Tainui-Waikato open Te Papa exhibition

Nearly 25 years have passed since Uenuku was shown
in an art exhibition. But now, Uenuku is the guardian
of the Tainui exhibition at Te Papa Museum,
‘Tai Timu, Tai Pari, TAINUI’. He saved Tainui descendants,
and they are alive and well today. It’s been 27 years since
Uenuku was in an exhibition, the last was Te Maori in 1984. Yes, he is here in this exhibition. Uenuku is is in the middle
surrounded by all the treasures, glancing upon his descendants
and the treasures by his side. Mokau to the south,
Tamaki to the north; Mangatoatoa in the middle –
Waikato, Hauraki protections – the Kaokaoroa o Paatetere
Range into the Nehenehenui, all of the iwi of Tainui
as one behind King Tuheitia to exhibit their ancestral taonga. Our people are all united
and behind King Tuheitia. We all hope that the
exhibition goes well. It’s hoped that we have all Tainui
treasures returned to Tainui hands we can’t speak for other iwi. Tai Timu Tai Pari tells the
story of the epic journey of the Tainui waka from eastern
Polynesia, and their history right up to the challenges
the iwi faces today. The whale bone weapon of Tawhiao, huia plumes which were
returned from Vienna when our ancestors went there. It’s amazing to see treasures
that have never been seen publically before here in NZ. One of the largest iwi exhibitions,
which will be here for three years. The main things is that the iwi
speak about their artefacts and that they are responsible
for telling their histories, and that we help facilitate that. Kaumatua will stay for the
duration of the exhibition. Toia-a-Moko Manaia
is the first kaumatua. I’ll be here for seven months,
kaumatua from Maniapoto, Hauraki and Waikato-Tainui will all
be represented at this exhibition. However, Raukawa will
begin the kaumatuaship. Te Papa is expecting more
than 5000 visitors a day to pass through
during the exhibit. Anzac Pikia, Te Karere.

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