Tales from the Trenches | The Pilot | Battlefield 1 Animated Short

[Music] [Music] Friedrich schmidt knew his calling at a very young age his passion his undying love was automobiles and his every waking moment was driven by this fascination he studied everyday learning each and every mechanical part treating every machine organ living being Friedrich Schmidt was braved all he wanted to do was to drive the courageous machines that man had invented unfortunately to him they wanted a failure maybe he couldn’t click the button quick enough to select his vehicle a problem at all battlefield warriors can learn the fantastic work back there my old pork sausage recall those 1,200 points haha we did oh yes of course we did you see those enemies just on the tip edge no sir now pump them full of the Queen’s best hey Julio getting a bit too close you go too low [Music] you there were you flying that bomber bloody good job old boy ah he crushed it I always try and get one of those but look a lot they’re always taken that can t believe you let the crash I didn’t want to but it was stronger than me it just had its own animal instincts hmm I know what you mean when I was a boy I wanted to fly wait what is that it’s music I know it’s music I want to know where it’s coming from [Music] ha have you ever tried bayoneting a bullying cycle it’s a lot easier than you think how about we go and take a dump off that no no no no Cody don’t leave me now I’m here my friend I’m here as he suffered some kind of trauma these episodes are getting more frequent surely you now see I’m you your alter-ego I’m your Tyler Durden the person you needed to blame when things went bad without me you’d have quit on your first mission when you went on a 25 death streak and you would have never returned to battlefield 1 but you don’t need me anymore you did a hell of a good job doc it’s time to let me go wait not me what are you talking about no don’t go [Music] what they’re looking at you fools can’t you see this is why it makes no sense to get so far ahead of the enemy team frankly I was happier with sandstorms and buildings exploding he must never change anything they’re already on their way

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  1. ** UPDATE** – I'm blown away by the views and love for this episode! THANK YOU! Hey Guys! Wanted to say thanks for all the support and patience with Tales from the Trenches! This was a project and series I loved making, hope you like the end and hope you stick around for all the other randomness we get up to here on the channel! Who knows what will happen in the future with the series 🙂 ** Remember to check out Dopatwo's channel here – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkbqlN3ZPQKc50mTuR6nyVg

  2. I belive I am the best pilot on a battlefield 1 on Xbox one if someone wants to challenge me my gamertag is alexander5100 don't test me or u will fail trying 😏

  3. So if I’m wrong isn’t the medic basically another form of sniper since they have scooped guns that are pretty good

  4. I enjoy the videos but I find it jumps around quite a bit but I definitely love them 🙂 I came over from neebs gaming damn thick lol

  5. Gotta say I love this mini series on BF1, you really built an awesome following. I’m pretty late to the party, just watched the video about the Thicc beef glad things worked out in the end, it kinda reminded me of how there’s all the dark souls animators but never once have I heard any beef between them (then again playing THAT game is punishment within itself) but I digress they missed the bf1 train and what you do/did isn’t comparable in animation or humor it’s night and day, and sometimes different is not only good but refreshing. Keep up the awesome work DRB!

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