(TF2 Dub/Battlefield 1 parody) Battledumb 1

Heavy :Ohhhhh!!!!! Demoman: *Drunk thing* Spy:HAHAHAHA! Spy: gentleman Soldier:move out! Counter-Terrorist:ok let go! Sniper:GO GO GO! RANDOM DUDE:Allahu akbar! Sniper:this is magic all the dead DAFUG? Lets do this leeroy jenkins! Scout:im dying here! Counter-terrorist:cut it out! engineer:nope soldier:Go go go! Charge! Demoman:HAAAAAA Demoman:GO! Medic:Forward! Heavy:Soo Muc- Spider:i got this for ya Engineer:laugh Heavy:POOTIS spencer here! Engineer:that a cute little one Counter-terrorist:and thats how its done Scout:PUSH!!!! Random Dude again:kucf si ydobyreve? Engineer and counter-terrorist:NOPE ME NOPE ME NOPE ME habib the crazy india:lalalalalalalalala Soldier:move off! what a day! need back up! demoman:ah noo! engineer:nope black guy:oh hell no! It was at this moment that he knew he fucked up Medic:You are ugly! pyro:hahahaha! heavy:hahahahah! soldier:Go go go! Charge! engineer:scream

37 thoughts on “(TF2 Dub/Battlefield 1 parody) Battledumb 1

  1. I love how “Alhah Snack bar” is added. I bet you added that with the other Arib speak for the Ottomans. Nice little detail of historical accuracy.

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