[Syria] “Deir ez-Zor: The assault episode” | “Дейр эз-Зор. Эпизод из штурма”

Good hit from the plane, good hit ! No casualties The situation is good, excellent Good advance from our troops, ok ! The distance between us is 50 meters There’s sniper fire One sniper He’s shooting at us and our forces have actually advanced But we need to locate the position of the sniper That is the most important thing, to prevent him from engaging our advancing troops We are from the 104th, Republican Guard – How long have you been here ?
– Since 2012… – In this same area…?
– In this area…around 4-5 days… – What is the name of this area ? – This area is called…Al Orfi…Al Orfi Street… – What’s the situation here ? – The situation is better thank God…good ! – I mean…not like how it was in the beginning… Is there any attacks or infiltration from terrorists ? They try sometimes to infiltrate the area…but we repel all theirs attempts… We try not to let anyone get close to us… – So you consider this area as a second front line ? We consider this area as a direct front towards the enemy… The enemy is at our direct front. We have friendlies at our right and left… Stay on the machine-gun…! To see where the fire is coming from… These are all tunnels belonging to the terrorists… They were hiding underground…just like rats… Here underneath you is a shelter… Here…we have tunnels underground… These are tunnels… Tank arrived ? C’mon record…record… Record…record… We took control of 20-30 buildings… And we expelled daesh fighters from them… Thanks to the efforts of the “TIGER FORCES” and their courage…Daesh terrorists were fleeing like rats… The whole area was cleared… And now in a few moments, we will advance towards more building blocks This way…little by little, untill the whole city of Deir Ezzor is cleared from the terrorists ! And from there to other areas of the country… Until the liberation of every inch of Syria ! And if we have to…we will fight “Terrorism” in the whole World ! WE ARE THE TIGER FORCES ! “Deir Ezzor” “Won’t bow down…only to God !” “And…THE TIGER FORCES !”

28 thoughts on “[Syria] “Deir ez-Zor: The assault episode” | “Дейр эз-Зор. Эпизод из штурма”

  1. Однозначно, Спасибо большое Ребятам , которые там на передовой,освещают и информируют нас, И ещё, не понимаю почему они без броников все, их там тупо нет , или жарко в нём, или это восточное авось,?

  2. А что РПГ нет, как долбанули бы туда, один стрелок всего, одни отвлекают его а другой из РПГ и всё 👍

  3. А почему "арабы" такие чистые? Одежда как только постиранная. В условиях городских боев в пустынной местности?

  4. Пиздаболы маняньюз? вас забанили вы опять вылезли, получите еще 3 страйка

  5. Unfortune ately the northern/Kurdish areas of Syria are NOT! controlled by the legit. Syrian Assad govn. and these are where the OIL revenues are. Assad thus doesnt have access to this funding.

  6. I must say..the man in the beginning of this video saying With a smile on his face, while bombs are falling around him, the situation is godd..excellent..hehe…Oh Yeah..

  7. If there is any real force that is fighting terrorism and barbarism, and puts it's money where it's mouth is, and doesn't just try to fool the world with empty bullshit nice rhetoric, is these guys. God bless them in their fight against this filth called "Isis" and may God grant all their fallen, peace and bliss.

  8. В Ростове Путин осваивает новые технологии по утилизации груза 200 ти.
    Вагнеровская группа тупа сдохнет.
    Россия не имеет впереди ни конфликта , ни будущего.
    А про 100 убитых РУССКИХ, еще батя Рамзана Кадырова заявлял!

  9. Мы зашли и закрепились второй линией! А бывает что Ани наступают? Да Но мы хорошо закрепились 😉 Сейчас это передовая ))

  10. la grande e potente Russia assieme ai fratelli KURDI hanno liberato SIRIA e IRAQ dalla mortale piaga ISIS , oggi i KURDI per la russia diventano terroristi , come attivista M5S , mi spiace di questi episodi che non vanno certo a loro favore , come attivista M5S (ITALY) , spero di vedere sfumare l'appoggio sovietico contro i KURDI .

  11. Anna News are easily some of the best journalists, certainly on the front lines, that I've ever seen. Unfortunate we don't have anything close to this in the US (Besides VICE which has extremely questionable viewpoint/stance on the battles they document so I can't trust them at all) But thankfully much of it is translated so I can know what's going on while I watch for hours.

  12. yazık vallahı yazık bu ınsanalr nasıl bır bırın e oldurur nasıl kardeş akraba es dost bır anda dusman olur hayret edıyorum bukadarmı ınancımız zayıf guzelım suruye ne hale geldı neden anlasılmıyor uzlasılmıyor dış guclerın oyunlarını gelıyorlar

  13. А есть эпизод где русских вагенрцев с гавном мешают хотелось бы посмотреть

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