouli is walking with his decisions, on
what to share, what to not share, so the order of the Integrity Knights keep protecting the
humans in the wake of the upcoming war. You can also see when Eldrie is stepping up
to talk, the one in the back is Fanatio, who was healed by Cardinal already and left to
the Cathedral Garden, way before Cardinal was summoned into the battle up top. This is followed by some flashes that we saw
in the teaser as well, Alice looking at the Blue Rose Sword, and more instances from the
Battle of the Central Cathedral, as Kirito is struck by the Power Surge and Alice watching
it happen. Keep in mind that Alice is not fully conscious
in these instances but she is aware of certain things happening. She vaguely remembers some of his battle against
Quinella, as well as Kikuoka’s commands to Kirito that they need to go to the World’s
End Altar in the south. But again, we hear Alice’s inner monologue
here, Why did we endure so much suffering? Again, this is one of the core aspects of
War of Underworld, you will see Alice put on various tasks and various labels onto herself
to justify her existence, her survival etc as she is trying to make sense of all the
events that transpired and this will lead her to ideologically clash with various characters
as well. But this leads us to some more new footage,
we see Selka looking upwards, sadly, coping quite strongly regarding the fate of Eugeo
and Kirito, as well as cultivating a relationship with Alice Synthesis 30, accepting her as
her Sister despite Alice making it very clear that she was not the person who was taken
from Rulid, however, she is growing onto the idea of having Selka as her sister as well. Alice really values her time with Selka mainly
due to the scene we see following this, where we see Gasfut Zuberg, Alice Zuberg’s father,
banishing Alice from Rulid when she arrives after the battle due to her technically being
a criminal, despite having become an Integrity Knight. The reason for this also ties in deeply with
the Taboo Index, that the citizens still must obey, as well as how the perception of Authority,
as in who you see as “above you” and thus respect the words of, that will be deeply
explored in the early episodes of War of Underworld. Then we get some scenes from Ocean Turtle,
not much action will be happening here, however what happens here is deeply relevant to the
War of Underworld. Even the trailer is just an infodump, with
Kikuoka stating they knew about Project Alicization etc. The circumstance here is that both parties
are locked into their respective sections due to the lockdown. The attackers, led by Subtilizer, have the
Main Control Room under control in the bottom layer with STL Room One, with 2 available
STL Units, while Kikuoka, Asuna and others are in the Sub Con with STL Room Two next
to them, two STL Units present, one occupied by Kirito. Then we got more Underworld scenes, Veggierito
and Alice crying scene from the teaser and just to make it clear, no, Alice does not
have Romantic feelings for Kirito, she is just mentally being torn apart at the moment,
just check the Teaser Explained for more on that, and then we see Eldrie, begging Alice
to return to the Integrity Knights, as the war is closing fast. Alice refuses and keeps tending to Kirito
in a casual manner, we see Amayori here, her dragon and the key thing you should notice
is that Amayori no longer has the armor on. Usually, the Dragons of the Integrity Knights
are under an Art that keeps them tied to the Knight. Alice has refused to continue that tradition
and even took Amayori’s armor off to set her free, but she never went far away and stood
by Alice instead just outside of Rulid. Right after, we see Alice, still with her
eyepatch, rushing towards a location at night. This follows up on what you last saw in the
Teaser trailer, where she saw a huge fire towards Rulid and here, she is definitely
rushing towards there to check things out, as well as the End Mountains. Then again, a visual of Kirito and Asuna back
on the Ocean Turtle, the ring from Ordinal Scale in her finger of course, in a key moment
where she, and the others, decide on how to help Kirito and solve their current situation
that is about to break out in Underworld. And with the initials spelling out ALICE,
we see exactly what the current situation in Underworld is starting to look like, with
Gabriel Miller opens his cold blue eyes inside the Obsidia Palace as the God of Darkness,
Emperor Vecta, summoning his 10 generals. He did not dive alone though, so keep an eye
out for a familiar character who used the second STL Unit in the room to aid Subtilizer
in his plans. Then we cut back to Rulid, to Alice raising
her sword and you can see the clouds in the back already reflecting red due to the heavy
fire and Alice unleashing her Osmanthus Blade. We cut to the final text with both Alice and
Asuna shouting towards Kirito, which is a nice touch that Asuna specifically exclaims
Kirito-kun, while Alice simply shouts Kirito. And then, we get the same line we heard in
the very first teaser a couple months ago when Episode 24 aired, with Alice healing
her eye and tearing her eye patch out, stating she would fight for her own heart from now
on, as she dons her Integrity Knight armor once more. And the only thing I want to mention in this
bit is, solely because people love running wild with speculations, no, her eye will not
remain a different color. As you have seen in the key visual, it will
return to a normal color. Here, it’s merely an eye that has just been
healed, after it simply did not exist for an entire half a year give or take. This is literally just when she took out the
eye patch and Alice makes it very clear that it took her a couple of moments before her
healed eye properly adjusted while she fought. But yeah, that is all I have for you. If you made it this far, let me know what
you are most excited about! Alice’s journey, the new villain Subtilizer
aka Gabriel Miller, Asuna coming back into spotlight, more focus and background information
on a lot of Integrity Knights, as well as meeting new Integrity Knights, Renly and Sheyta
the Silent, maybe even the generals of the Dark Territory that you will get to meet? Personally, one of the Dark Territory generals
became one of my favorite characters, Vixur Ul Shasta, so I do recommend keeping an eye
out on him, you’ve already seen him before! Aside from that, we are only 200 subscribers
away from 25k subs, so let’s reach that goal! Please, do try to share this video with your
friends, share the hype around War of Underworld and let’s break that 25k milestone together! Alternatively, you can support on Patreon,
become a member, check out merch etc, but the current focus is that 25k, so save your
monies, push that subscriber barrier! Spread your passion for the most accurate
source of SAO information on Youtube and I’ll see you guys on the other side! Thank you very much for watching and a huge
thanks to my Patrons and Channel Members as always! I’ll see you soon and until then, Stay Cool~

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  1. What are you most excited about for the upcoming War of Underworld?

    👉 Watch the full trailer here in English Subs: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=392010715001408
    Timestamps: 0:00 Overview of the Trailer | 1:58 Recommended videos to watch before this for more context | 2:21 Key visual with Alice, Kirito, Asuna and Subtilizer! | 4:32 Trailer Talk begins, Eldrie wants to get rid of Kirito, Alice escapes from Centoria, Bercouli's Plan! | 6:10 Was Alice awake during the battle? | 6:33 Alice's purpose in life! | 7:02 Selka and Alice Synthesis 30's relationship and Alice's banishment from Rulid by her father | 8:15 Ocean Turtle scenes with Asuna and Kikuoka, Attackers vs Ocean Turtle | 9:17 Eldrie begs Alice to come back to the Integrity Knights, Alice's decision, Dragon Amayori, Alice in a hurry riding Amayori | 10:13 Kirito and Asuna, Ring from Ordinal Scale, Asuna planning to dive in as Stacia | 10:29 Emperor Vecta, the God of Darkness, Gabriel Miller aka Subtilizer joins the game! | 10:55 Alice Unleashes the Osmanthus Blade, rips the eye patch, Alice's Eye
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  2. I'm really looking forward to see the opening I hope if its gonna be LISA returning to sing the opening or the other one who sung the Alicization op 2

  3. Eldrie, Fanatio and Bercouli admiration for me here. They impress me with their development like they did when I read about it in the light novels. I'm hyped to see the Integrity knights again. I love that poster. Gabriel/Dark God Vecta/Subtillizer. He and his army I despise. As for Alice and Kirito I still have deep regret for them both in their current conditions. Nice seeing Asuna and Kikuoka too here.

  4. Hi @Gamerturk. During your last Live Stream before U went back to Turkey, I mentioned that there's still another Red Coffin Member out there, I wasn't on about Johnny Black, but Vissago Casals.

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  6. I just love that they select Ishida Akira to voice Subtilizer. He was the reason Matsuoka Yoshitsugu got into the VA business in the first place.

  7. a english dub if IT but that probably won't happen at the same time as Japan in fact episode 24 aired in english like 2 weeks ago BUT it may take until the next 24 episodes finish airing in Japan BEFORE toonami airs a english dub around April 2020.

  8. Edit: I don't really care too much about spoilers I spoiled my self by playing integral factor and memory defraq yes I still play defraq I don't know why since I can't get any where without paying money but whatever

    Oh oh my God it's
    God mode Asuna

    I want to die
    Like seriously I want to die
    Because if this

  9. Oh there's so much to look forward to in War of Underworld. Everything! That's my answer :3 and I hope it gets adapted well. But most of all, to see my goddess Stacia in action. 🌟

  10. Im excited for Alice journey as im looking forward for her character building!! Really cant wait for the part 2 to occur!

  11. Spoilers:

    I can't wait to see how they will do they confrontation between the Korean & Chinese Players and ALO Players… It'll be one bloody battle and I think it would receive a lot of criticism…

  12. I'm really looking forward to this, October cant come fast enough. Thank you for the updates, keep up the great work.

  13. nice i need spoilers i looked at light novel but i dont understand so much because of my perfect english thx

    türksün demi ;-;

  14. Did they announce anything about the production staff for this second half? We hope that the animation will be better than the first half specially for action scenes and storyboard

  15. Seeing Asuna about to tear up, holding and standing beside Kirito while holding his hand ( seeing the ring hit my heart harder) , and shouting "Kirito-Kun!" as well as the music in the background for her teaser scenes is making me tear up already. I need to see each and every scene of Asuna as well as Kiriasu with alone time with just the both of them! I am more hyped for Asuna as she had less screentime throughout Alicization, All Asuna fans think alike! I hope to see an intro with Asuna in it as well as more screentime! Love Kiriasu! 😭😭😍
    Whenever I think of her, I start to sob immediately as I worry about her with the situation at Rath. Those sad faces of her in the trailer that she makes worried me more… ( LN readers, Don't spoil it for us Anime watchers, please)

  16. dk why but this some how reminds me of seven deadly sins. a demon king and 10 commandments/generals and 4 (3 God accounts + plus alice) Goddesses.

  17. BLOOD AND GLORY IS COMING TO SAO! Final they are moving way from all age thing for SAO. And the return of Alice, Tiese, and Ronye! I cant wait for Tiese and Ronye come back in to the show. I miss seeing them.

  18. Spoilers:

    Asuna in V16 I agree with her and Bercouli about not being a Goddess. I find it hard to believe she is on that level hierarchy. I don't name her being 1. I'm grateful for her and Kirito on how they do their doings. She and him combined are my heroes in past, present and future memories. Eugeo you are up there too as a hero. It's a shame you did not continue living. Eugeo You will be in my memories forever.

  19. Alice, Bercouli, Eldrie, Eugeo, Sheyta, Renly, Fanatio, Fizel and Linel. You lot are my knights in shining armour added to my list of heroes. Sinon and Suguha are up there too as my heroes.

  20. Wow over the break I read the last 4 novels im so hyped specially for Asuna And Alice brawl
    Alice Who Are Yo what Do You want with kirito
    Asuna Nothing because Kirito Is Mine
    Alice what did you say you Barbarian
    lol who will win lets find out next month

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