Texas Bullion Depository: A Chat with Sgt. Bryan Whoolery, Director of Security

I’m a 20-and-a-half-year veteran of the Travis County Sheriff’s Office. Fifteen of those years were spent as the team leader for the full-time SWAT team. I joined the Texas Bullion Depository team in September of this year [2017]. So, I was brought on as the director of security, so I have multiple roles. I think the initial intent was to bring me on it and to get the team trained up and start developing policies and procedures to ensure a safe environment for our facility. You know, we’re in the center of Austin, so with the high density of population, the large geographic area, the fact that the city of Leander is a lot smaller in geographic area than the city of Austin, so response times are going to be awesome. And it gives us the ability to build those kind of interpersonal relationships that maybe you don’t have the ability to with a larger organization that has lots of other problems that they’re having to deal with within their community. I can assure all Texans that our facility is going to be state-of-the-art, and our security measures will not be rivaled by any other facility in the country.

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