Texas Bullion Depository – Administration of Depository

I’ve been with the State of Texas and
Treasury Operations for about 30 years now, the last 20 or so with the
Comptroller’s office. My name is Tom Smelker and I’m currently director of
Treasury Operations with the Comptroller’s office.
I’m also the administrator of the Texas Bullion Depository. As administrator
of the depository, I will be representing the state and the Comptroller’s office in
overseeing the operations of the depository, making sure it’s a very
well-run, very secure operation. I’ll be looking at record keeping, reporting, I’ll
be looking at customer service, just making sure that all features of the
depository are run as it should be run. It’s not a very well regulated industry,
and so we will provide oversight and make sure that the rules and policies
are followed as they should.

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