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this is the famous Panther tank probably the best German tank of World War two the Germans call it a medium tank we’d probably in Britain or America we would have called it a heavy tank coming in at about 44 tons the Germans tended to categorize their tanks less about the weight but about their use this tanks a product of the Germans going into Russia in July of 1941 they meet for the first time the famous t-34 tank and kv-1 tanks of the Russian army they have obviously more superior firepower more superior armour protection than the tanks at the Germans a Panzer 3 & 4 using at the time and Hitler says we’re going to need a new main battle tank and in September of 42 the first prototypes running and they get them into production the actual first model is not the AL strung a the Model A as we normally would consider them they work down the letters in the German system the first model that goes into production is actually the Model D and they have lots of problems with it because of this rust production and also from the point of view of just simple technical errors that are going on they have issues with the tires of rubber coming off issues with the transmission and some engine fires and those first Panthers in action at Kursk a lot of them end up being taken out of action because of mechanical failure not because of Russian gunfire and of course the problem then of course from nineteen the summer of 43 onwards is a German armies on the retreat so if your tank breaks down unless you own the battlefield recovering it becomes a major problem in terms of the tank once they’ve ironed out these problems it’s a fantastically effective machine it’s got this massive 75 millimeter kwk 42 gun on it that can fire a armor-piercing round out the end at about 1,100 meters a second and it’s a very accurate gun on a flat trajectory good optics that was something the Allies noticed all the time about German tanks having very effective optics on them that round will come out with a huge amount of force behind it and it’s got a very flat trajectory which means aim it is much easier you don’t have to lob the shell onto a tank at distance as long as the guns pointing at it it should hit it that was the idea because it’s got so much force taking that round towards the target the armored protection is about eight centimeters on the front much thinner on the sides and part of the tactics of using the Panther was making sure you didn’t expose your sides to the enemy because the thinner plate armor you’ve got ammunition stowage underneath could become a problem engine at the rear the Maybach HL 210 in the early models and the HL 230 P in the later models gives it about 600 horsepower that’s transmitted from the rear through to these front drive sprockets and the wide tracks with these eight double wheels on each side and gives the vehicle a very very smooth ride over open country and the mobility of the panther and its speed you know getting up to about 38 miles an hour that’s noted on these one of its key features so firepower good mobility good armor protection the only issues again is the Germans are still probably over engineering their tanks about six thousand are made but that’s just not enough as the war progresses they’re just not getting enough out small indication about how Germany was faring at the end of the war this camouflage scheme we all get very excited about late war German camouflage scheme this one is sometimes known as the third scheme it was designed specifically just so they only used about 1/3 of the paint that they would usually use on a normal tank so what you’re looking at is the undercoat the red oxide with only a third of normal paint used and it’s quite effective this very tank you’re looking at was made after the war it’s a Model G tank it was made in the factory after the Allies Oh at one the Germans had surrendered they got some factory workers back and made a number of Panther G’s and yang Panthers for testing and of course tanks were captured during the war and tested by the Americans of British because it was a tank we really knew we had to defeat and also learn lessons from you

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  1. Kind of a basic question… but why did they focus on the Tiger and Tiger 2 when they had this tank? Germany was struggling with resources throughout the war, yet they keep making these complex heavier tanks. Having three different models (panther and two tiger variants) with all the parts and challenges with production and logistics support… seems like folly.

  2. ColonelGeneral Guderian Inspector General of Panzers when trying to convince Hitler to stop 'pointless' battles in Russia, he was planning to rebuild the panzer army for the real threat in the west when as he believed the allies would invade. 'The Panther is not ready it is suffering many teething problems'. Some generals agreed but influential generals convinced Hitler, although the Panther problems put back the Kursk D day. :


  3. My favorite tank, so much style and awesome look ..and about brakedowns ,it s just because of rush production ….so imagine if panther was aviable for battle in 1941.

  4. ah the famous "German overengineering" 😀 maintenance must have been a dirty word back then among german engineers 😀

  5. Tha man sais "over-engineering" cause he dosnt understand what "to engineer" means. It means build to specification. If Germans wanted a 30t tank (VK30) than the Panther is badly engineered. If the tank is not reliable its badly engineered. He should said its over-complex and overgrown.

  6. Certainly the best looking tank. But also the best overall tank if the war. Not the best in specific circumstances, but overall. And not as easy you produce as t34 or Sherman

  7. it's pretty much simple notion by contrast with his lecture but I have to say . I know now how big the Panther is! because he stand in fornt of the tank!

  8. Really enjoying this series. The Presenter is a pleasure to listen to and narrates the history of these tanks in a story telling way that is interesting to listen to. Well Done!

  9. New research on the Panther revealed that the majority of them were made with inferior steel. This was due to the Germans using slave labor which guarantees poor quality control and sabotage. Thick armor doesn't necessarily mean it's good armor and that appears to be the case with this supposed 'best tank' in WW2.

  10. I read an account in an osprey publication that the german army had to have the Panthers brought close to the battle on flat rail train cars in Russia because they broke down so fast….sorry I would want something that works…like a stug or a mkIV with space armor…best german tank NO

  11. that thing looks massive, for some reason i always thought it was smaller since it was classified as a medium tank

  12. Panzer IV is the best tank ever produced for Germany.. its flawless design allowed alot of flexibility to create variants. The later models had enough firepower to match pretty much any Soviet medium tank models (except for the later T-44). Hitler's instance on rushing the Panther into production really cost him as those resources could have been used for Panzer IV H or G

  13. I’m sick and tired of the “over-engineered” line opinionated historians use when describing German tanks of WW2. They weren’t over engineered; that is qualitative, patriotic garbage that allows them to muddle around the fact that Russia, the United States and Great Britain paid in blood to streamline the production of tanks and aircraft to win a war through sheer weight of numbers.

    You might as well call a Challenger 2 or Abrams over-engineered. Their design philosophy is the same, just benefitting from 50 years of technological revolution and skies clear of bombers.

  14. So the allies went into German tank factories after the war and continued production of German tanks? That’s a really interesting bit of info! Never knew that.

  15. Way off topic, but the Wehrmacht may have fared better on the eastern front if the Austrian corporal had not been so enamored with wonder weapons.  The Panther is a beautiful tank I'm sure we all agree.  However, hugely expensive, hard to build and hard to maintain in the field.  Would the infantry not have been better served by more AT guns?  6000 Panthers faced tens of thousands of T-34s and other Soviet tanks.  Old news I know…

  16. As far as I know, the most effective tank destroyer is a low flying, rocket firing aircraft like the IL2 Sturmovik or Hawker Typhoon or similar. Maybe if Hitler had heavily invested in Fw fighters and low flying, anti tank aircraft instead of unproven superweapons and super heavy tanks, he'd have been able to fight the allies to a draw. But then hindsight is always 20/20 isn't it? Of course if Von Stauffenberg had been willing to sacrifice himself he would have deleted hitler and cooler heads may have prevailed. We'll never know.

  17. What was the base ral color thinking ral 7028 or ral 8000 need some input on this so as to paint tamiya 1/35ausf d as this is the early version

  18. Don't know why this sample Panther was built without the cupola ring. Even without the MG34 mount present, the ring is still needed as a handhold for the TC to get in and out.

  19. That's no Panther G, if it was built post war, they cobbled together parts, because that mantlet in an earlier round version! Also, while the gunner had great firing optics, they were narrow and he had no way to look outside, so often it was hard for Panthers to get the first shot.

  20. The turret is from an Ausführung A the G had a metal bar( dont know what to call it ) to preveng ricochets into the thin hull roof

  21. Id say Panzer IV was the better tank for germany in ww2.
    Sure Panther was fantastic when they got most of the Problems fixed with aus A and G but in they time it took them to get there they would have been better of building Panzer IV G`s and H`s.

    In adition to that, Panzer IV was totally capable of dealing with most of the tanks it faced till the end of the war (exeptions being IS-2 and Pershing) while having big advantages over the Panther such as lower weight, less fuel consumption, being more reliable and easier to maintain and being smaller and thus harder to hit and easier to hide.

    I think they would have been better of not rushing the Panther and spamming Panzer IVs till then

  22. Terrible inaccurate camo scheme. Where they got their info from I’ll never know. Even the bombed out factories had late panther hulls in dunkelgelb. Repaint it and get it running, it’ll be well worth it.

  23. The constant rants about Germany overengineering stuff. If you are up against enemies on all sides, hopelessly outnumbered, you better build the best thing you can come up with as long as your production lines allow for it. Building mediocre stuff just didn't cut it…ha, in fact not even building these beasts did anything for the third reich in the end. With the possible exceptions of remarkable kill/death ratios.

  24. Would I be correct in saying that the Centurion's success is based on the Panther's design? There are, seemingly, many similarities. Informed answers please.

  25. 97式戦車は、シャーマンに歯が立たなかった、シャーマンは、パンサーや、タイガーに歯が立たなかったってことはドンだけドイツの戦車はスゴイんだよ。

  26. This Panther was not a war Production tank it was built after the war by M.N.H in Hannover for the British
    Maschinenfabrik Niedersachsen Hannover was the only factory that produce Jagdpanther and Panther together, so Jagdpanthers were also completed after the war under british command for testing the vehicles

  27. if it weren't for its lousy final drive system, panthers could've been crazy. they have this crazy torsion bar suspension rig that gives each road wheel like 3 feet of give. if it was built right it could've maintained 60 mph which is mindblowing. good for the allies. they kept putting grossly overloaded aluminum gasoline engines. wish he talked more about the gun, its a doozy.

  28. Germany would be much better off to produce no heavy tanks, mass produce planes with anti-tank weapons, mount a bigger gun on Type IV, mass produced that and self propelled guns and turret-less tank killers.

  29. I always hate when people use the side armor being weak as a problem with the Panther. Literally every tank is weak at the sides and back.

  30. Does it go underwater? I heard that WWII tanks couldn't shoot their lasers underwater because lightsaber technology didn't exist back then

  31. While you guys are arguing which tank was the best, T-34s are still fighting around the world. Recently the were kicking some asses in Yemen.

  32. i own a old Book about the german Tanks with alot of Pictures. It is also full of quotes and Battlereports of all sides. Theres a quote from a soviet Officer from the Kursk battle. It goes: ,, The Enemy introduced a new Tank, much like Type 34 . We have heavy casualtys at 2000Meters "

  33. I totally disagree with the Panther beeing named one of the best tanks of WW2. It was not, that judgement is based on its potential, but not on it's performance.

    That was just dramatic and was everything the Germans didn't wanted and never asked for.

    Subcomponent wise it was a beast, but a tank is only as good as it's weakest component and it had that a lot. I was a tank gunner myself, I can imagine the horror of the crews having to step out every god damn time to repair something or have to watch out for flames in the engine bay. No.. this thing was bad.. bad tank.

  34. Panther G? Look at the gun mantlet though, wouldn't that make it an A variant? Or would that be late war production being poor

  35. You have no clue what was going on there, and remove the pictures of unknown SS Officers from the walls of so calles musem

  36. The Saxon Panther

    This Panther was (made) completed in Hannover lower saxony under British control shortly after the War, built by the Maschinenfabrik Niedersachsen Hannover MNH Factory and was produced together with some Jagdpanthers and other Panthers for brit. army trials in the UK.

    MNH was the only german Factory producing Jagdpanther and Panthers together.

    Because of paint shortage in late war parts of the camo was made of red Primer.

    Panther G with early gun mantlet D,A,G type , i wounder that they had no late type Gunmantlets in MNH because the shape of the early type lead to a shot trap when a Round hits the lower part of the Gummantlet.

  37. I wonder if the gun mantlet is origin?! Normaly, if it is a late model G, there have to be a "chin" on it to avoid the shell trap between Turret and superstrukture …

  38. What you say about the camo is completely inaccurate and there is no evidence to suggest it ever happened. Otherwise known as fake news.

  39. The Panther and JagdPanther were arguably the sexiest German war machines.
    But the later Panzer IVs is my favourite German tank design, due to its workhorse qualities, it was the mainstay of the German tank fleet.

  40. When it didn't break down a can see the Russians having a rough time of it at the hands of the panther. Germany was silly, you don't declare war on 3 major super powers and hope to win but look at the panther and jet fighter again ahead of it's time while the Germans were being bombed night and day. After the war they are very civilized indeed. Almost a complete reversal of their war time behaviour. Guess what, they own Europe again though their banking system. GB we are leaders in crime gangs and drugs with high percentages of illiterate impolite brats with low vocab skills in 1 language.

  41. Germany's dumbest mistake in tank design was that they made BIG, UNDERPOWERED tanks with gasoline engines. It's not like they didn't have a powerful, proven, diesel to use. It's called the Junkers-Jumo 205. The Panzer/STUG III/IV should have been powered by a cut down, 3-cylinder version, of 205 making about 400hp. The Panther and Tiger should have been powered by the 205 making 800 hp. These are VERY flat engines if laid on their sides and can easily make the tank chassis only as tall as the bottom of their sponsons even when stacked with a radiator.

  42. Catching up on older Tank Chats. I am a modern veteran with only a couple hmmwv's and CH53's and occasional AC130 support. I desperately wish being a lifelong David Drake fan (pun intended) that I had the opportunity to see a proper tank assault.

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