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Hi everyone! Welcome to the Synology Solution Exhibition, let’s go in and have a look All right, let’s have a look with our
very first NAS here, the DS619slim. This is a successor
model of the DS416slim. As you may notice the 4-bay model has now been
upgraded to 6-bays. We have upgraded the CPU too. The slim model used
to be an ARM-based CPU, but this year we have decided to upgrade the model to
an Intel base instead, for even more powerful performance for
home users. And moving onto to the next one here, this is our brand-new 5-bay model, the DS1019+. This is our very first 5-bay model that supports 4K video transcoding, so this is quite unique for some of our home users who enjoy
multimedia entertainment. Looking at the next model here, this is the brand new
DS2419+ which is the successor model of the DS2415+. With this guy
here, RAM can be expanded up to to 32 GB, whereas previous models could only be extended up to 8 GB. As well, we now support the M.2 NVMe SSD
and the M.2 SATA SSD. All you have to do is add the M2D18 card to do the tricks. So here we have two of our brand new rack-mounted models that we’ll be releasing this year. On my right is the brand new RS1219+, which is the 8-bay rack-mounted model that we are releasing.
It’s the first one — the cool thing with this model here’s chassis design
is actually shorter than traditional rack-mounted models. The
reason for the shorter chassis is to have it to fit into two-post racks. On
my left-hand side here, this is our brand-new RS1619xs+. This is our
very first 1U x-series model that we will release this year. The reason to have
this 1U model in the high-end Synology rack-mounted-model design is that nowadays a lot of customers are looking for a lot of more computing over storage
usage. So previously, if you’re looking to have a high-computing NAS you’re most
likely to go and invest in a 2U rack-mounted model, whereas now you have the
option to choose less-storage-but-with equal-computing-power storage. Over
here this is our brand new router product line, the MR2200ac. This model here this is actually our third networking product. From
here you can also see the UI-interface design which is very easy to use for a
lot of home consumers. With the mesh routers, the UI also have a
customized design so people can easily identify which router has been connected and which has not. So if you need to do some fixing it’s very user friendly for
people to do right away As well, with the router product line here
we have done a lot of great integration, especially in the security segment. So if
you’re looking for safer networking products, definitely check out our brand
new MR2200ac. All right, moving here it’s our brand new backup solutions that
we are introducing this year, the Active Backup suite. Inside the Active Backup suite we have three different packages. Active Backup for Business, Active Backup
for G Suite as well as Active Backup for Office 365. So let’s take a look at
the user interface now. Let’s look at the user interface of the brand new Active
Backup for Business. With the new package here we can now help users to back up
their PC, their physical servers as well as their virtual machines. With the
current version we are limited to backup the shared folder level of the PC or server but
now we can start to back up the whole machine, which is a bare metal backup.
The cool thing with the restorations on Active Backup for Business is the restore part. In the restore part, we can not just restore a virtual
machine or a server, we can actually power on a virtual machine or your
Windows Server directly from Synology Virtual Machine Manager. This is to help
users to minimize service downtime. In Protection, users can easily create protection plans on Virtual Machine Manager. It will help take a snapshot every five minutes and replicate it to a back-up server. All right, moving to
the last station here is our Surveillance Station 8.2 You are looking at some of
the brand new mobile applications, the DS cam as well as the live cam, which
helps you broadcast your live footage just like an IP camera. As well, moving to
the next we also have done a great integration with IP speakers. And the
last cool feature that we are introducing this year is the time-lapse feature, where we can help create videos directly with Surveillance Station Other than that we have done the
integration with YouTube so you can take live footage and directly stream it to a
YouTube channel All right, that’s it for today! Hope you
enjoyed the Synology Solution Exhibition and we’ll see you next time.

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  1. I hope Synology comes out with an 8-bay unit capable of transcoding for things like Plex. This would be great and all users to then utilize SHR2 for maximum protection with multiple drives while still offering a log of room for expansion in a single unit. I do like the new 5-bay coming out, but 5 being an odd number seems falls short of replacing a 918+ in a case you want to utilize SHR2, just not feasible. I think Synology NAS's for home users are great though, keep up the great work.

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