that reminds me of: stolen and hidden books

Hello friends! My name is Marines and at
the beginning of this year, I asked a bunch of friends if they would be
willing to share some book related stories with me. The participants in this video have a lot of
interesting things to say so let’s just jump right into it: My most vivid bookish memory happened when I was
in about sixth grade. Basically when I was younger, after church on Sundays my parents would take me and
my siblings to Borders. And that’s where our story begins today. So picture me, eleven years old, fresh out of church, perusing the middle grade section as I always had. Keep in mind I was never
allowed to read young adult growing up. Because it was filled with dating and boys and kissing.
And as we were a very conservative Catholic family, I wasn’t allowed to be reading such nonsense
until I was at least thirty-five. But until I was a thirty five year old spinster, my parents
would have to read the backs of every book I wanted to make sure with appropriate for me. Until one day, they
didn’t. There I was in the comforts of the middle grade section, and all of a sudden I see this book that’s
nothing like I’ve ever seen before. It was very artsy and minimalistic and the title, Forever,
was written in a clean pink font Miraculously, this book never got flipped to the
back cover. Not by me browsing, not by my parents paying, and not in the car ride home.
For those of you that don’t know what “Forever” is about To quote Goodreads: this book was published in the
’70s and caused a storm of controversy because of its explicit sexual content. I want you to go ahead and
name a sex topic right now. It was in there. Foreplay, condoms, masturbation, Ralph the Penis, birth control, period sex. Who’s Ralph the Penis you ask?
The penis of the—- [laughs] The penis of the main character, whom he’d name
Ralph. Eleven year old Daniella read that book in one sitting. It was like I had been inaugurated for presidency and got to see all the alien files for the first time. This was all happening right
under my nose! I didn’t know about this? But dude I was paranoid as all hell. I was like where do I hide this satanic book? So I did what anyone would do. I stuffed that book in a
bag, stuffed that bag in another bag, stuck it in another bag, and then threw it away. But you know what, despite how content heavy that book was, at its heart it portrayed a realistic and consensual sexual
relationship.So at least that had been my first exposure rather than the glorified sexual abuse we have now.
So, Judy Blume is truly doing the Lord’s work. REBECCA: That reminds me of when I lived in L.A. I had a lot of , like, really bad roommate situations, like a
lot of really bad ones but there was one in particular that really stands out as
like topping the cake of a bad roommates situations. I’m not going to go into
details about it but basically it just– it was not– it was not a good situation
but I was going through her… like there was an extra room where the router was
that every time the internet cut out, which was much like twice a day, I’d go in
this room and I would have to restart the router and I’d usually do it when she
wasn’t there because I don’t think I was supposed to go in that room but I was
trying to get on the Internet yo. It’s all I had. It’s all the happy place in this tiny
house that I hated, was the Internet ’cause my inflatable air mattress kept
deflating. So even that wasn’t a happy place but the Internet was. So, anyway, and
I’d have to go into this room to restart it and there I found this book that I’d heard
about but never read it was called “A People’s History of the United States,” which is basically the losing side, the losers story of events that happened in the US, so it kind of
shows the US in a not so positive light. Well, that sounded really, really interesting to me,
so I took it. It’s really gross and beat up but that’s how it was when I took it
and I’m very ashamed of this now because I basically stole this book from her,
which is really sad. But she never asked for it and I technically just “borrowed it” and
then forgot to give it back because I left this house seven years ago? Seven.
And I’ve had this book and I still haven’t finished yet i think im only who
that far in, which is why I kept wanting to read it and I was like I haven’t finished
yet, but every time that she would come in I would have to hide it because
I didn’t want her to know that I had borrowed it because I didn’t want to
start that conversation. She– I fee like she’d probably already read it
missing anyway… so… I borrowed it and I consider it my repayment for the
horrendous abuse… that I suffered while I lived there. KAYLA: That reminds me of a time when I was on
the other end of that whole schtick where I gave a book to a roommate to borrow
and never got it back. This is probably around two years ago or so and I was
living in a student house so there was me and two other roommates was talking about to
John Green and this is before and I rediscovered books. I didn’t have a lot of these books. I had very
few books but I was really into “The Fault in Our Stars. This was like at the time
for me a really, really big deal because it does deal a lot with cancer and I had a lot of
cancer family issues. I definitely cried a lot while reading this. Anyway, I thought this
roommate was like she’s interested in it and I was like hey you wanna borrow and
read it whenever cuz you live here and you know I’ll just get it back from you whenever. I’m not in a hurry to reread it any time soon. So, I let her borrow it. And then it was like
a few months later maybe that me and my other roommate got a text
from our landlord wondering if we had seen roommate number three and we hadn’t
seen her in a few days. Finally we got curious and we opened up her bedroom door
’cause it wasn’t locked or anything and lo and behold she skipped town. She skipped out
on the landlord. She skipped out on us not a word, she just like left in the
night. It was a weird and maybe it was ten minutes later after this realization
that she was gone and probably never to return I just– I went , “she’s got The Fault in our Stars.” I was just like… I went book rage and I went, “she’s
got my book, she’s got my book, oh my god she has my book.” So I– I had her number so
I texted her and was like you have my book. That’s all I cared about. I didn’t care that she
skipped out on the landlord. I didn’t care she owed money or whatever. I was like, “you have my book.
I want it back.” And she said, “yeah I’ll come back sometime in the next few d ays ’cause I still have school.” And blah, blah, blah. I don’t know. And so– but I uh never got that book back. She never
showed up. So I had to repurchase the book . So, that’s why I have this now. I’ve never
read this copy. So that happened. CONNOR: That reminds me of a time when I did
get the book back but it wasn’t a different result. Back in high school, I was dating this girl and we had
been dating for a while and I found out that she had never read Harry Potter. So, I freaked out
and I was like you need to read it. So, I ended up landing her my copy of “Harry
Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” ’cause I didn’t want to give her my first edition
American whatever copy of it. I ended up giving her that one and it had sentimental
value to me because my parents had gotten it from the UK when they had gone and
visited. Anyway, she works at the summer camp, so she ended up taking it with
her to the summer camp, which I was okay with. I was a little bit scared ’cause it was a camp with
children and water and they were staying in cabins and everything, so I wasn’t too keen on
that but we were dating so it’s fine I could trust her… maybe. It was the summer between my senior year of
high school and my freshman year of college and so usually relationships
during that time don’t last. Predictably, we ended up breaking up towards
the end of the summer when hurricane season starts and she was not happy when we
ended up breaking. She ended up leaving it outside during a hurricane and texting me being
like, “yeah, your book is outside on the porch. Get it if you want. And I went. I went to get it.
It was so wind. Trees were falling over. The rain is pushing my car almost off the road. I was
determined to get my book back. There were street signs falling. I was tempted to take one
of the fallen down stop signs, but I didn’t because I realistically had nothing to do with it,
but I kind of wanted it anyway. Anyway, I pulled up to the house and the book
was very wet. It’s ruined. I can’t really read this edition any more. The pages are caught
together andI cant really like… It is really bad and so I ended up keeping it
because, I mean, my parents got it for me even though it can really read it. So, I ended up
getting myself another copy of it. That’s why I don’t lend people
books because they’re the worst. Thank you so much to all of the storytellers in this video. Their information will be linked in the
description below. I got a ton of volunteers so I’m gonna keep this series going
throughout the year. It takes some time to put together because each piece has
to be done individually, so if you volunteered and you haven’t heard from me
yet, don’t worry! I’m just slowly making my way through the list as I can.
If anybody watching or anybody who has already volunteered already has a story
they want to tell that I can use as a jumping off point, please let me know.
I need a couple more of those jumping off points, so that I can pass around to other
participants. The story can be about anything as long as they relates, even
just a little bit, back to a book or a story, or a bookish establishment or
something along those lines. Thank you so much for watching
this video and I will see you guys soon!

30 thoughts on “that reminds me of: stolen and hidden books

  1. Love this video. And yeah. People are the wooooorst.

    Who leaves a book out in a hurricane?!?

    I totally get the book 'borrowing forever'… I may be guilty of that.

    Unless Meghan reads this comment and no, I haven't seen her copy of the Sun Also Rises.

  2. How did I miss this call for participation? Because this is fantastic. (If it's not too late, I will totally join in on these shenanigans.)

    I think my craziest story about eventually getting a book back is related to the book Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge. The book came up in conversation one time and I remember thinking, "I KNOW I used to have a copy of that book." But I'd also lent it to at least a couple of people and I couldn't remember who I'd last lent it to and therefore what on earth had happened to it. Fast forward to February 2014 when I'd gone down to Georgia to visit the new town/office where I was going to be living/working and I was staying with one of my college roommates (who lived/worked there at the time) and we got to talking about books and stuff and she was like, "OH. BY THE WAY." She goes to her shelf and, lo and behold, pulls off my copy of Captivating. I had lent it to her FOUR YEARS prior. And she's finally read it…in late 2013.

  3. This is a great series; I'm going to think of some bookish tales I've gone through and definitely get back to you!

  4. I love this idea! I was smiling the whole time ๐Ÿ˜€ it's so fun! You're so creative with your video topics! I love it! I love all your collab videos ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. This turned out so well and I love all the stories, even if they are had a slightly unfortunate/uncomfortable piece.

  6. YAY this turned out so wonderfully <3 Thank you so much for putting this together, Marines. Your collabs are always such a pleasure to join as well as watch. I'm oddly totally okay with lending out books because I'm surprisingly assertive about it lol. Like one time my friend dropped my book in mud and when she told me that i just looked at her and she was like "uhhhh…i can get you another one" and i was like "you bet your ass you will". x

  7. I have a story of when I dragged a bunch of my friends on a book hunt to track down a book I wanted to read. I don't know if that's a jumping off point but I figure that others can relate to hunting down a book in their lifetime.

  8. Marines, you are a always! This was a brilliant idea!! So much fun!! Your storytellers are AMAZING! I needed a laugh today and boy did I ever get one!! I remember lending a group of books to a friend. I got them returned….3 years later….with mold. She stuffed them in her attic and got rain damage! Nice! I also lent a friend my Hunger Games Trilogy…the nice hardback copies…..her 3 year old ripped the pages. I almost cried when she told me. She was an AMAZING friend and replaced my editions exactly as she got them. I won't lend books out again though. I can't wait for more videos!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  10. Lol! That was kinda random but so funny and I enjoyed it. I like how they flowed into each other. I find it random because I wasn't expecting those stories.
    Pretty awesome!

  11. These stories were so awesome and a few were kinda crazy. Absolutely loved this! Well done, well done.

  12. Oh this turned out so well! It was fun to see where the trail went! (and Kayla and Connor's stories make me feel bad about my own indiscretion, even if my roommate totally deserved it, lol)

  13. This reminds me of the time I lent a book to my then best friend and she took my perfect shiny book on vacation to the beach with her and it got all mangeled so she bought me a new version of the book and it has a newer printing date and edition than my original one and it drives me nuts. I mean, sure, it was decent of her to replace the book, but come on! It's not my book anymore and it sucks a lot. This is why I have trust issues. Well, this and a crappy father but still.

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