Takeshi Yasuda | 2013 Ceramics Exhibition | Invitation Film

My name is Takeshi Yasuda I was born in 1943, and went to Mashiko 1963, and went to England 1973, and this is 2013. I’m 70 this year, I don’t believe it though! I’m still very excited about pottery, the clay
is such a magical material. Your playing with mud! I wanted to discover the nature of porcelain
and I wanted to use that characteristic in my work. After nearly 40 years of stoneware I thought
I can teach myself porcelain and I was really struggling in many ways and then the oportunity
to come to porcelain capital, Jingdezhen. I thought probably I can learn something. I like people to discover use of my pots.
In Japan function doesn’t belong to object, object is object, and user makes function.
Now that’s a very difficult notion for people in the West. That’s the limitation we have
with our attitude to functional ware. When that became clear I realised yeah I can
make cup and saucer but er… I can anything! I don’t need the name I can just make things
and then think how to use?

2 thoughts on “Takeshi Yasuda | 2013 Ceramics Exhibition | Invitation Film

  1. Great! I love Takeshi's work and am happy to see him have an exhibit with you guys. Hope it goes well. Is there going to be a DVD of him released?

    Cheers from the United States,


  2. We have just released our latest ceramics documentary Takeshi Yasuda Made in China (search this title in Youtube to watch or visit our page). A must watch for anyone who is interested in pots.

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