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  1. Can I recommend using different types of videos? I love this video, just like all the rest of them, but maybe try using gaming videos to motivate a different type of audience, or like, more emotional videos. Just a suggestion, otherwise great video again, great job!

  2. Can I recommend using different types of videos? I love this video, just like all the rest of them, but maybe try using gaming videos to motivate a different type of audience, or like, more emotional videos. Just a suggestion, otherwise great video again, great job!

  3. Great video. One of the best. Needed this one. Thanks for the hard work in making the video. Continue to make great videos.

  4. I cant be bothered going to the gym. I watch one of your videos, now I'm off to the gym. You guys are literally changing peoples lives. Thankyou.

  5. You know when I think something is impossible. I know I'm wrong when I like at the likes and dislikes. if a video like this gets a dislike. Nothing is impossible. and Nothing, no matter how PERFECT it is. It will be disliked by some people.

  6. I needed to hear this. I have been swinging blindly for so long fighting off everything that sought to push me down. I swung and swung until there was nothing left to swing at. And I became lost. I had my eyes shut tightly. And when I opened them I didn't know what to do with myself. I became afraid. Afraid of pain, afraid of loss, afraid of the unknown. I crippled my mind with fear. The only crippling reality is the reality in which we think that we are crippled when in truth, if we will bleed, fear will not draw first blood. You see, we are all sentenced to death. The time we cannot know, the place we cannot predict, and we become afraid. We want to see it coming, but we never will. Never let them hold you down, never let them make you give up, live the dream, and I know, it will be reality.

    Stop living in a state of fear, the world will not end, but you will. Seek your reality and I hope you will find it. But if you do not pursue it, you can be sure you will never have it. Make this day a vow, a vow to face your fears. Face death and uncertainty, pain and loss, will courage. Only through courage will we come to know our greatest potential. Life isn't about your job, where you live, how many friends you have, or what others think of you. Life is about fulfilling your purpose, that gnawing feeling that tells you this isn't the way.

    The quicksand comes when we surround ourselves with people not living a fulfilled life. You can know these people but how much they give to others. Those who are generous to others have plenty for themselves. The withered fruit on the vine are they. People who lack the courage, lack the belief, lack the fortitude, lack the confidence and the salt .

    Stop now and ask, that thing which I want to do, what am I afraid of? What ghoul stands awaiting thee? Let go of your fears, let go of what you know. Let me tell you, when you stay in a place that abhors change and growth, it is a stagnant place. Your surroundings become an overgrowth in your soul. Your spirit becomes a ruin, lost to yourself. Many years later you will stumble through this jungle and find the ruins of your soul, forgotten.

    Do not forget your spirit, it is everything you are. And it is everything you will ever be, Go forth, take that first step. Hold your head up high and shout to the world that you did it. As time goes on which it will always do, exclaim your victory at each step forward. I assure you that you will become emboldened. Challenge that which intimidates you, do not let your fear hold the wheel and steer. The more afraid you become, the more frightening of a movie plays. Until you jump at the sight of your own shadow.

    No, stand tall. Stand firm. Be ready. Face life head one. Cast out the cowards and the weak, they will only poison you with their fear. They are among the ruins, should you stay, everything you could have been will never be, Ninjightnationcorp

  7. holly fck shit got shivers thats mean video is good idk i think i can get shivres if just will hear anything what say this 1st guy who is it btw ?

  8. Hey guys, have a look on my Instagram for daily motivation.

  9. Thank you so much for these motivational videos. They help me tremendously. Especially this one- so on par with my life. Keep it up guys!

  10. Great video as usual RedFrost 🙂 Action taking is what separates the greats from the mediocres. Anyone can sit and ponder and fantasize on what they could've/would've/should've done but there are only a select few that rise above and just take that small step in the direction of their fears every single day. Thanks for the video guys, simply powerful motivation!

  11. RedFrost I think you do excellent work, man. You're my go-to channel for that extra ounce of "you-can-do-it". Thank you for all of your work. You have contributed a lot of positive energy to my life since I subscribed a couple of years ago. You're a contributing factor to not only the success of my channel, but my life in general. Thank you.

  12. Finally a motivational video where aren't the same film scenes like in plenty of other videos out there.
    Thank you, great video!

  13. nice videos, I think your videos should be more quality than quantity. You should try to perfect it more than to just upload with not as good content.I just think you shiudnt sacrifice quality.

  14. Amazing video, i have always spoken about how we shouldnt live in the future and act today
    I have a small visually engaging motivational speech video that i wrote on my channel regarding the same idea

    Check it out

  15. i think you guys are doing good my mindset is totally different i am a winner and i have hope for my dream because what it will require sobers me in my character and mind but still every day it aint easy but when you force yourself to persevere perseverance becomes a habit a little over a year ago i was homeless without a dream or purpose it is then at the very bottom that i finally discovered my purpose and it is in the little things that you will find success and the big things will be ATTRACTED TO YOU trust me it aint easy

  16. Hey RedFrost! Keep on doing what you are doing!! You should use a series of interviews called Oprahs Master Class to make more videos, it could be awesome! Peace!!

  17. If this doesn't get me up and going i don't know what will! Thanks for this vid, think I might make it something to watch every morning before I start the day!

  18. Great vídeo Bro!
    i Have been following youre vídeos for long time and it's been so empowering and helpful thought the journey!
    keep going sir, and by the way would love to see more of Jim Rohn, he's such a great speaker and I love he's swag!
    always telling the things how it should be and even making it in a funny way.

  19. I am sick and tired of me my friends and people calling me a all talk no no action guy. it hurts to know that they are right. i feel like i am spinless but not anymore . i will show them and my self that who i am who i can be.. no there is not resting , no theory, no sitting and no going back. come what may ill never lose the light in me.

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  21. im tired of my friends looking at me as weak im tired of always being odd man out because i am not strong enough, not good enough, im gonna take action and unleash the beast within, i will never fall, i will keep going, to strive for my future to become a WWE wrestler

  22. Why are all of them men instead of women too? We have also dreams and we can be as good as men.

  23. My name is Chaz Bustos, and soon enough this world will know my name! For the better. Believe. No fear. "Push yourself until you can't push any more!"

  24. great video , This video has just multiplied my energy to keep striving, but I think adding subtitles to it will make it even better 🙂

  25. im tired of never coming first, i feel like I've never come first in life and im tired of that. this may sound vain but i dont wanna be number too anymore. being a second option to girls, in sports, being second best. im tired and im just gonna work my ass off i jusy wanna be #1 at something

  26. much needed motivation , I have been on a rut since may hope 2017 and 2018 are better but things are already on the up for me

  27. sending this to my friend, whos in an abusive relationship and wont leave. maybe if this motivates her for an hour, its progress.

  28. I have added your video in our playlist and best seller online book here https://www.mondosol.com/en/1110056/93-take-action

  29. Anybody know the name of the Southern man at 4:10 ? "The main difference between winners and losers is that winners do it, and do it, and do it."

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