Talking Tom and Friends – The Contest (Season 1 Episode 24)

Lady aaaaand gentlemen! Prepare yourselves for… The greatest video game the world has ever known. “Safe Driving 2. No Right Turn On Red!” You are all going down! No chance, tiny pants! I’m gonna use turn signals
and hand signals, just to be safe! If someone cuts me off in traffic,
I am gonna stay calm and give them the benefit of the doubt! Maybe it’s an emergency. Buckle up and start your engines!
The race begins in three! Two! One Oh-no! Why’s it all dark when my eyes aren’t closed? This is a new experience for me and I don’t like it! Alright, nobody panic! Ben, what is going on? Judging from the sudden loss of
power, I’d say the power went out. Everybody panic! Wait! We plugged in
our phones and our computers hours ago. We can use those to entertain
ourselves until the power comes back on. They’re all dead! OH!!! Ben, what’s the status of my lava lamp?! Also dead! Ohhh! And all because someone thought
that a lava lamp was more important!? It would have been sooo groovy. Can you believe how boring things
were after the power went out last night? Seriously. That was the longest
twenty-seven minutes of my life. I actually had a chance to think and I did not like it. You’re all just lucky I was able to
keep my cool. Without your precious phones, you were all like… “Oh
noooo, what am I gonna doooo?” Tom, that was you. Yeah, that’s literally like all you
said until the power came back on. The point is, last night showed
that we’ve become too dependent on technology. Like when’s the last time
someone actually checked our mailbox? Oh, I checked it right before my
birthday and right after my birthday. Yah, I don’t live here. I get all my mail online. Really, well, then who is all that for? Okay, no sudden movement, everybody
stand back, I am approaching the mailbox. This is all junk mail. It’s not all junk. Here’s a letter addressed to Tom and Ben
Enterprises from Un-Popular Science Magazine. Whoa…What is it? That’s been the most popular tech
magazine since people read magazines. Let me see… Dear entrepreneur, we
blah, blah, blah, blah… … so therefore, Un-Popular
Science would like to honor your contributions to the tech world by
inviting you to visit our headquarters on Floppy Disk Island!” Wow! Whoo! Floppy disk island! Wait… oh no… Huh? They only sent one ticket. Oh… Wow… Wow! Wow! I don’t want to tell you how to run
your business, but I think you should send some sort of a
celebrity to represent you. Or someone young and cool! No way, I’m the face of the company! Yeah? Well, I’m the brains. Ooh. I have a face and a brain! So what are we gonna do? What if… we all make a bet I made my bed this morning.
I’m gonna win! I’m gonna win! Not a bed, Hank, a bet!
Ooh, What kind of bet? Based on how we acted last night
during the blackout, it seems safe to say we’re all addicted to technology, right? Uh-huh! Not me. Oh, high score!. I’m sorry, what? I was texting. So I propose the following contest:
whoever can go the longest without using any cellphone or computer or any TV
of any kind will win the ticket to Floppy Disk Island. Whoop. I’m in. Me too. Then I’m in too because you
have to include me or it’s not fair. Prepare to feel the sting of a
calculated competitive routing! That means I’m in too Alright, cough ’em up. I know, I know.
Come on, all of them. Fine.
Is that it? Yes! … No! Let the contest begin! Well one thing’s for sure, if I want to win, I need to stay away from
this place as much as possible. Yeah. Let’s get out of here. Too much temptation. Oh, Hank, isn’t today the season
premiere of Crime & Punishment: DMV ? Oh yeah, that’s right What?
I’m out! Hank? Just like that, you’re out?
Yeah! The season finale was a cliff- hanger where Hillbilly Jack got
busted cutting in line. I think he was framed,
but I won’t know for sure until I watch it! Poor Hank.
Some people just can’t live without technology… I can’t believe it’s only been
seventeen minutes without technology! How would I know. How
long has it been? I don’t have my smart watch. I miss music. I miss making it and
listening to it and dancing to it like no one is watching. I miss online candy shopping, and
the free instant delivery. Tom! Tom? Yeah, what’s going on? How are you holding up? Huh? Oh, the contest? Yeah, I’m fine. I’m okay… I can do this… people
survived for thousands of years without electronics. How? What did they do? Um! They farmed! We can farm!
Farm with me, Ginger! Farm with me! Okay, Like this? We’re doing it! We’re farming! Yes! I can hear it growing. Now we must dance, young Ginger!
Dance so the rain will come and water our crops! Hey, Angela — whoa! Are you okay? Shh! Listen! Bah, bah, baaaah… Can you hear that? Oh, it’s so beautiful! Sssss… Uh… don’t you think it’s time
that you quit the contest? Zip it, Tom! Oh, you made him fly
away. Come back, sweet maker of music! Hey, Ginger! It says here the
online candy store is having a two-for-one sale. Free instant delivery
of every candy imaginable: Chocolate Crusties, Neverending Nom
Noms, Jelly Jim Jams, Clyde’s Original Rock Candies Even Gummy Goobers?! Uh-huh. Extra sour. Hey, give that back! Poor kid. Doesn’t know what to do
without technology… Me? I’m just enjoying the day. Ooh, Angela…have you heard
the new number one hit song? I think it’s called something like: Dance, Dance, Don’t Stop Dancing. Huh. Nice try, guys. No, I heard it too! -Really? No, not that I listen to that type of music… But just go to any
website on the entire the internet… and it’ll probably just start playing! -Are you kidding? Dance, Dance, Don’t Stop Dancing. Oh! …
Dance, Dance, Don’t you dare Stop Dancing. Uhm, so excuse me, I’m just gonna go
uhm ah, powder my nose. Be right back. And…I’m out! Totally worth it. Yes! Too easy. Looks like it’s just you and me now, partner. Yeah, partner. What is he doing?
He’s winning this contest, that’s what he’s doing! Get him, Tom! That’s what I’m talkin’ about! What was that?
That… was my phone… It must have an update available. And
it sends a … notification. I don’t care. That was my computer… It must
also have an update available… Good. No big deal…
Wait, what was that? That was the microwave.
And that’s a burrito update for my mouth! Ahhhhhh! I can’t take this
anymore… Must! Update! Everything! My dear sweet technology! I’m sorry,
I’m so sorry! I’ll never leave you again, I promise! Congrats, Tom! I guess when it comes to surviving without
technology, you are the strongest. Tom? He shoots… it’s up…Its good! Whoo! I mean, whaaaaat?
Hey, where did Ben go? Oh hey, I won. Yippie. Wait a second.
Hey, I was listening to that! I mean, hey, what is that?! You’ve been listening to a
basketball game this whole time?! He what?! You cheated, which means I won! Floppy Disk Island here I come. But…
Now excuse me while I pack. Let’s see. Laptop, check. Tablet,
check. Cell phone, check. Back-up cell phone, check. Yes. Bye-bye, friends… And cheater! I’m off to celebrate
my victory at Floppy Disk Island! Hey, Ben. Later. But the letter says, “Be sure to bring the following:
Candles, a hammock, a wooden club, flint and steel…” Uh-oh, I think Ben forget some important things. Like what? “Unpopular Science
Magazine invites you to the ‘No Technology Party’?! Join us in remembering the past with no electronics.” Tom, how
could you not mention that?! Well… I… I kinda skimmed parts
of it… It’s a very long letter… I want to go home! Tomorrow will be even better than today! What’s not to l-o-o-ove? That is it. I am never singing again! Tomorrow will be even better than today! What’s not to l-o-o-ove?

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  1. 2:30 the mailbox door was hanging down and when he was there it was on….WTF

  2. Season 4 Angela changed alot and in season 1 ep 25 Angela is so mad so you can already tell she is gonna change

  3. ben. good bye friends and cheater
    hank.but the letter says be sure to bring the following candles a hammock a wooden club flint and steel what unpopular science magazine invites you to the no technology party
    tom.well.. I…I kinda skimmed parts of it…it's a long letter
    ben . I want to go home [crys]

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    Wait that sound was familiar

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